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NU Honors Fourth Year Results 2021 – nu.ac.bd/results

Bangladesh National University now Honors Fourth Year Results 2021 This has been published Test results 2019. The results were published on July 20, 2021, at 9:09 pm via the nu.ac.bd/results and nubd.info websites. In a press release issued today, National University Bangladesh confirmed the result publication news. Honors 4th year 2015-2016 session results can be known through website and SMS. The results of the Honors Final Year Examination can be found on the official results website of the National University, nubd.info. The results are also available with the CGPA (Marksheet). BSS, BSc, BBS, BBA Honors fourth year results have been published simultaneously. Regular, irregular and advanced candidates will be able to know the results from the website.

National University Honors Final Year Result 2021 has been published for all departments and subjects. For this, the results have been published with full tabulation sheet (marksheet) Honors Fourth Year Results 2019 Session 2015-16. It can be searched with full marksheet with four year result of tabulation sheet from www nu ac bd results website. To find results with CGPA see www.www nub information honors fourth year results and search only with your registration number.

How to search for Honors Fourth Year Results 2021?

There are two different ways to know the results of Bangladesh National University NU 4th year 2021. In these two ways you can know the results of Honors Final Year 2021. One is through a website and the other through SMS. National University students can check their results from the National University’s official results publication website. In addition to the website, they can know the results through SMS on mobile phones. It is easier to collect results through SMS than on websites. The National University publishes the results via SMS before the website. Moreover, most of the time national university websites are down or slow. But check your result now in the options below. You can check Www NU edu BD Result 2021.

Honors fourth year results 2019

NU Honors fourth year results

The result of Honors fourth year can be searched from two websites of Bangladesh National University. One is nu.ac.bd/results and the other is nubd.info. Results from these two websites can be searched and printed with any tabulation sheet. Full results, 4 years of CGPA and others you will find here. To search for honors fourth year results, click the nu.ac.bd/results website and the honors tab. Select after clicking on the Honors tab Fourth year And provide your test certificate. You can collect your results with the following steps. Please note that you may have to try several times to find your results due to server overload.

Honors Fourth Year Results Session 2015-2016 6

  • Go to Nu.ac.bd/results
  • Select the fourth year from the Honors tab.
  • Input your roll and registration number.
  • Type your exam year (2019).
  • Enter the captcha code shown in the picture.
  • Press the submit button and wait.
  • Print the results if necessary.

Honors Final Year Results 2021 Website (nu.ac.bd/results and www.nubd.info)

  • Go to http://www.nubd.info/res_hon/getHon4thForm.php.
  • Input your registration number.
  • Select “2019” as your exam year
  • Press the “Search Results” button
  • Check your results in detail.
  • Print your results if necessary.

Please note, nubd.info website is faster and easier than nu.ac.bd website. You are advised to collect your results from nubd.info website.

Fourth year results 2020 via SMS

The National University basically publishes any results via SMS before the website. You will be able to know your results via SMS from 2 pm (probably). Results will be available on the website from 6 p.m. So it is better to collect your results through mobile phone messages. This is a quick and easy way to find results in the past. For better performance, you can use Teletalk SIM. However, you can send your SMS from any mobile phone operator.

Follow the instructions below to find out the results of the National University Honors Final Year via mobile phone message.

  • Go to your mobile phone message option.
  • Write a message like NU H4 Registration number. (Last 7 digits) and send to 16222
  • Example: Send to NU H4 1234567 and 16222.

If you have any obligation regarding your results, you are advised to apply to the National University through your college authority about your obligation within one month of the publication of the result.

Students can apply for re-verification of Honors Final Year Result through the National University website. The Honors Final Year Result Challenge Notice will be published on the nu.ac.bd website. After completing the online application, re-verification and selection fee has to be paid through Sonali service. Detailed instructions will be mentioned in the Honors Final Year Board Challenge Notice.

According to the Honors Final Year Examination Routine 2019, the examination started on 7th April 2019. The exam ended on 20th May 2019. This Honors Final Year The routine of this exam was published for regular, irregular and advanced students.

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