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Humayun Ahmed 300+ Books PDF Download

Humayun Ahmed’s 130+ books PDF direct download. Humayun Ahmed has indicated his quintessential craftsman self in huge numbers of his books and short stories. Himur Ache Jol (Himu In Possession Of Water) is one such novel in Himu arrangement where he has started to imagine Bangladesh in a dispatch venture at a night.

Himu is the hero of the novel and, obviously, a sharp onlooker and reserved storyteller of an impartial observer on the individuals and issues of the nation.

Humayun Ahmed PDF

Typically Himu introduces himself as a conventional individual who steadily stands up for himself through communications lastly prevails upon surrounding him with an aim or ramifications of remedies.

In Himur Ache Jol, he is an observer on the diverse issues of the nation with the end goal of causing others to envision a canvas being arranged ordinarily around without being appropriately observed.

Humayun Ahmed here has carried the undertaking of telling about the threatening development of influence and riches, the intemperate hold of a class over the hapless, and the debasements happening at each division.

The objective of the visionary essayist is to make those degenerate individuals face a kind of preliminary coordinated surprisingly by some wanderer individuals and contact their soul.

This paper is an endeavor to investigate the more prominent canvas of this usually thought to be a well-known novel to perceive how the essayist has effectively depicted a concise image of the nation with portrayals from various classes of individuals alongside extraordinary spotlight on the significant patterns.

Subsequently, this exploration intends to highlight the earnestness and profundity of the author to be investigated at this point.

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ (13 নভেম্বর 1948 – 19 জুলাই 2012)

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ একজন বাংলাদেশী লেখক, চিত্রনাট্যকার ও চলচ্চিত্র নির্মাতা। তিনি 200 টিরও বেশি ফিকশন এবং অ-কল্পকাহিনী বই লিখেছিলেন, যার সবগুলিই বেস্টসেলার। তাঁর লেখার স্টাইলটি যাদুকরী বাস্তববাদ হিসাবে চিহ্নিত।

Humayun Ahmed’s 130+ books direct download from Mediafire

Your favorite author, storyteller, novelist Humayun Ahmed’s 130 books (Himu, Misir Ali, and others) and all of them are MediaFire links. Then start downloading without delay. Please comment on any more requests.

Humayun, Himu, Popular, Visionary, Explore, Representations, Country

Aysha Zaheen

Seven long years have gone since Humayun Ahmed’s downfall yet his books despite everything will in general interest perusers. Recorded in this article are six books by him that could give a great door to Humayun Ahmed’s abstract accomplishments.


Ami Ebong Amra is a chilling story of a secretive man who trusts in Misir Ali to having submitted two cutthroat homicides. Misir Ali chooses to handle this frightening riddle, supported by subtleties of the man’s own adolescence. As Misir Ali digs further into the problem, he finds the man’s untruths and facts.

This tale is a charmed work of art, having all the components to start one’s advantage and continue it all through.


Aaj Himur Biye begins with Majeda, Himu’s auntie, having unceremoniously set him up with a fairly touchy and vivacious little youngster. Himu chooses to assist the lady of the hour to-be-however in-trouble, getting himself into ensnaring circumstances.

Delivered well into the 2000s, this novel demonstrates that our dearest author never lost his sparkle very much into his composing profession. As usual, one can’t yet need all the more once the novel has been perused.


This lamentable story follows Muna, who lives with her hopeful uncle and his family, and Baker Bhai, a bicycle posse pioneer. With the movement of the novel, Muna takes on more desperate obligations while Baker Bhai dedicates himself to assisting others.

This tale is crude and awful. Dough puncher Bhai is an eternal character in Bangla writing, whose graciousness and profound quality never neglect to interest perusers. Muna is honorable and reasonable, whose misjudgements and frequently expressed concerned practices neglect to alter her appeal and balance. The epic leaves a never-ending sway on each brain.


These three books are Humayun Ahmed’s splendid endeavors to speak to our history by methods for fiction.

Jochna O Jononir Golpo is the first of three, delivered in 2004. In view of the Liberation War of 1971, the story starts when a secondary teacher visits his sibling and describes different occurrences identifying with the characters. One of Humayun Ahmed’s bests, it is a moving and wonderful story. This epic ranges more than 500 pages, yet can’t be suggested enough.

