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NTRCA Gono Biggopti Result 2021 – just distributed

NTRCA Gono Biggopati results were released on the night of 2021. So, if you are searching for the result, you have to come to that place and get the result. So, now is the time to get results for time. So, this time you have to come here and get the result to get the result very fast.

Dear Applicant NTRCA written test results are going to be released today. If you would like to collect this result, please read this article carefully. We have uploaded your result on our website. Now you can easily collect your results from this website. So let’s talk about today’s topic.

The first of the topics we are discussing today is the results of the 16th NTRCA written exam 2020. This exam was held in 2019 but the result was published in 2020 That is why some students are confused about their exam year. So you need to do a Google search for the results of that NTRCA written test in 2019.

Download the 16th NTRCA Results 2020 PDF

Those who have passed the preliminary examination are taking part in the written examination last year. This written test will be held on 16 November 2019 But the authorities have not yet released the results. That’s why you came here to collect the results of this written test.

We are very happy to know that the results of the written test are going to be released tomorrow. So your long aspirations are going to be successful these days. Because if you pass this test you will call for Viva Voss test. Following the publication of the results on the official website of NTRCA, we quickly published it on this website. So visit our website to collect your results.

Click here to get yours Results.

16th NTRCA Exam Part Result 2020

1620 NTRCA exam 2020 written part exam results released today at 7 p.m. We are very happy to know that a copy of the results is now available on this website. You can easily download it from the official website.

You will find the result of your desire at the bottom. Here we have uploaded the results with number copy by subject. So don’t worry just go to the official website and collect this result now.

Click here to download Results 2020 by District

16th NTRCA Results 2020 Release Date

Usually any student who takes a job test is searching on Google for the date of publication of the test results. In accordance with that policy, these NTRCA students also search for the date of publication of their test results. They also want to know how many applicants will opt for the Viva Vos test.

Some applications do not participate in this test at any time. They want to know the details of this test. That is why they want to know the syllabus of this preliminary examination. We are going to discuss this post in detail.

The results of the 16th NTRCA written test of the dear applicant are going to be published on 20th November 1120 that day you can easily download the results of your written test from this website. Don’t go to any other website.

How to check the results of 16th NTRCA exam?

Do you know how to check your 16th NTRCA exam results 2019? If you do not know, please read this article. You will find a way to collect your results online and in other ways.

Generally we all know that NTRCA exam is divided into three parts. One is part of the preliminary test, the other is part of the written test and the last is part of the Viva Vos test. So you must see all the results of the part. We are going to go through the method of collecting the results in three parts in this post.

We already know that the results of the 16th NTRCA exam have been published. You have already collected your results online. You can collect your result through any mobile SMS. Because Teletalk helps you collect your results via mobile SMS.

According to NTRCA’s official website, the results will be released soon. Because they have completed all kinds of activities related to this published result, they have technical problems with publishing this result online. After resolving this issue they will publish it here.

You can post this result on your website after the NTRCA results are published. We will publish the official results on our website. So visit our website to collect your complete results.

However, there are some different ways of collecting NTRCA results. Applicants can collect the results of their 16th NTRCA written test from the official website of NTRCA. They can collect it from NTRCA Teletalk’s website. Teletalk also released the results. If they collect this result from Teletalk BD, they must have their application ID and password. On the other hand, if they collect it from our website, no password is required for the applicant’s ID.

How to collect 16th NTRCA results online?

You can carefully follow our instructions to collect your 16th NTRCA written test results online. We’re giving you a complete guide to quickly collecting your results. So read this article carefully and collect easily. This way, you can collect all kinds of your initial written and Viva Vos results online. So why let me read this system and keep this aspect for easy collection.

Go to your mobile or personal computer internet browser to collect the results of 16th NTRCA written test. Remember that you need to have an Internet connection on your device.

Now enter your URL or Google search “ntrca.taletalk.com.bd”. As you continue, you will see a new page on NTRCA Teletalk. In this space in the right corner, you can see the results section. Click the result and you can see the new page. Here you enter your student ID and select your exam name (written 16th NTRCA) and enter your password. Now click on the Continue button and wait. After you wait, you will see your results on a new page.

