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SSC Assignment Answer 2022 – Class 10 Assignment 2021

SSC Recruitment 2022 has been published. This appointment has been published for SSC Exam 2022. The first week assignment was published on 14th June 2021, its activity started with 10th class 1st week assignment. Right now, the third week of SSC recruitment is underway. After that, the fourth week assignment will be published.

Students will submit answers and solutions to selected recruitment issues published in their respective schools and teachers will evaluate it.

Educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed since March 1820 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, class activities are closed. Tenth grade students of 2021 could not participate in their general educational activities as per the prescribed syllabus. In this context, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has announced the recruitment for the 2022 SSC examinees.

Earlier, a short syllabus of SSC exam 2022 was published. These assignment activities are made according to a short syllabus.

Update Update: The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published the assignment for SSC 2022 candidates (10th class). Assignment for SSC examination of 2021 will start from 16th July 2021. Click here for details about SSC 2021 Assignment.

Evaluation Guidelines (Rubrix) with Class 10 Assignments have been published. The results of the education received by the students will be evaluated through assignment or scheduled work. According to the short syllabus, the appointment has been prepared considering what the student will be assessed within a week.

Recruitment activities have started from June 14, 2021 according to the grid. The appointments will be published seamlessly on the DSHE website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education at the beginning of each week. At the end of the week, students will complete their executives and submit them to the academy. Students will receive new assignments upon submission.

SSC Recruitment 2022

The SSC assignment has started from 21st June, 2021. The first week assignment has been published on this day. A total of 25 weeks of assignments will be published in Bengali, English, Mathematics, Religion, Information and Communication Technology, Career Education, Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Business Enterprise, Finance, and Banking, History and World Civilization. Geography and Environment, Politics and Citizenship, Bangladesh and World Identity, Science, Higher Mathematics, Agricultural Education, Home, Science, Economics, Arts and Crafts will complete the assignments already published. Even if the educational institution is started, the assignment activities will continue along with the formal educational activities.

Answers and solutions to SSC recruitment

Students will practice the scheduled chapters well after collecting assignments each week. At the end of the exercise they will create a scheduled task. Each student’s responsibility will be his own. Assistance can be obtained from teachers or parents if needed. However, someone else’s assignment cannot be duplicated properly. The copied assignment will be accepted and again the students will have to create a new assignment ince since the student will be assessed through this assignment, it will be created by the student. The assignments assigned to each assignment are in their respective textbooks. Students will be able to read textbooks and write answers to their tasks easily. In that case the student will use his creativity in the presentation. A cover page should be attached to each assignment mentioning student name, roll number, class, group / category etc.

SSC third week recruitment answer

The third week recruitment of SSC has been published. This appointment was published by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education on 22nd June. Class 10 assignments include Mathematics, Physics, Business Entrepreneurship and Geography and Environment in the 3rd week. Students will collect third week assignments when they submit their second week assignments. Resolve all subject assignments within the stipulated time and submit it to the concerned school.

SSC Math Assignment Answer

SSC Math Assignment for the third week

Class 10 Mass Assignment 3rd Week

Math Assignment Answer

Answer to SSC Physics

SSC Physics Third Week

Physics Allocation Solution

SSC Business Entrepreneurship Assignment Answer

SSC Business Entrepreneurship Assignment Answer in the third week

Business Entrepreneur Recruitment Solution S

SSC Geography Assignment Answer

SSC Geography Assignment 2021 Third Week

Geography and environmental allocation solutions

SSC 2nd week recruitment answer

The second week of SSC recruitment has been published. This is Assignment-2 of 10th Class Assignment 2021. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education published the second assignment for SSC 2022 students in 2021 2121 Students will collect the second week by submitting their first week work procedure solution. Topics for the second week assignment are – English 1st Paper, Bangladesh and Global Studies and Science. Students from Science Group, Humanities Group and Business Studies Group have to prepare the answer for recruitment and submit it to their respective schools within the stipulated time.

SSC 1st Week Recruitment Answer

The first week assignment of SSC has been published. It has been published as Assignment-1 for SSC 2020 candidates. There are two subjects in Bengali and Mathematics in the first week recruitment of 10th class. Students will create assignments for these two subjects within the allotted time. The first week assignment solution will be submitted to their educational institution within the stipulated time and the second week assignment will be collected. Subject teachers will evaluate the first week executive answers of SSC.

SSC fourth week recruitment

The fourth week of SSC Assignment will be published soon. It will be published after the end of the third week of recruitment. Fourth week assignments will be collected from their school when students submit their third week assignment answers.

Seal.SubjectScheduled Tasks / Chapters
01.English recruitment answer

5th week assignment

The 5th week assignment of SSC will be published after the end of the 4th week assignment. The rest of the assignment will be published seamlessly after the activities become normal.

How to submit an assignment?

The student or his / her parents will submit the SSC appointment to their respective schools. Assignments must be submitted directly or online. If there is no opportunity to submit by email or online, you need to submit the assignment directly at the scheduled time following the health rules and collect the assignment for the next week.

Evaluation Instructions

After the students submit the assignment, the teacher of the relevant subject will evaluate the assignment of that subject. Subject teachers will evaluate tasks, identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, and suggest improvements to the weakest parts. The Assignment Assessment Guide (Rubrix) has been published by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE on their official website www.dshe.gov.bd.

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