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Board of Education Ready To Take HSC Exam

Board of Education, the chairpersons of 11 education boards will take part in a meeting on September 24 to discuss ways to conduct HSC and equivalent examinations. 

The education boards are meeting to prepare in advance on how the HSC examination will be held. The meeting will also discuss how the educational institutions will assess the students in case JSC and JDC examinations are not taken. On the other hand, problems related to college admission and admission confirmation will also be discussed in the meeting. Dhaka Tribune Board Chairman Professor confirmed the matter to the Bengali Tribune. Ziaul Haque. He said a meeting with the chairmen of all the education boards on how to take the HSC exam would be held on September 24.

Board of Education Ready To Take HSC Exam

    Board of Education

    All the education boards in the country are ready for higher secondary and equivalent examinations. However, no decision has been taken yet on the date of the test.

    In this regard, Dhaka Board of Education Chairman Ziaul Haque told the media, we are ready to conduct the examination in any way. The guidelines of the Ministry of Education are awaited for a final decision in this regard.

    According to the relevant sources of the inter-education board sub-committee, 11 education board chairmen of the country are going to take part in a meeting on September 24 on HSC, and equivalent examination programs. After the meeting, they will make a proposal and send it to the Ministry of Education.

    On the other hand, the Ministry of Education is adamant about not giving exams before the situation returns to normal. However, if a decision is taken to hold the test, the schedule will be announced 15 days in advance.

    On April 1, about 1.3 million students were scheduled to take part in this year's HSC and equivalent examinations. There were plans to start examinations in about 9,000 educational institutions under 11 education boards. Out of 11 education boards, nine are general, one is madrasa and one is a technical education board.

    However, due to the outbreak of Kovid-19 in the country from March 16, all educational institutions were closed. The HSC exams were also postponed on March 22 to curb the spread of the epidemic.

    According to the latest announcement, educational institutions will be closed until October 3.

    Education Secretary Mohammad Mahbub Hossain said no decision has been taken yet on this year's Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations. He told reporters at the secretariat on Monday (August 18) at noon.

    The education secretary said a decision on the overall issue would be taken after August 25. The Ministry of Education is ready for the examination. Preparations are also being made to increase the number of centers in compliance with the entire hygiene rules. The decision will be announced at least two weeks in advance.

    Meanwhile, speculations have been going on for some time about when the HSC exam will be held or how the exam will be held this time.

    According to the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee, the chairpersons of 11 education boards will meet on September 24 to discuss the HSC exams for 2020, which have been postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. An important decision regarding HSC examination 2020 may come in the meeting to be held in the meeting room of Dhaka Education Board at 2 pm on that day.

    Rajshahi Board of Education Chairman Prof Mokbul Hossain said the board chairmen would meet on September 24 to discuss HSC examination, admission to class XI, and commencement of classes. There will be some specific proposals on these issues. They will be sent to the Ministry of Education. The final decision will be taken by the ministry.

    He said that if the situation in Corona is normal, the new schedule of HSC examination will be announced at least 15 days after the opening of the educational institution. For this reason, all the examinees and teachers will have enough time to prepare. He said it was certain that the new schedule of HSC and equivalent examinations would not be announced until the educational institutions were opened.

    It is learned that this year's HSC and equivalent examinations may start in late September or early October in accordance with the health rules. To this end, the education boards have already started various preparations by preparing a roadmap.

    Recently, an official of the Dhaka Board of Education told the media on the condition of anonymity that everything is working now. Preparations have been resumed with the aim of conducting HSC and equivalent examinations in late September or early October. The number of test centers will be increased to ensure hygiene. For this, a list of good educational institutions outside the center designated by the Board of Education has been sought. Examinations will be organized in those educational institutions by expanding the centers in a new way.

    Board of Education Ready To Take HSC Exam

    HSC and equivalent examinations were to start on April 1 this year. However, the Ministry of Education was forced to postpone the examination due to Corona. About 12 lakh candidates are passing the day in uncertainty as the next time of the postponed examination has not been announced.

    It is learned that HSC and equivalent examinations will be conducted in the examination centers to ensure hygiene. In the case of examination, the students will be reduced and placed one by one on a bench. As many benches as there are in the classroom will determine the seats of the examinees. If the number of candidates in a center is more, the surrounding good educational institutions will be selected as centers. Hand sanitizers will be placed in front of the gates of the test centers. Inspectors and examinees will clean their hands thoroughly and enter.

    As a result, the HSC examination has also been postponed. However, if the educational institution is opened, the schedule of HSC and equivalent examinations will be announced within 15 days. According to the Dhaka Board of Education, even if the situation is favorable, the students will be tested in accordance with the health rules.

    On the other hand, instructions have been given to pass the next class through assessment in their respective institutions without taking JSC and JDC examinations. However, it was not disclosed how the class assessment will be done. The guidelines state how the class will be assessed at a later date. The education boards are sitting in the meeting to take the final decision on these issues.

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