How to collect 16th NTRCA results via mobile SMS?

Dear applicant, you have the opportunity to collect your results by mobile SMS. To collect this result via mobile SMS you can send SMS from any operator like Grameenphone, Banglalink Teletalk, Airtel. Please follow our instructions below to collect it via mobile SMS.

Dear Applicant NTRCA authorities do not give any way to collect your results through mobile SMS. However, we have news that the authorities will inform you of your result via mobile SMS. The news is not legitimate news but it will probably happen. If you do not receive any SMS, you can collect your results online. We have already discussed how to collect your results online in this way.

16th Nibondhon Result Publish Date

We are all applicants in Bangladesh who will take part in the 1st 16th NTRCA Written Test 2019. The results of your written test are going to be published tomorrow.

According to the NTRCA Chairman, the result is going to be released on 13 September 2020 So so this is a very happy piece for you. I think these days you have come to our website to collect your results.

16th NTRCA Written Exam 2019

Since the MCQ exam was held on 16 June 2019, the written exam was also held on 17 November 2019. The written exam of the 2019 results has not been published yet. Authorities confirm that the result is going to be published on January 20, 2020. So on that day, you can collect the results of use.

Now all the applications want to know how many applicants will take part in the Viva Vos test. We will get the answer from NTRCA authorities. Because these authorities know better than we do.

All primary pass candidates will be able to take part in the 2019 written test. The test was conducted at various centers across Bangladesh.

However, the NTRCA authorities could not say what the pass number was. There is a 40% chance of a pass mark in all subjects. All subjects with a 40% mark on this exam will pass the exam and will be called for the Viva Vos exam.

Some students who have passed the 16th NTRCA Preliminary Examination. They ask us when the written test will start? In each, the written test begins 3 months after the publication of the preliminary results. So it is very clear that your initial test will start from mid-2020.

16th NTRCA written test results 2020

Dear Applicants, The 1st NTRCA Written Part Examination was held last November 2018 but the authorities have not released the results yet. They confirm that the fruit will be released tomorrow. You will see your result in this post after it is officially published.

You can also see it from the official website. Click here to view Official results. After visiting this page just enter your exam roll number and select your exam name. And click the submit button. You will easily get your results.

Publish 16th NTRCA 2020 results

An overview of the NTRCA exam

NTRCA means Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority. They work in Bangladesh for the registration of private teachers in private schools.

In short, we can say that the main task of NTRCA is to create teachers in our country. Every year they announce a job advertisement for the required examination of teachers all over Bangladesh.

The 1st NTRCA Exam Notification was published on 23rd May, 2018. They maintain two level examinations, one for school level and the other for college level examinations. Both tests begin at the same time each year.

The examination question paper is divided into four parts. The selected parts are Bengali English General Knowledge and Mathematics. In this fourth part the examiner takes questions for the preliminary test and the written test.

So if one wants to take part in this test, he must be ready for the subject. You must have an idea about the initial test. There are 250 marks for all subjects and a total of 100 marks for examination.

Generally, all the candidates who pass the preliminary examination take part in the written examination. And all written pass applicants take the oral exam or the Viva-Vos exam. Those who perform well in the Viva Voss exam are selected for the NTRCA Final Certified Teacher.

16th NTRCA Written Results 2019

There is an important notification that the exam ended in 2019. The exam committee still cannot publish the results of the written exam. So that there is confusion among the examinees to test the title of the actual result. They made a mistake in searching their results on Google.

Basically, candidates must search online “16th NTRCA Written Exam Results 2020”. This title is given to the actual search results of the candidates.

So if you need this result, you should check it out by following our original title advice. We think you have already received your results on this site. You can share this issue with the author of this website.


We would like to say that if you have any confusion about NTRCA exam. And if you want to know something about this test, you can comment in our comment box below. We will respond to your comments with your reply.

Finally, the results of your 16th NTRCA written test are going to be released tomorrow. You can visit our website for BD exam support tomorrow for your desired result. We will publish this result on our website very soon. We think this article is very helpful for you.

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