Matal Haowa is a novel written in 2010, set around the hour of the mass uprising of 1969. Despite the fact that named as verifiable fiction, it talks a greater amount of the individuals of that time. The story commences when Nadia visits her home in the midst of a get-away and is masterminded to be hitched to an attractive and good man. With its movement, the novel gets rather agitating and finishes on a melancholic note. The book leaves perusers feeling dejected for each significant character. Because of the essayist’s endeavor to join his own encounters in the novel, it turns out to be significantly additionally arresting.

Himu by Humayun Ahmed

Deyal, distributed in 2013, is the last novel composed by Humayun Ahmed. It focuses the post-war political distress with fanciful consolidations inside genuine occasions. The initial five parts were distributed independently before the arrival of the incomplete novel itself. While many gripe about the novel being normal contrasted with his past works, it despite everything gives a serious intriguing image of our notable noteworthy occasions.

Humayun Ahmed’s commitment to Bangla writing is unmatched since the introduction of Bangladesh. Every one of his books are accessible cross country, so it is never past the point where it is possible to get your hands on them.

The Exorcist by author Humayun Ahmed is another famous novel because he turned out to be well known in Bangladesh. The Exorcist is a casing of an English book composed Pitt

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Nirbachito Vuter Golpo By Humayun Ahmed

Nirbachito Vuter Golpo By popular Bangladeshi author Humayun Ahmed. It is a mainstream Loathsomeness book. Peruse On the web or Download Beneath:

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Kutu Mia By Humayun Ahmed

Kutu Mia By renowned Bangladeshi auther Humayun Ahmed. It is a well known Loathsomeness book. So it is presently an acclaimed film.

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Book: Kut

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Shuvro Geche Bone by Humayun Ahmed

Shuvro gese bone is the fifth book of the Shuvro arrangement by auther Humayun Ahmed. This book is distributed by onno prokash at Book Reasonable 2010.The old kamuk Who will be mama

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Opekkha by Humayun Ahmed

Suraiya taking a gander at his child. Her child’s name is Emon, matured around five years and a half years.

Peruse On the web or Download Underneath:

Book: Opekkha

Author: Humayun Ah

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Oronno by Humayun Ahmed

In this Bangla epic named Aronno by Humayun Ahmed, you will get an account of an individual named Sobhan. His biography has been described in the book.

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Humayun Ahmed as a super prolific, unprecedentedly creative and extremely popular writer has been highly successful in writing fictions in a language of his own, creating several characters ever most popular in Bangla literature, expanding Bangladeshi readership and extending the dreams of the youth in a literary career of about forty years. Murshid (2012) observes, Humayun Ahmed “is the most widely read writer in Bangla literature.” (95).

He was born in 1948. He started writing poems in his school days. But he emerged as a major writer in Bangladeshi writer with his debut novel Nondito Noroke (In Blissful Hell) published in 1972 which earned him critical acclaim from the leading scholars of the country and popularity among the youth.

He, however, wrote Shankhonil Karagar (Blue Conch Prison) first in 1969. Both these novels were written when he was an honors level student of the University of Dhaka.

He was awarded the highest literary award of Bangladesh Bangla Academy Literary Award in 1981 with only four novels to his name and the highest state honor the Ekushey Padak in 1994 for his contributions to literature.

Never looked back and continued writing until the last days of his treatment for colon cancer in the USA. He penned over two hundred novels and about a hundred short stories along with travelogue, memoirs, autobiography, columns, and poems with unprecedented popularity. “His popularity surpassed even that of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay to many folds.” (Naser, 2012, 32)

