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Class 9 Assignment twelfth Week 2021 Answer – twelfth Week Assignment Class 9

9th Grade Twelfth Week Assignment Bangla

Category: Science, Humanities and Business Education, Subject: Bengali, Assignment Number: 04, 9th Class Twelfth Week Assignment Bengali

Chapter and chapter headings: Poetry

Lesson number and content included in the syllabus: Life-music Hemchandra Bandyopadhyay

Assignment scheduled work:

Expansion of Thought: Whatever you have decided, do it, be engaged in your own work;

Assignment Instructions:

Students will read the poem ‘Life-Music’ from the textbook well and will complete the assignment by reading the rules of writing grammar and expression in Bengali language;

Ninth Grade 2021 Twelfth Week Business Enterprise Assignment

Category: Business Education, Subject: Business Initiative, Assignment Number: 03

Chapter and chapter titles: Chapter-II: Business Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship;

Lesson number and content included in the syllabus:

A) entrepreneurship and business ventures;

B) the difference between enterprise and business venture;

C) The characteristics of a business entrepreneur are the qualities of a business entrepreneur;

D) importance of business initiative in socio-economic development;

E) the relationship between business enterprise and risk;

F) conducive environment for business ventures;

G) Obstacles to business development in Bangladesh;

E) Ways to remove barriers to business development in Bangladesh;


Sumon set up a hotel in Cox’s Bazar with a loan from a bank. He set up a small park in front of the hotel for the children to play. One year his business did not see the face of profit. Undaunted, he advertised on television, in magazines, and on social media, and offered free breakfast with a 30% discount on hotel rent. As a result, he started having lakes in his hotel and his income started increasing. He distributes 5% of the income among the employees. His business became more and more successful. The above case study explains all the qualities that have influenced Sumon to become a successful entrepreneur;


A) The relevant chapter of the textbook should be read carefully;

B) can be taken with the help of upper class books;

C) teacher’s advice can be taken with the help of virtual media or parent’s help can be taken if necessary;

Ninth Grade 2021 Twelfth Week Chemistry Assignment

Category: Science, Subject: Chemistry, Assignment Number: 03, Ninth Grade 2021 Twelfth Week Chemistry Assignment

Chapter and chapter titles: Chapter-III: Reading of Matter;

Lesson number and content included in the syllabus:

Basic and compound substances; Atoms and molecules; Symbol of the element; Number of particles inside the atom, relative molecular mass calculation;

Calculation of electrons, protons and neutrons in atoms; Isotope; Use of radioactive isotopes (in medicine, agriculture, power generation) and its effects;

Atomic model; The limitations of the Rutherford atomic model; The limitations of the Baer nuclear model; Electron configuration of energy;

Concepts of atomic energy and sub-energy; Energy level electron concept; Principle of electron configuration; Some exceptions to the general rule of electron configuration;


There are different substances in the human body. Write a report on the calculation of the molecular mass of a compound, including the symbols and atomic masses of the elements present in the three compounds and the signals of the compounds;


The teacher will assist in selecting the names of the three compounds. You can also use the website;

Ninth Grade 2021 Twelfth Week Physical Education Assignment

Category: Science, Humanities & Business Education Subject: Physical Education, Assignment Number: 01, Ninth Grade 2021 Twelfth Week Physical Education Assignment

Chapter and chapter headings: Chapter-I: Physical Education for a Healthy Life;

Included in the curriculum Lesson and number content:

Goal; Purpose; Necessity; Program

(Introductory additional sports and service program)


“Balanced development of the limbs required for the overall improvement of body and mind, acquisition of mental development, acquisition of social qualities and relaxation of mind through sports”

Write an essay analyzing the statement. (Maximum 200 words);


A) definition of physical education;

B) aims and objectives of physical education;

C) schedule of physical education;


1. In addition to your own textbooks, other helpful books (above and below) and the Internet may be used if necessary;

2. The help of classmates can be sought if necessary;

3. Every lesson in the textbook should be well read;

4. Be aware of spelling and syntax;

5. To have variety in presentation;

Ninth Grade 2021 Twelfth Week Geography and Environment Assignment

Category: Humanities, Subject: Geography and Environment, Assignment Number: 03, Ninth Class 2021 Twelfth Week Geography and Environment Assignment

Chapter and chapter headings: Chapter-II: The Universe and Our Earth;

Lesson number and content included in the syllabus:

Space and universe; Constellation Constellation; Galaxy; Nebula; Chayapath; Meteor; Comet; Planets; Satellite; The solar system; The shape of the earth; Axis, longitudinal line and other important lines; International date line; Pronoun space Motion of the earth; Diurnal motion; The result of slow motion; Annual speed Fruit of annual motion; Evidence of annual motion; Change of seasons; The cause of the change of seasons; Effects of seasonal changes;


When the sun is measured, there is a lingual difference in the earth. ”Write a report of not more than 300 words;


1. Startup

2. A description of the Earth’s annual motion and the process of change;

3. Image of the change of seasons;

4. Conclusion;


1. Must read the fatal changes from the textbook;

2. Taking the help of other books on the motion of the earth;

3. The help of internet can be taken;

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