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Shikkhok Batayon Registration and Login | Teacher window enrollment

Shikkhok Batayon Registration & Login- Learn the process of member registration, login and password recovery on Teacher Batayon website.

Shikkhok Batayon Website Registration & Login: Teacher Batayon Registration & Login

It is often said that education is the ‘backbone’ of a nation. To educate the nation, the role of the teacher is paramount. Modern and up-to-date education system needs skilled, trained and quality teachers.

At present, with the introduction of the concept of Digital Bangladesh, information technology has touched education. The use of information technology in education has started as part of building a modern nation with knowledge of information technology.

Changing the traditional concept, teaching is now going on in the multimedia classroom. Starting from online tutoring, all the educational activities are being conducted quite efficiently.

To take the education system of Digital Bangladesh further, the Ministry of Education has set up a website called Shikshak Batayan under the auspices of the A2I program.

Trained teachers of the country upload multimedia content in the teacher window. And anyone can download these contents, display them in multimedia classrooms, make classroom learning activities more interesting and enjoyable.

Teachers need to register to upload content to the Teacher Window website. Also, only registered teachers can post ratings, comments and teacher blogs on someone else’s content. However, to download uploaded content, registration is not required.

In this report, the process of teacher registration, login and recovery of lost passwords will be discussed on the Teacher Window website.

After reading the article a few times, you too can easily become a member of Batayan.

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Shikkhok Batayon Registration: Teacher Batayon Registration

To register in the teacher window, you will need an email address. In this case more will be needed, a mobile number. If you do not have an email ID, sign up for free from Gmail.

You have to go to its homepage for member registration in Teacher Window.

Homepage address – www.teachers.gov.bd

Open a browser on computer or mobile and type the address.

Now go to the homepage by clicking the Enter or Go button on the keyboard.

By typing the above address correctly, the teacher is located on the homepage of the window.

When viewed on a computer, at the bottom right of the menu on the homepage, Login / Registration Click on the text link.

And if it’s a mobile browser, click on the three-pointed menu icon horizontally to the left of the search icon. At the end of the menu, you will find the login / registration link.

If you are unable to follow the above procedure, copy and paste the link below into your browser. Then browse it.


When the page opens, you will see the login form. But we need registration form. Get it, like the picture below Register Click on the text link.

Hopefully, you are on the registration page like the picture below.

Shikkhok Batayon Registration Login Form

Enter the required information in the member registration form like the picture above.

  1. Enter your name. Names can be edited later.
  2. Enter the email address. Here you will need to recover your membership information and later forget your password.
  3. Enter the mobile number in English number.
  4. Enter the password. Give the password some letters, numbers or symbols so that others can’t guess easily. Must be given on or above that number.
  5. Re-enter the previous password. Make sure the two passwords are the same.
  6. Finally, complete the registration process by clicking on the circle marked link.

Hopefully, “Your registration has been successful. Please update profile. ” Seeing the message.

You have been registered in the teacher window and are located on your profile page.

Now if you want, you can update the profile page with more information.

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Shikkhok Batayon Login: Teacher Batayon Login

If you want to upload content or blog on the teacher window, you must login. In addition, to give ratings and opinions on other people’s content, it is mandatory to login.

Now to login, like the above registration process, you have to go to the login / registration page.

Login page address – https://www.teachers.gov.bd/user_login

Browse the link and open the page like the image below.

Shikkhok Batayon login form

When the login form page is open like the picture above, give the necessary information in it.

  1. Email / User ID: Enter the email address provided at the time of registration in the first box.
  2. Password: Enter your password carefully at the time of registration.
  3. Finally, complete the login process by clicking on the circle marked link.

If the login is successful, you will be taken to your profile page. Here you will see your personal information, uploaded content, blogs etc.

Shikkhok Batayon forgot Login password: Teacher Batayon Login Password Recovery

If you forget the login password of the teacher window, it can be recovered. In this case you will need the email ID given at the time of registration.

To get back the lost password of Teacher Window, browse the link below.


The password recovery page will appear as shown below.

Teacher Window Login Password Reset

Here you only need to enter the email ID given at the time of registration in the email text box. Below Send code Clicking on the link will send the code to the email inbox. With which the login password can be recovered.

Shikkhok Batayon Registration and login process if you have problems let us know.

You can share the article with other teachers by sharing it on social media.

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Teacher window.

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