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Ekattorer Dinguli By Jahanara Imam Book PDF Free Download

This is ekattorer dinguli of jahanara Imam, as he calls his wife’s martyr mother and mother-in-law. This is quite obvious, because alamgir in the Koran means “the world of the confiscator” and also refers to the holy book of Islam. 
The book is based on the writings of the Jahanara Imam and the martyr mother of his wife – in – law and is written in the style of his own writings and published under the title Ekattor Dinguli (Day 71).
The Imam became a national symbol of justice and wisdom, and while suffering from terminal oral cancer, in 1992 he led a major campaign to bring war criminals to justice. The diary of Anne Frank has brought numbing and total death to the individual human case, and in this respect it is a very personal account of the tragedy. But the Holocaust needs no comparison with the massacre in Bangladesh, which reveals the feelings of the mother and her son.
The simple style of writing touches on the emotions of families who lost loved ones in the war, as well as the pain and grief of those who did not.

Jahanara is called Shaheed Janani (Mother of Martyrs) by former freedom fighters who felt disillusioned after the war. The diary entries were made after the military picked him up from his residence in Dhanmondi. Sharif Jami returned to tell the horrific story of his imprisonment to his family members and even to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Sharif did not normally speak much and spoke only a few words of his own, but not much in the form of a speech.
From 1627, thousands of believers visited the complex, of which only a few at that time knew what it was about. The complex also bore the name of Sharif’s son-in-law and his wife Shahidul Islam. He wrote a number of books about his father’s life and teachings, including a book about his life and family history.
In one of the royal diaries and books, the Jahanara princess herself is begging with the name of her father’s son-in-law and his wife.
In this respect, the diary of the Imam of Jahanara, like that of Anne Frank, is a very personal account of a tragedy. The simple writing style touches on the personal experiences of families who lost members in the war.
After the Pakistani army’s crackdown on 25 March, the war of liberation broke out in Bangladesh. Many joined the liberation struggle, including the son of a former freedom fighter who had joined Mukti Bahini to become a “Mukti Joddha” (freedom fighter). Jahanara is called Shaheed Janani (Mother of Martyrs) by a group of former freedom fighters who felt disillusioned after the war.
He later became a member of Mukti Bahini and later leader of Jamaat-e-Islami (Muslim Brotherhood). He wrote a diary in which he described his experiences during the liberation struggle and his life as a freedom fighter.
The personal tragedy of the Imam of Jahanara immediately made him famous, and Rumi, a friend who returned alive from the war, honored him as the mother of a martyred freedom fighter and named him Shaheed Janani.
In 1971, the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in his speech to the United Nations, begged the Bengalis for their own homeland and their need for their own homeland from the rest of the world.
Pakistanis were openly racist and had no qualms about allowing Bengali leader Sheikh Mujib to take the position he was rightfully entitled to after winning the national parliamentary elections. The Pakistani government and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, under which Imam and others were accused of treason. When the protest was answered with an effective declaration of war, Jahanara Imam was flown out of the country by helicopter and, together with others, charged with treason under the government of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Pakistani society was regarded with contempt by Pakistanis and they tried to suppress the rich Bengali culture.
Charges against Imam Sheikh Mujib, his son Sheikh Mohammed Ali and other members of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party were dropped.
The story ends with the Sultana waking up from her dream and realizing that in her bedroom she is thinking about the living conditions of women in colonial India. This book stands out as a gem because it takes into account Hossain’s time and context, when women had no access to education, let alone other rights that many of us enjoy today. At the beginning of his career, Jahanara Imam also translated several books from English into Bengali, including a book on the life and times of Sheikh Mujib and his son Sheikh Mohammed Ali.
Blood and Fire is the story of the 1971 war of independence, which cost the lives of three million people and lasted nine months, almost destroying the country.

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