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Connection to NU CoronaVirus Vaccine Registration Website

The National University NU Coronavirus Vaccine Registration Website link has been published. National University Corona virus vaccine registration has already started through this link. Bangladesh National University authorities issued a notification on July 8 to provide information to students through the registration of the Covid-19 vaccine. The deadline for students at the National University to apply for the coron vaccine has been extended. This was posted today at Student Covidinfo via notice. Registration deadline now July 19, 2021. Students must complete the registration within the stipulated time frame. It has not been extended.

NU students need to complete the registration for Covid-19 vaccination through Corona virus registration link http: // Students need to complete the registration through this website.

Who can register?

All active students from National University approved colleges and institutes will be able to register for the coronavirus vaccine through the link to the NU coronavirus vaccine registration website. Honors, Masters, Degree Pass Courses, Professionals and all other students can register for the vaccine. National University authorities will bring regular and irregular students of all years under this vaccine.

National University Vaccine Registration

National University students will be vaccinated against the coronavirus. University authorities have requested information to bring students under the vaccine program. University authorities have issued urgent instructions to send information about the COVID-19 vaccine to students at all educational institutions affiliated to national universities to prevent and reduce the risk of coronavirus worldwide.

NU Coronavirus Vaccine Registration Link

Forms should be filled through the website The form can be completed by July 20, 2021

Also, as per the office order dated May 1, teachers / researchers, officers, staff and students of all colleges / educational institutions affiliated to the National University are requested to login to www.nubd.info/colleg website to update the college profile on an urgent basis and send it online. Please.

What information is required to register?

National University Corona Vaccine Registration requires students to provide their respective information. Registration will be completed after providing the required information and submitting the application form. Let’s take a look at the information required for National University Corona Vaccine Registration.

  • Registration number (as per registration card)
  • Student National Identity Card Number.
  • A mobile number.
  • Student immunization status
  • Student residential status

Link to the NU Coronavirus Vaccine Registration Website

National University students can easily complete their tick registration in a few simple steps. To do this, complete the following tasks step by step.

  1. For the article, first visit the official website https://resultbangladesh.com/
  2. Enter your Honors / Postgraduate / Degree / Professional / Other registration number.
  3. Enter the next step. You will see all your information.
  4. Enter your national identity card number, mobile number.
  5. If you have already received the corona vaccine, select ‘Yes’. Select ‘No’ if you have not received the vaccine.
  6. Provide information if you are a resident or non-resident student.
  7. Provide other necessary information.
  8. If all the information is correct, submit and print the paper and keep it to yourself.

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