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Make a report referencing the names of the significant harvests in the Tamar region, the purposes behind developing the yields and the subtleties of land groundwork for them.

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Class 9 Agricultural Education Recruitment Answers Third Week 2021 You will find on our website this Agriculture Ninth Class Assignment 2121 which is accurate and very well suited to get. You will be able to write the 9th grade agricultural education assignment for the third week of 2021 in your notebook. Class 9 Assignment Agricultural Education Before writing the answer you will read the creative question of agricultural education. If you have a 9th grade agricultural education guide, you can get help from there. However, it is best to read the answer given in the Class 9 National Aggregation Assignment as a sample answer and write it in your own way.

Class 9 Agriculture Third week recruitment

Agricultural Education Class 9 is a job for you in the third week. You can follow your original book while writing this assignment. You can also follow the ninth-tenth grade agricultural education guide. You usually search Google or YouTube before writing an assignment. In that case, it can be seen that the answer of last year i.e. 2020 has also come. Therefore, when you search, you must search by typing the word 2021, then it will not be a problem to get your preferred assignment like ninth grade assignment.

Agriculture ninth grade assignment but not everyone in 9th grade needs to write. Those of you who have taken agriculture in the ninth grade should write. A few subjects in the ninth grade, including agriculture, higher mathematics, home science, economics, fine arts and crafts, can be taken as fourth subjects. For those of you who have taken up agriculture, the post of 2021 in the third week of post-ninth grade agricultural education recruitment is only for them.

9th class agricultural education 3rd week scheduled work


Assignment or scheduled work order: Assignment or scheduled work-1

  • Class: Ninth
  • Subject: Agricultural education
  • Assignment or Scheduled Assignment Sequence: Assignment or Assigned Assignment-01;
  • Chapter and Chapter Title: Chapter One: Agricultural Technology;
  • Lesson number and title / content:
  • Chapter One: Crop Selection
  • 1: Crop selection according to soil and environmental characteristics.
  • 2: Crop selection according to the characteristics of the soil-based ecological zone;
  • Chapter 2: Land Preparation for Crop Production
  • 1: Land preparation for different crops.
  • 2: The purpose of cultivating the land is to prepare the land.
  • Chapter 3: Land erosion and erosion;
  • 1: Types of land erosion and land erosion.
  • 2: Different aspects of land degradation, causes of land degradation.
  • 3: Effectiveness of land erosion
  • Instructions1. The student will take the concept of the first and second chapters of the first chapter of the textbook;
    2. Take the advice of parents or farmers;
    3. If necessary, the subject will take the help of teachers and the Internet;
    4. Write assignments by hand;


Assignment-1: Make a report mentioning the names of the major crops in the Tamar area, the reasons for cultivating the crops and the details of land preparation for them.

Class 9 Agriculture Assignment Answer

*** Name of major crops of Moharpur (name of your district), reasons for cultivation, and land preparation ***

My own district name is Meherpur. The main crops cultivated in Meherpur are:

Reasons for cultivating those crops in my area: The soil in our area is loamy and silt loamy in nature but some areas have sandy loamy soil. We know that almost all types of crops are good in loamy soils.

Reasons for paddy cultivation: We know that all soils except gravel and sandy soils are suitable for paddy cultivation. Rice grows well especially in etel and etel loam soils. Paddy can be cultivated in all types of land from high to medium low. ! So the soil in my area is suitable for paddy cultivation.

Reasons for wheat cultivation: We know that loam or sandy loam soils are suitable for wheat cultivation but clay-loam soils and wheat are cultivated. The soil in my area is loamy so it is suitable for wheat cultivation.

Reasons for jute cultivation: Silt loam soil is the most suitable soil for jute cultivation. Since alluvial soils are spread over a large area, a lot of jute is cultivated here. We have many ponds and ditches here which are filled with water during the monsoon season. There are enough facilities like jute fiber removal so jute cultivation is more here.

Reasons for potato cultivation: Loam and sandy loam soils are quite suitable for potato production. Potato cultivation land needs to have a lot of organic matter which is abundant in the soil of our area so the soil in our area is suitable for aloe cultivation.

Reasons for vegetable cultivation: Two-fiber soil is most suitable for vegetable cultivation. We know that in many districts of Bangladesh vegetables are not cultivated because there is no loamy soil. Since we produce a lot of vegetables here, vegetables are supplied from here to the whole country.

Land preparation for paddy cultivation Land preparation for paddy cultivation is a time consuming affair. First the soil has to be broken down with a power tiller. Then the land should be well muddy and level with four to five landscaping and ladders. In this case, the land should be pruned with a spade. The land must have water at all times. And the seedlings should be planted with some water on the soil.

Jami preparation for jute cultivation Land preparation for jute cultivation is very easy. The land has to be left for some time. Irrigation can be given once if required. If Joe in the jam. Jute seeds have to be sprinkled on the soil.

Land preparation for wheat cultivation: Wheat is a rabi crop. The best time to cultivate wheat is from mid-Kartik to mid-Agrahayan after the end of the growing season. The plow is driven into the land by looking at the soil Wheat soil needs to be prepared by grinding. For this, the soil has to be shaken from three. Care should be taken so that there is no big push bow in the land. Doyash or sandy loam soils are suitable for wheat. The soil is easily loosened. If the land is cultivated by connecting the rotavator with the power tiller, the soil is well cultivated and at the same time ladder is given. Very good for germination of crumbly wheat.

Land preparation for potato cultivation Land preparation for potato cultivation is started from low month in low lying areas or from Ashwin month in high lying areas. Potatoes are usually cultivated in loamy and sandy loamy soils. Potato lands are cultivated five to six times and by plow tillers, so the soil is loose and suitable for potato cultivation after three to four cultivations.

Land preparation for vegetable cultivation Since vegetables are of different types. Similarly, land has to be prepared in different ways for cultivating different vegetables. However, in the case of all vegetable cultivation, the general preparation of the land is to irrigate the land. When the soil becomes soft, the land becomes suitable for vegetable cultivation.

Evaluation Instructor / Rubrix:

Very good:
1. Name the main crop cultivable by specifying the type of soil in the particular area;
2. Description of land preparation fully compatible with the mentioned crops;
3. A remarkable degree of individuality and creativity in writing;
1. Names of some crops specifying the type of soil in a particular area;
2. Description of land preparation consistent with the crops mentioned in most cases;
3. Partial individuality and creativity in writing;

1. The name of a cultivable crop referring to a type of soil;
2. Description of land preparation in line with the mentioned crop;
3. A little bit of individuality and creativity in writing
Progress needs:
1. Lack of precise ideas about crops according to soil type;
2. The description of jam preparation with the crop is inconsistent;
3. The writing lacks individuality and creativity;
9th Grade 3rd Week Assignment Mathematics, Higher, Agriculture, Economics and Fine Arts


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