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Online Classes For HSC Students In Bangladesh During Lock Down

Online classes for HSC students in Bangladesh during lockdown is important for all. We all have to take online classes to continue our studies at a time when we are all under house arrest due to the coronavirus. Today I will discuss this in detail.

Online classes for HSC students in Bangladesh.

A number of HSC students, try out what you have learned in the last two years and try to go beyond that. 

1. Youtube
Youtube is a great source of knowledge. Here you will find a lot of educational channels. Here I am mentioning some channels.

  • Suggestion Question ( Official Channel Of bdsuggestion.com)
  • English Moja
  • Omar Faruq
  • 10 Minute School
  • কিশোর বাতায়ন

2. Facebook
Now Facebook, there is nothing to say about Facebook. It’s a huge social communication website. So you can easily find Fb groups,  pages those who are giving free online classes. Here I also help you to find correct pages.

  • Suggestion Question ( Official Page Of bdsuggestion.com)
  • English Moja
  • Omar Faruq
  • 10 Minute School
  • কিশোর বাতায়ন
In the current phase of online teaching, there is concern that this will increase spending on education. There are students who are in financial difficulty and do not have the opportunity to participate in classes online. What university should do now is use this time to deal with the problems they had during their studies and communicate more with their lecturers, rather than giving themselves tasks. 
Online courses in Bangladesh can become expensive if university authorities and the government take the necessary steps to provide students with basic infrastructural support. It is easier to run online courses on a regular basis if learners and institutions have basic infrastructure and equipment. The cost of basic online teaching tools will add to the pressure on learners if universities, government agencies, and governments fail to secure them. 
The university students whose graduation has been delayed and who have to pay high tuition fees just to have their courses online because they only have them online.
 All parents can do is create a simple schedule that students can follow, but most of us observe and regularly attend online courses and try to practice what we have learned. Some schools have online classes so all students in school can do is follow their original curriculum, study everything around them and also get help from their elders. 
He said there are multidimensional obstacles to the introduction of online courses. Echoing the DSHE director-general, educators said that many learners, especially those living in rural areas, do not have access to devices that are capable of learning remotely. Teachers and students need a shared online space where they can work together in the same room or classroom. 
To study in the United States, Bangladeshi students must have a valid academic degree and have completed two years of high school. Secondary and upper secondary pupils learn Bangla and English at school. 
In counting, you may be asked to take the SAT or GMAT before applying to an institute abroad. You can take them from the first year of secondary school if you apply for a specific program. 
Italy is a fascinating country, whether you are studying or just visiting, and as an international student, you can do anything. If you are applying to a university in Italy, you must first cheque whether you are suitable for higher education and study in Italy. Since it also initiated the university system that we know today, one cannot be wrong in choosing to study in Germany or Italy. 
Cities in Italy may be beautiful, but depending on the budget they can be quite expensive, and some of them may be beautiful, but not for good reasons. 
Whether you want to give yourself an edge over your friends or just impress your classmates with the latest technology you’ve discovered, we’ve got the best student apps for you. 
For more study tips, tools, and resources, see our Ultimate Study Guide for HSC Students. We recommend student apps that help you overcome exam stress and control your study load. ExamTime is a free online learning platform that helps students use technology to improve exam results. 
For online courses to be worthwhile for students, the Department of Education and other academic authorities must draw up a plan for how academic activities should be conducted in difficult times. Collective quality content created that can be offered as a class exercise to all students, regardless of their grades. In the current circumstances, we believe that we can focus on the following strategies to alleviate the problems of inequality in education if education is to continue in this time of crisis. 
What students are doing with online teaching is adapting to the new methods they are using. Feelings of anxiety affect who are unable to take online courses and work against the students who can. Who does not have this opportunity to risk losing their academic future due to a lack of access to high-quality content and the lack of sufficient resources for their education? 
In the future, homework, quizzes, and exams will prove to be an obstacle to student’s moral development. Parents sometimes do housework and quizzes based on their children’s moral character, which is misunderstood by the pupil. 
The workplace refers to the microbiology of the pupil, so they have to finish their studies with practical knowledge, says Dr. Nizamul Islam. 
While theoretical and practical lessons are equally necessary, authorities need to address the question of how hands-on teaching and laboratory work could be conducted in online classes. A person can not only swim theoretically, says Dr. Nizamul Islam, Professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Microbiology at Dhaka University. Practical lessons and if it is a short period of time, then the theoretical lesson can be completed and the practical lesson can be continued in the future when the university opens.

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