Bangladesh’s First Aviation University Launched

On February 3, Education Minister Dipu Moni inaugurated Bangladesh’s first aviation university in Dhaka, the first of its kind in the world.

The purpose of BSMRAAU is to promote aerospace studies in the country. The university was founded with the aim of promoting and ensuring the development of the aviation industry in Bangladesh and its contribution to the economy of the country.
Students will be able to study a wide range of disciplines such as aerospace engineering, aerospace, civil aviation, aerospace engineering and aerospace engineering, with the opportunity to conduct aerospace research.
The draft law for the university was presented to the national parliament by the Minister of Education on the idea of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, which was adopted on 28 February 2019. Founded in 1921 by the late Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, the educational institution was incorporated into the Central University in 1951 by a law passed by Parliament.
Over the years, the University of Hyderabad was established by a law passed by Parliament in 1974. The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) in Dhaka, founded in 2007, and the National School of Engineering and Science (NSES), founded this year, the first private university in Bangladesh.
In the near future, students will have the opportunity to study flight engineering, flight safety and safety, including those related to satellite launches and research. A strong focus is on the development of new technologies such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 777 and Boeing 737.
The BSMRAAU vice-chancellor also said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had taken a unique initiative in line with Vision 2041. At the opening ceremony, he said aerospace technology would be a high-income sector that would contribute to the country’s development to achieve Vision 20. The Asia-Pacific region is projected to become the world’s largest aviation market within the next 10 years, and the number of international flights from Asia to the Middle East and North Africa will double by 2030.
The global trend will certainly provide ample opportunities for the aviation sector in Bangladesh, “said VC. Dhaka-based Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG) plans to increase its fleet from 18 aircraft to 50 by 2030, including routes to the US and Japan, chief executive Mokabbir Hossain told local daily New Age.
Short-term fleet adjustments will include six B737-800s, two owned and four leased, as well as three aircraft of the same type owned by the airline, due for delivery in June 2020. In the interview, Mokabbir stressed that the state-owned airline is considering manufacturers in the form of Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 787-8. Biman currently operates four leased Dash 8 – 400 with advanced modules, while four Boeing 737 – 200 – four of which are leased dry and one leased – operate out of Dhaka International Airport.
The government has created the country’s first aerospace university to produce more skilled workers in the field, including pilots, aeronautics scientists, and engineers.
The BAF authorities sent a letter to the Ministry of Education on 10 September calling for changes to the rules, including the appointment of a vice-chancellor. Sources in the Ministry of Education said the facility, to be named Bangladesh Air Force Academy (BAF), the country’s first aerospace university, would be established in Ashkona, the capital of Uttara.
He called on the ministry to finalize the law in accordance with the orders of Prime Minister Rahman Bahadur Rahman on the appointment of a vice-chancellor. He said the university had already received a letter from its board asking for permission to resume admissions and academic activities, and that approval would be finalized very soon. The approval letter is expected to be sent in the first week of November, he added.
VC AHM Fazlul Haque said that BSMRAAU will be an internationally standardized institution and that the curriculum will be prepared with the support of a number of different countries.
The syllabus and curriculum have yet to be approved by the UGC and are expected to be released in November. Initially, the honorary course would offer three subjects, and students would have access to the MBA courses from the outset; and The bachelor courses in Business Administration (BBA).
K Karnataka Minister Dr K Sudhakar said travelling colleagues were also under quarantine. Haque also said: “We are in the process of obtaining approval from the Department of Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Civil Aviation to commence the course.
Reports on Monday said the State Department had said the center had received a formal notice from Bangladesh postponing an event celebrating the spread of the global coronavirus. The MEA statement said: “The Government of Bangladesh has indicated that a new date for the commemoration will be announced at a later date. India understands that circumstances necessitate a postponement, but is ready to work with Bangladesh as a partner to combat the spread of diseases in our common neighbourhood, “it added.

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