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NU Coroner Vaccine Registration (for understudies) – Apply online

Bangladesh National University NU Coroner Vaccine Registration has started. All National University students will be able to register for the coronavirus vaccine. This information has been informed in a notification of the National University. UNU students will be able to register for the COVID 19 vaccine through the website. Detailed instructions for completing the registration have been published on the website.

NU Coroner Vaccine Registration

Students studying in all colleges or educational institutions affiliated to the National University will be able to register for the Covid-19 vaccine by July 12, 2021. There will be no chance of registration after the stipulated time. Students who complete the registration within the stipulated time will be brought under vaccination. The registration process has already started through the Surokkha website and app for residential students, medical students, students studying abroad, expatriates and others from different universities.

Generally, only professionals over the age of 35 and selected professionals will be able to register through the website. As a result, the NU Coroner Vaccine Registration 2021 program has been launched for National University students like students from other universities. Once uploaded to their database website, they will be able to register online for the Kovid-19 vaccine.

How do NU students register for the Covid 19 vaccine?

Students will only complete registration on the designated website of the National University. Registered students will be updated on the Surokkha web portal. Students will then be able to collect the vaccine card by completing the original registration through the Corona Vaccine Registration Surokkha official BD website or app and receive the vaccine at the designated vaccination center. Follow the instructions below to register for the NU Coronavirus Vaccine.

  1. Visit the National University’s designated website http: //
  2. Enter the registration number of Honors / Masters / Degree Pass course and click on Next button.
  3. The next step will be to see the name of the student, the name of the college, the department, the date of birth, etc.
  4. Click the submit button with information like NID card number, mobile number, residential status etc.
  5. When the registration is complete, print and save the copy.

NU coroner vaccine registration

The next method

After registering for NU Covid Registration via, students will print the Success Paper. Later the National University authorities will inform about the next steps through notice. Also all the information related to New Corona Vaccine Registration will be communicated via SMS to the student’s mobile number. If necessary, students need to complete the registration on the Suroka app or website. The website of the National University can be visited for detailed information.

All students at the National University will be vaccinated against coronavirus. But it is continuous. Even if not all students are vaccinated at the same time, it will continue. One hundred percent of the students will be vaccinated. It will

Note that since the number of students at the National University is high, the NU coroner vaccine registration time can be further extended. But don’t wait for the last date for NU student vaccine registration.

Some FAQs on NU Covid Vaccine Registration for Students

Q: What is the age limit for NU vaccine registration?

Answer: Students of any age can register. Only he / she is compulsory to be a student of any year in the National University.

Q: Will there be any problem if I do not register?

Answer: It is not compulsory. However, if you do not register for the coronavirus vaccine, the National University will not be responsible for vaccinating you.

Q: Can degree pass or private students register?

Answer: Yes, Honors, Masters, Degree Pass courses, professional and private students of any college affiliated to the National University can register.

Q: If I submit with my registration number, the information is not available.

Answer: Please try again. Or contact your college authorities. You can also contact us at email (formfillup.nu@gmail.com) for any information.

Defense: I do not have national identity card. Can I register without NID number?
Answer: National Identity Card number is mandatory for NU coroner vaccine registration. Registration is not possible without NID. You can contact your college for more information on NU coronavirus vaccine registration.

Q: If I make a mistake or provide incorrect information, how do I correct my NU coronary vaccine registration?

A. You can revoke your previous NU Corona vaccine registration by canceling the previous one. You need to mail your problem to formfillup.nu@gmail.com. After that, they will cancel your previous registration and you will be able to register anew.

Defense: I do not have national identity card. How do I register?

Answer: The National University has said in a notification that those who have NID must complete the registration of NU coronavirus vaccine by 12th July. Issue a notice after July 20, 2021 for those who do not have National Identity Card (NID).

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