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HSC Subject Assignment Sample Solution 2021 (PDF)

2021 HSC Physics Assignment Questions and Sample Answers PDF. HSC Subject Assignment Solutions has been added to our website. A total of fifteen week-long assignments will be published for the examinees in addition to the restructured syllabus. All weekly HSC substance assignment solutions will be added below.

HSC Subject Assignment Sample Solution 2021

Students will complete their assignment and submit it to the educational institution (directly / online) following the government-announced hygiene rules at a convenient time within the assignment date. After submitting the assignment of each step, the assignment of the next step will be published as per the rules. It is important to note that no cover page other than the specified cover page can be used. The top part of the cover page must be filled in correctly in English and nothing can be written in any other corner of the cover page or in any other corner of the page except the prescribed part.

HSC Subject Assignment Questions and Answers

HSC candidates have to submit a total of ten assignments in Physics in fifteen weeks. Each week’s questions and sample solutions will be published on our website. The answers to the assignments published below and the PDF are answered –

Physics Assignment (4th week)

HSC Fourth Week Physics 3rd Assignment First Paper Book Chapter 4 – Taken from Newtonian Mechanics.

Title: Analysis of the interrelationships of Newton’s kinetics and the action of different types of balls.


In Fig-1, a block of 50kg mass is lifted in parallel with a rope bent at a 30 ° angle.

(A) Draw a picture of which force is working on the block.

(B) To analyze what Newton’s motions are working and how they are being used to move the block from static to dynamic.

(C) Reach the middle position and if the block continues to descend due to special reasons, draw a picture of which force is acting on the block even in this condition.

(D) Show through a graph how the perpendicular reaction ball changes with the inclined angle.

(E) Increasing the angle of inclination of the plane to 45 হবে will make it easier or harder to lift the block, as it determines mathematically. In this case the friction force is 10 N

(F) The value of the ball applied by the rope for special reasons decreases to 138N after the block reaches near the top. At this stage the block tends to descend in parallel. Determine this equilibrium. What will be the velocity of the block after the first 3 sec in case of descent? In this case grab the friction ball 7N.


Sample answer


Question PDF

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