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Class 8 Assignment Answer 2021 (tenth Week)

Now everyone is looking for Class 8 Assignment 2021 10th 1st 9th Week Answer All topics. Like last year, the government will continue to evaluate secondary school students through continuous workload. Since the schools have been closed since March 18, 2020, students have been deprived of institutional guidelines for so long. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has decided to continue the assessment process until the situation returns to normal. Recruitment will continue till July or August 2021 Authority authorities have already published the routine for 21 weeks of recruitment.

Class 8 Assignment Answer 2021 has been announced for the 10th week. On July 18, DSHE authorities will announce the 1st week Class 8 assignment sheets. Students need to provide timely teacher answers. The Bangladesh government has announced that all education classes will be closed until December 20, 2020. Thus, they will provide recruitment to students which must be submitted on the date. However, if you are looking for the fourth week class 8 assignment answer, you have landed the perfect place.

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Class 8 (10th Week) Assignment Answer 2021

You can download this appointment from our website as well as the official website. You have assigned each subject and class 8 assignment answers have no matter where you get your assignment from, it is most important that you get all your work done regularly and accurately.

So, we came up with class 8 assignment answers. Answer Take this collection as a guide to help you through the whole process. We will provide all the answers in PDF so that you can easily download and carry the answers. Let’s get started.

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The answer to this appointment for the eighth grade is no different. We are constantly uploading assignments for all secondary school classes to help them complete assignments on time. There will be no exams until further notice, so students should take these responsibilities seriously and give their best for the best performance.

Class 8 Assignment 2021 Answer 10th week

Here we will provide you all Class 8 Content Answers Prov If you are looking for a Class 8 Assignment you can easily collect from here. You should know about your assignment before you start your assignment. Also, how long do you need to write the answer for the eighth grade. So in this article, we will discuss all about class 8 assignments.

  • Class 8 Assignment Answer BGS 10th Week

After publishing the class eight assignment syllabus and questions, eighth grade students are searching for 100% correct answers for Bangladesh and Global Studies Assignment Class 8. So, stay with us and visit our website regularly

Assignment: Suppose, in 1971, you were a student of 8th class. Describe what to do if you were present at the event below.

In that corner you have to write your feelings about the three events

A) listening to the March 7 speech at the racecourse grounds;

B) eyewitness to the March 25 genocide;

C) Pakistan is torturing the aggressors and their accomplices Razakar, Albadr, Alshams locals;

D) The freedom fighters are being chased by the invaders;

E) The Pakistani forces are signing the surrender document on 16th December;

Get the answer: That is the feeling in the case of three events

  • Physical Studies and Health 10th Week Recruitment:

This section is for physical studies and health issues. Here you will find assignment tasks and answers for each week.

“Sundarman in a healthy body” – In the light of this proverb, make a continuous list of your daily activities of physical and mental well-being. (From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.)

Get The Answer: “Sundarman in a healthy body” – a continuous list in the light of this proverb

Eighth Class 8 Recruitment 2021 English

To cope with the English workload, students may need some special guidance from experienced teachers. As schools close, students can take the help of our carefully crafted answer in English assignments for this week. You go here.

See the details of Class 8 English Assignment 2021

Class 8 Art and Craft Assignment Answer 2021

Art and Craft Assignment Answer 8th Week 8 of Class 8 Check the assignment and answer below.

Click the link for the answer

  • Seventh Week Math Assignment Answer Class 8

Mathematics is the most difficult subject for 8th grade students to solve the problem. So, we provide you 8th class assignment answers here. We have come forward to help them. Our team of expert teachers has prepared the solution for class 7th math assignment

According to the ancient tradition of age, mathematics is a very important subject for the eighth grade, as it is the basis of the next level of mathematics at the higher level, so students should treat this subject with care. Here’s the solution to this week’s 8th grade math assignment.

Get Math Assignment to answer all questions [Click link]

  • Seventh Islam and Moral Education Allocation Class 8

Islam and Moral Education Class 8 Recruitment Answers 2021 has been published.

Answer: Action plan on paying Zakat according to the provisions of Shariah

  • Answer class 7 for agricultural recruitment

Another part of the assignment, the answer to agriculture is here. We built it in such a way that you can see your workload better and be right around so you can use it. Click here to download the answer.

Pallab spent a lot of time with his cousins ​​when he went to his uncle’s house. Pallab’s uncle has grown vegetables in his backyard with the help of his cousins. From there he picked up tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and data with his own hands and introduced Pallab to fresh vegetables. But Pallab noticed that the leaves of some of the gardens in the vegetable garden were brown and black, an eggplant tree had fallen down and the leaves of the potato tree were scorched.

How Pallab can solve these problems by answering the following questions-

1. Why do the leaves of the tree shine?
2. Why do tree saplings fall?
3. What is the damage to the tree with brown, black spots on the leaves?
4. How to prevent plant diseases from such a situation?

See answer here

  • Class 8 Home Science Assignment 2021 Sixth Week

You may already know that 6th 6th Week Class 8 Assignment 2021 is published. They provide you with three subject assignments and the Home Science subject is one of them. Now, read the question and get the answer from us.

5th Week Class 8 Assignment 2021

We provide you with Class 8 assignment answers from the textbook. On May 30, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education announced its 5th working day for 8th grade students. In the first part of the assignment, the students have to finish the writing from the English textbook.

  • Class 8 Bangla Assignment Answer 5th week

In this section, you will find Bangla Assignment Answers for Class Eight. So, if you find the answer of 8th class Bangla Assignment for the first week, look below and get it. You need to write the answer to the creative Bangla assignment as much as possible. However, students often lack the patience to complete the assignment. So, here is the answer to Bengali recruitment for 8th class this week. Download the answer directly from here.

Check the answer: Class 8 Bangla Assignment

  • Class 8 Work and life oriented education

30th week allotment published May 30. The eighth grade students have to submit the work and employment oriented education recruitment job ment

See Answer: Class 7 Work and Life Oriented Learning

Fourth Week Class 8 Assignment 2021

DSHE released a list of guidelines for the March 10, 2021 assessment process. Students will get this appointment on the official website every week in keeping with the notification. And the answer needs to be submitted by next week. After that you will get detailed instructions.

  • Science Class 8 Assignment Answer

As there are several such issues in terms of recruitment for science group students, we will make surfing as easy as possible. We have uploaded all the answers of science recruitment for 8th class here. Click on the answer and download from here.

See the answer here

ICT Assignment Class 8

ICT is another subject of class 8 So, you can collect assignment answers from below for each week. We are here to provide you with assignment tasks and solutions in PDF format.

How to submit assignment answer?

In the new notification regarding the assignment, DSHE has given instructions on how to submit the assignment answer correctly. Please read the steps below carefully to submit your appointment answer.

  • See the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education for all related information.
  • DSHE will publish all assignments two days before next week.
  • Students are required to complete assignments within the week and submit their assignments to the school.
  • Then, they can take on new assignments directly or online.
  • The DSHE also instructed to maintain social distance when giving or receiving assignments.

Download Class 8 Assignment Answers PDF

For your convenience we have compiled the answers in one place for all the given tasks. You can simply browse through the various sections to get the answers to the assignments you need. Just click on the assignment answer and download it from there.

So, we have provided you with the most important subject assignment for class eight. If you download and complete all these assignments, you will learn a lot and learn something really special. If you need more information, just comment below and get an answer from an expert.

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