Among his novels, the Himu series based on an apparently vagabond character, Himu constitute a significant chunk. The series started with a novel titled Moyurakkhi in 1990. It includes a total of twenty-five books with the last one published in 2011.
In the very first book, the writer introduces us to his bringing up and personal traits. In his childhood, he was under the strict supervision of his psychopathic father who wanted to make him a great man through training.
To do so, he was trained never to be bound by love, affection or illusion of practical life. He was named Himu or Himalaya so that his heart “becomes as large as the Himlayan”
(Moyurakkhi, 30) and still can be touched. To deprive him of motherly affection, she was killed when he was born. He has gifted a bird at his tender age and that was killed only to make him harder.
His father left the riches of almost a land lord father and the family and died when Himu was nine. He made sure at his death bed in a clinic that Himu would be brought under the guidance of the maternal uncles who “are evil spirited and he will learn much in their company.”
(Moyurakkhi, 32) His intermediate passed father who had interest in oceanology, astrology left him several advices to follow. He grows to be a man without any bonding and back pull.
He wears yellow punjabi without any pocket and lives a vagabond life. Walks endlessly barefooted and with no profession. Often many people respect him as a spiritual person, a great man. He declares without reservation, “I am not a great man.
I tell lies consistently. The sufferings of the helpless don’t affect me.” (Moyurakkhi, 27) He feels that a great man is the person whom no dirt can even touch. He doubts, “Has such a person ever born on earth?”
(Moyurakkhi, 29) He remembers Tolstoy who raped a girl of thirteen years and confessed it. He has read the life of the great men which could not attract him.
He, however, acts like a great men sometimes and feels that he does well in that role. But the character grows into the keenest observer of the disparities and discrepancies of the society.

Bangla Pdf Books By Humayun Ahmed

With Himu as the protagonist, Himur Ache Jol was published in 2011. The novel focuses on a broader perspective of Bangladesh and the writer in that small canvas showcases the current affairs and probable consequences.
With his consistent presence in all the books and imagination of the youth of Bangladesh, “Himu is the most popular of all characters by Humayun Ahmed.” (Choudhury, 2012, 360) LITERATURE REVIEW Often the studies about Humayun Ahmed and his writings focus on his overall achievements.
The critics are more interested to talk about the strength of the writer and his contributions in general. And almost all the leading critics and litterateurs of Bangladesh have their observations about him.

Popular Books Of Humayun Ahmed

1971, Antorar Baba, Anando Bedonar Kabya, Amader Shada bari, Amra Keu Basay Nei, Aj Ami Kothao Jabona , Ami Abong Amra, Aj Chitrar Bia , Asmanira Tin Bone, Angul Individualized structure Joglu, Anonto Nakhatrobithi, Ashok, Amar Priyo Boutik Golpo, Ayomoy, Advut Cry Golpo, simulated intelligence Megh Rodro Chaya, Akash Jora Megh , AshaBori, Ayna Ghor, Akjon Himu Koyekti Jhijhi Poka, Ami Misir Ali, Ami Abong Koyekti Projapoti, Aj Himur Bia, Anil Bagchir Ekdin, Amar ase jol , Abong Himu, The day after Thanksgiving, Brikkha Kotha , Badsha Namdar , Bipod , Bagh Bondi Misir Ali, Bashor, Bohubrihi, Botol Vut, Bristi Bilas, Badol Burger joint Dwitiyo Kodomful, Brihonnola, Ball Point , Brishti O Meghomala , Chokkhe Amar Trishna, Chaya Bithi , Chader Aloi Koyekjon Jubok, Celeta, Chole Jai Boshonter Clamor, Cafe Shese , Ditiyo Manob, Dui Duari, Debi , Dorojar Opashe , Dekha Na Dekha, Dighir Jole Kaar Chayago , Daru Chini Plunge, Ema, Eki Kando, Ele Bele, Ei Shubhro! Ei , Ei Ami, Ekjon Mayaboti , Ekti Cycle Ebong koyekti Dahuk Pakhi , Fiha Sameekaran, Fera , Gouripur Jongson, Himu ebong Harbard Phd Boltu Bhai , Himu Mother, Himu Rimande, Himu Abong Ekti Russian Pori, Himur Ekanto Sakkhatkar, Himur Babar Kothamala, Himur Madhya Dupur, Himur Neel Jochna , Himur Scorn Koyekta Neel Paddo , Holud Himu kalo Rab, Himu , Himur Ditio Prohor , Harton Iskapon , Ireena, Jokhon Nambe Adhar , Jodio Sondha, Jonsa O Jononir Golpo, Jalil Shaheber Pitition, Jibon Krishno Memoriyal Secondary School , Jol Joshna, Jol Poddo, Kalo Jadukor, Kuhurani , Kat Pencil , Ke Kotha Koy, Kisu Soisob, Kuhuk , Kicukkhon, Krishno Pakko, Kohen Kobi Kalidas , Kutu Mia , Kobi, Kothao Keo Nai, Lipi , Lilaboti , Lilua Batash, Megher Upor Bari , Misir Alir Chosma , Misir Alir Omimangshito Rohoshsho, Misir Ali Apni Kothay, Manobi, Mojar Voot, Enchantment Munshi, Megh Boleche Jobo Jabo, Moddhano, Megher Chaya, Moyurakkhi, Mrinmoyer Mon Valo nai, Mrinmoyi, Matal Howya, New york er nil akashe jhokjhoke pole , Naboni, Nee, Neel Oparijita, Nondito Noroke, Neel Manush, Nishithini, Nishad , Nirbachito Bhooter Golpo , Neel Hati, Nirbason , Onish, Ophoranno , Onno Bhuban, Omanus , Omega Point, Opekkha, Ondho Karer Gan, Ochin Pur , Onno Noise, Prothom Prohor , Payer Tolay Khorom, Pufi , Parapar , Parul O Tinti Kukur , Putul , Priotomeshu, Poka , Pakhi Amar Ekla Pakhi, Premer Golpo , Paap, Ros Kos Singara Bulbuli Mostok , Rong Pencil , Raboner Deshe Ami Ebong Amra , Rupar Palonnko , Rupali Plunge, Rupali Ratri, Rupa, Rodon Bhora E Bosonto, Shankhoneel Karagar, Shey Ashe Dhire , Shuvro , Sei Commotion Choitromas , She O Nortoki, Sobai Gese Bone, Saj Ghar, Sokol Individualized structure Dhonno Kore, Shourobh , Shamol Chaya , Shunno, Suvro Gese Bone , Sanaullar Mohabipod, Tin Doblew (W) , Tondra Bilash , Tomader man-made intelligence Nogore , Tithir Nil Toyale, Tomader Jonno Valobasha , Tomake, Tumi Amai Deke Chile Chutir Nimontrone, Tara Tin Jon , The Exorsict , Tetul Bone Joshna, Ural Ponki , Uthon Periye Dui Paa , Voy. Humayun Ahmed earned numerous honors from nation and abroad, for example, Bangla Foundation Grants in 1981, Ekhushey Padak 1994, Country Film Grants of Bangladesh in 2012 and so on. Download, Read, Watch Humayun Ahmed Bangla Books, Books, stories, Shows, Motion pictures and so on.
Humayun Ahmed is one of the most well known Bengali author in twentieth Century. He was Writer, Screenwriter, Sci-fi essayist and Producer of Bangladesh.

