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HSC Economics Assignment Answer first, third, fourth Week PDF

Looking for All Week HSC Economics Assignment Answers 2021? You are the right place to collect 1st, 3rd week task class 11 assignment answer economics. Welcome to the answers and questions of HSC Economics Assignment 2021 which is a new version of our ongoing series in line with the ongoing recruitment process for HSC students. You may already know that we are constantly publishing solutions to various assignments for HSC students to make their struggle a little easier.

Today, we bring you the answer to HSC Economics Assignment 2021 this week. It will guide you through the questions and related solutions so that you can prepare yourself for the final exam. Let’s keep going.

Let’s go to the right section …

HSC Economy Recruitment 2021

There has been a long wait among students for the reopening of colleges but still, there is no sign of it. In view of the epidemic situation in 2020, the government has closed educational institutions across the country and the decision to reopen them is still under consideration.

But as a result of the closure of the college, the students are falling behind. To encourage them and encourage them to study, the government has introduced a new assessment system called an assignment. It started this week and will continue until the situation returns to normal.

HSC Economics Assignment Answer

You will need to follow a few steps to complete your part in this process. First, you can download recruitment questions on the official website. But the easiest way is to download them directly from here because we uploaded the questions.

See the image below and you can download if you want. Go through the questions and try to find out where you can solve them yourself. If you don’t, we have an option below that is taking the help of our well-prepared solution for this assignment.

Let us introduce you to the solution of HSC Economics Assignment 2021 which has been prepared by some talented teachers in this field. With this solution, your struggle to complete the assignment will be much easier. You can simply go to the next section and follow the instructions for using the solution.

Third Week HSC Economics Assignment Answer 2021

The answer for the third week HSC Economics Assignment is available here. The assignment was published on 9 August 2021, now we are working to write the solution.

Assignment work: Marketing system of agricultural products in Bangladesh is one of the obstacles to the development of the agricultural sector – Role analysis with government / state policy


  • A) Marketing ideas of agricultural products
  • B) Marketing system of agricultural products
  • C) Identification of marketing problems of agricultural products
  • D) The role of the state in solving the marketing problem of agricultural products
  • E) Agricultural marketing policy in the government

See the solution: The marketing system of agricultural products in Bangladesh is one of the obstacles to the development of the agricultural sector

1st Week Assignment Economics Answer

What you see in the picture below is the solution to recruit HSC Economy for 1st week. Click on the image and download the solution for your convenience. As this assignment process progresses, we will continue to publish solutions every week so that you can download them from our website.

Question: In case of a consumer consuming a total of 6 units, the total utility for the first third, fifth and seventh unit consumption is 12,30,40 and 42 units respectively and for the second, fourth and sixth unit consumption, the marginal utility is 10, 6, and 2 units respectively. Using the information provided, make a complete index of the textbook and present the relevant rules of the textbook with the help of diagrams with exceptions.

Between utilization and marginal utilization

Sample Answer: The declining marginal utility rule is presented with the help of diagrams with exceptions.

Rules and instructions

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has also given some instructions so that the students do not make any mistake in this process. You need to be careful to follow those instructions. Here you go.

  • You will find assignment questions on DSHE’s official website.
  • You need to complete the assignments and submit them by the last day of the week.
  • Your appointment will be evaluated based on different rubarics.

The final word

HSC Economics Assignment 2021 Answers and questions end here. But it is only the beginning of a long, tiring journey where we will be by your side.

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