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SSC Recruitment 2021 North Humanities Group | All things

Humanity Group has published for SSC 2021 Recruitment 2020 Exam. According to the press conference of the Minister of Education, the SSC examination will start from the first week of November 2021. So, they have published SSC Exam 2021 Recruitment to complete SSC Short Syllabus 2021. They further said that only the optional subject examination will be held for the SSC 2021 examination. So, you need to finish the elective subject assignment for each group. Stay with us and get Arts Group SSC Assignment 2021 for each week.

2021 Exam SSC Assignment 2021 will start from 18th July Students have to complete 24 assignment tasks from each group. Each week they will receive 2 assignments for each subject. A total of 8 assignments will be completed for each subject

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SSC Recruitment 2021 Humanities Group

Most students are confused about SSC Assignment 2021. They ask whether this assignment is for SSC Exam 2022 or SSC Exam 2021. So, your confusion will become clear after reading this post. This assignment for 2021 SSC exam on the other hand has revealed another assignment task for 2022 SSC exam which is different from it.

For the Humanities Group, the authority has published the history of Bangladesh and world civilization, geography and environment, economy and civic issues. Students will select their fourth elective subject to complete the task. Each week they will complete each assignment at two times.

SSC Assignment 2021 Update News: Assignment of this year’s SSC and equivalent candidates will be given from 18th July. SSC candidates will be given 24 assignments in 12 weeks. They will submit assignments twice a week. In case of SSC, a total of eight assignments have to be done in each elective subject. This will complete the short syllabus.

SSC Exam 2021 Recruitment Week Plan

Check NCTB: SSC Short Syllabus 2021

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Humanitarian team for SSC Exam 2021 recruitment

A few days ago, Education Minister Dipu Moni said that if the Covid situation is under control by November, the SSC exams will start from the first week of November 2021. He further said that no compulsory subject examination will be held. Only optional subject examinations will be held. However, students have to sit for the exam to answer 50 marks. As before, 10 questions will be given in the question paper but 3-4 questions will have to be answered from there.

Note: Click here for Assignment of 2022 SSC Candidates.

SerialAssignment subjectAssignment download
01History of Bangladesh and world civilizationDownload
04Higher MathematicsDownload

SSC History of Bangladesh and recruitment of world civilization

This theoretical subject teaches about the country and abroad so that students can gain a better knowledge about their surroundings. With this in mind, we have designed the solution in such a way that students can easily digest the information and remember it for a longer period of time.

1st assignment

2nd assignment

SSC Geography and Environmental Recruitment

The last topic of this week’s assignment teaches the students around the Humanities Group about closeness and requires special attention to small details to remove all assignment tasks. Download the Geography and Environment Assignment solution for 10th grade this week from the image below.

1st assignment

2nd assignment

SSC Economics Assignment

With less time for final exams, the economics curriculum for SSC students has been rearranged to make it shorter and easier to cover. Students need to make better efforts to cover the syllabus in this short time. Assignments will help them focus and complete a variety of topics in the curriculum.

1st assignment

2nd assignment

SSC Citizen Recruitment

Citizens and good governance subjects are the most important students. Most students choose study subjects and prefer to read. So, the assignment is provided as per SSC Short Syllabus 2021. So, check the assignment of each week and you write the task.

1st assignment

2nd assignment

SSC 2021 is the final word on human recruitment

One of the most important responsibilities for the students of SSC Humanities Group is Economics and others. But not every time it happens. Many students do not understand enough topics to answer the questions themselves. We also provided you with the question and later you will get a link to answer the Humanitarian Group SSC Assignment for each subject.

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