Parapar By Humayun Ahmed

He was conceived in Mohongonj, Netrokona, Bangladesh on thirteenth November 1948 and Dead on 19 July 2012 in New York. known as the social legend and pioneer of sci-fi creator of Bangladesh.
His dad is Faizur Rahman Ahmed a cop and political dissident who was executed during the freedom war of Bangladesh in 1971 by Pakistani Armed force and his mom is Ayesha Foyez.
Humayun Ahmed earned acclaim for his first novel Nondito Noroke in 1972 which is one of the most famous of Humayun Ahmed. He composed in excess of 200 books of fiction and verifiable from which the greater part of the books are smash hits in Bangladesh.

Download and read pdf Humayun Ahmed books

A portion of his books are deciphered in various dialects and a few stories, books are remembered for reading material of school, school and colleges. His books and shows are so much mainstream.
He is famous for his discourse-based works in books, dramatizations, films. Humanyun Ahmed guided some dramatization and motion pictures which were generally mainstream in Bangladesh and India.
He additionally composed barely any number of melodies for his dramatization and motion pictures which was likewise famous. He was a teacher of science in the College of Dhaka.

Free Humayun Ahmed books download

Be that as it may, he leaved his calling and was occupied for compositions and making dramatization and motion pictures. Humayun Ahmed Wedded Gultekin in 1973 and have three girls.
Humayun ahmed experienced passionate feelings for television entertainer Meher Afroze Shaon. At that point he separated Gultekin (clench hand spouse) and Wedded Shaon in 2005 and have two children.
His famous Shows are Ei Shob Noise Ratri, Bohubrihi, Aj Robibar, Auyomoy, Keokothai nai and so forth. His well known films are Aguner Parash Moni, Srabon Megher Clamor, Dui Duari, Amar ase Jol, Ghetu Putro, Komola, Nondito Noroke, Dharuchin Plunge, and so forth.

