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Class XI starts in October 2020: Minister of Education

Consideration is being given to continuous evaluation on all issues: The Minister of Education. Class XI starts in October. Dhaka Board of Education College Professor. Haroon-ur-Rashid said, ‘Classes for class XI students will start from October. According to the Board of Education, due to the Corona situation, this class will run online. After the opening of the educational institution, the teaching activities will continue in the normal classroom.

Class XI starts in October

According to the relevant sources, the students who have passed the SSC and equivalent examinations in three stages in the Higher Secondary Level (College) XI are again being admitted. About 14 lakh students have applied for admission. This year 16 lakh 90 thousand 523 people have passed SSC and equivalent examinations.

This application started online from last 9th August. Earlier on Monday (July 20), the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee released the admission schedule.

In a notification issued by the Board of Education on September 8, it was said that the MPO registered educational institutions in the municipal (Upazila) area will be able to charge a total of Tk 1,000 for admission of students in class XI, including sessions and admission, Tk 2,000 in municipal (district headquarters) and Tk 3,000 in metropolitan areas other than Dhaka.

No more than five thousand rupees can be collected for admission in MPO registered educational institutions in Dhaka metropolitan area. Students will be able to charge a maximum of Tk 7,000 in Bengali including admission fee, session charge, development fee, and a maximum of Tk 8,000 in English version for the development of partial MPO or non-MPO educational institutions in the Dhaka metropolitan area and for paying salaries to non-MPO teachers.

No educational institution in the development sector will be able to collect more than one thousand five hundred rupees this time. Last year there were 3 thousand rupees in this sector. This fee is reduced due to the Corona situation.

Published: 13:28, September 13, 2020 | Last updated: 13:46, September 13, 2020

Eleventh admission process started,

The final results were released on Sunday (September 13) after the release of the college-based final results. The new passers will be able to be admitted to class XI till the 18th. And online classes will start from next month. As the educational institution is closed due to the Corona situation, online class activities will be conducted for the students of class XI.

The Minister of Education also called upon the teachers and students to acquire true knowledge from the insane education with all the exams, certificates, education and GPA-5. Dipu Moni. He said, “We don’t want education with exams, certificates and education with GPA-5.” It is necessary to acquire true knowledge, to create real people, we cannot do that by teaching everything. ’

The successful piloting project was completed in 2019 for the purpose of implementing a continuous assessment system at the secondary level. Physical education and health, arts and crafts, work and life-oriented education continuous evaluation system were implemented in 2020. In other subjects, 20% of marks will be given through continuous assessment. To this end, the Ministry of Education has started providing two free diaries to all the students of sixth and seventh classes.

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni

The Minister of Education said that all the issues are being partially evaluated. Dipu Moni. He made the remarks during an online discussion on ‘e-learning’ organized by the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) on Saturday (September 12th).
“We have already started a series of assessments on three issues at the secondary level,” he said. We did the piloting, got an unusual response. From next year onwards, I am trying to take those three issues and other issues into the continuous evaluation. ‘

JSC and equivalent physical education and health, arts and crafts, and work and life-oriented education are assessed continuously without examination. And SSC and equivalent physical education, health sciences, and sports and career education are continuously assessed.

Elaborating on the people’s criticism of the 2021 degree, the Education Minister said, “In my opinion, those who will get the degree in the cowardly situation of 2021 are learning how to adapt and how to deal with the crisis.” And the big thing is that in this situation the students have been able to keep the doors and windows of the mind open. The main barrier to online education that I have seen is that they are being removed. As a result, there is no chance to underestimate those who come out in this situation. Because they are facing many challenges. The uncertainty they are facing is not just a degree but a lot of achievement. ’

Professor Osama Khan, Vice-Chancellor, University of Surrey, UK, presented the keynote address at the e-Learning webinar. DCCI President Shams Mahmood gave a welcome speech on the occasion.

National University Vice-Chancellor Prof. took part in the discussion. Harun-ur-Rashid, Vice-Chancellor of the American International University, Professor. Carmen Z. Lamanna, Chairman of the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Md. Dr. Murad Hossain Mollah, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, United International University Khwaja Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed, Professor of the Department of Accounting and Finance, North-South University. Mohammad Ishtiaq Azim and others.

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