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Make a rundown of the names, areas, designs, business importance and social highlights of a portion of the antiquated metropolitan human advancements of Bangladesh and set up a report by investigating the similitudes and contrasts of the way of life of old Bengal with the way of life of present day Bangladesh.

6th class Bangladesh and world identity 10th week assignment 2021. Sixth grade assignments for Bengali, English, Mathematics, Islam and Ethical Studies, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Social Sciences. All assignments for the first twenty-one weeks of Class Six. Sixth grade tenth week assignment 2021. 6th class assignment 2021.

6th class 10th week assignment 2021

The students have completed 9 weeks assignment one by one. Assignments are very important for every student. Students were passed to the next class based on the assignment last year. It is hoped that if the situation does not improve this year as well, the students will be given a pass on the assignment. Therefore, everyone is being requested that the assignment should not be neglected in any way. Today in this article we will discuss 6th class assignments. Recently, the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released the 10th week assignment.

Among them are sixth grade Bangladesh and world identity. Bangladesh and world identity is a very important subject in 6th grade. Through this lesson you will be able to gain complete knowledge about Bangladesh. We should all know about Bangladesh not only in terms of education. It can be embarrassing for us not to know about our own country. The history of the country, the war of liberation, the creation of Bangladesh is also the most important thing to know about the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur. However, we have discussed in detail the 6th class 10th week assignment 2021. I have tried to give correct answers to all the questions. Thanks everyone for staying with us.

6th Grade 10th Week Assignment Bangladesh and World Identity

Class 6 10th week assignment

Bangladesh and World Identity Assignment

  • Assignment or assigned work no-02
  • Chapters and titles: Second, Bangladesh and world civilization
  • Lessons and content included in the syllabus
  • 1. Urban civilization of the Indian subcontinent,
  • 2. Wari Bateshwar, 3. Mahasthan (Pundranagar),
  • 4 and 5. Ancient world civilization;

10th week assignment or scheduled work

Make a list of the names, locations, patterns, commercial significance and cultural features of some of the ancient urban civilizations of Bangladesh and prepare a report by exploring the similarities and differences of the culture of ancient Bengal with the culture of present day Bangladesh.


The name of civilizationThe location of civilizationInstructions receivedCommercial importanceCultural features
  • 1. Make a similar table.
  • 2. Create assignments in light of the above table.
  • 3. Will follow the required information from the textbook.
  • 4. Can use more than one paper if required.
  • 5. Will use an image of each civilization as needed.

6th class Assignment Bangladesh and world identity 10th Week 2021 Answer

See the answer here

Evaluation Rubrics

Very good:

1. The content is accurate and consistent

2. The information and ideas are consistent with the textbook

3. Significant level of individuality and creativity in writing


1. In most cases the content is accurate and consistent

2. Information and ideas etc. are mostly consistent with the textbook.

3. Partial individuality and creativity in writing


1. Lack of consistency despite the accuracy of the content.

2. Written facts and ideas are partly consistent

3. A little bit of individuality and creativity in writing

Progress Required:

1. Lack of accuracy and consistency of content.

2. Lack of consistency of information and ideas in writing.

3. The writing lacks individuality and creativity

Last word

Finally, we would like to say that we are happy to help you with the answers to the sixth grade tenth week assignment 2021. We try to resolve each week’s assignment as quickly as possible. In this case, our experienced team is working. Many thanks to all of you for finally staying with us. Stay with us to get the next assignment.

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