Humayun Ahmed all books bangla

Almost all of them feel that Humayun Ahmed’s greatness as a writer lies in the fact that he located himself in his time and could understand the vive of it and transform them artistically. Anisuzzaman (2012) evaluates thus, “We don’t have an iota of doubt that Humayun Ahmed will stand the test of time.
The reason is he has successfully stirred his time. He has mainly talked about contemporary life… He could discover the extraordinary in ordinary people.”
All his writings have always advanced positivity, but often the readers missed those attempts of the writers. Syed Shamsul Haq (2012) puts, “I can see three lights in the depth of Humayun Ahmed’s writings: truth, purity and beauty.

Humayun Ahmed All Books Collection

These three lights have enlightened his stories, novels, travelogues, memoirs, even the light hearted writings. But it is true that his readers remain busy with discovering entertainment through simplicity instead of that light.” (382)
He, however, knew his responsibility to the society clearly and so he had to pay attention to it and he did it to the best of his capacity. Anisul Hoque (2012) thinks, “In this luckless country, a writer can’t go as he wishes, he has to shoulder the responsibility of the society and the country.
It was his destiny.” (31) With that responsibility, the writer has portrayed the character of Himu and developed him in the books for years in such a manner that “He has grown into a spokesman for unveiling the inconsistencies and obscurities of the social realities through fun and sarcasm.”

All Humayun Ahmed Books PDF Download

(Choudhury, 2012, 361) Through the character, the writer has shown his commitment to society and in doing so, he showed rare courage too.
Anisuzzaman in his essay “You Will Remain Silently “observes, “The courage he showed in writing Holud Himu Kalo RAB (Yellow Himu, Black RAB) is a rare and dangerous too-without commitment to the society, this type of book can’t be written.”
This study is an attempt to look into the strength of the writer to dive depth into the society and the people with an intention of corrections with reference to Himur Ache Jol.


In Himur Ache Jol, Humayun Ahmed presents a mini Bangladesh with representations from the major classes of the society who apparently are the players in different capacities at different levels.
Through those characters, he has explored Bangladesh inside out, exposed the lurking ills and evils unreservedly and has very realistically left the readers in an uncertainty only with little implications

Jibonkrishno Commemoration Secondary School By Humayun Ahmed

তাঁর প্রথম উপন্যাস নন্দিতো নরোক ১৯7২ সালে প্রকাশিত হয়েছিল যখন তিনি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ছাত্র ছিলেন। তাঁর প্রথম উপন্যাস থেকেই তাঁর থিমগুলিতে গড় মধ্যম শ্রেণির নগর পরিবারের আকাঙ্ক্ষা এবং তাদের জীবনের পঞ্চম মুহূর্তের চিত্রিত ছিল। তাঁর দ্বিতীয় উপন্যাসটি শোনখোনিল কারাগার

হুমায়ূন হিমু, মিসির আলী এবং শুভর মতো পুনরাবৃত্তি চরিত্রগুলিকে নিয়ে কাল্পনিক সিরিজ লিখেছিলেন। তিনি বাংলাদেশের মুক্তিযুদ্ধ অবলম্বনে বেশ কয়েকটি উপন্যাস লিখেছিলেন – আগুনের পোরোশমনি, শ্রাবন মেঘের দীন এবং জ্যোৎস্না ও জোনোনির গোলপো।

তিনি চারটি আত্মজীবনী লিখেছেন – হোটেল গ্রাভার ইন, আমার চেলবেলা, রং পেন্সিল এবং ফোয়েন্ট পেন।

আমাদের কাছে হুমায়ূন আহমেদ বইয়ের পিডিএফ-এর একটি বিস্তৃত সংগ্রহ রয়েছে। আপনি সরাসরি আপনার ফোনে হুমায়ূন আহমেদ পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড করতে পারেন বা এই পিডিএফ ই-বুকস অনলাইনে পড়তে পারেন।

হুমায়ূন আহমেদ এর অপ্রকাশিতো রোচোনা একটি আত্মজীবনীমূলক গ্রন্থ। এই বইটিতে পর্যাপ্ত তথ্য সহ ছয়টি পৃষ্ঠা রয়েছে। এই ছোট গল্পটি পড়লে আপনি হুমায়ূন আহমেদ সম্পর্কে অনেক কিছুই জানতে পারবেন। এই বইটি হুমায়ূন আহমেদের অপ্রকাশিত বই।


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