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MEMIS Madrasah MPO Sheet: How to gather Madrasah MPO Sheet?

MEMIS Madrasah MPO Sheet: Collect MPO Sheets of MPR Private Madrasa Teachers from the Madrasa Education Department website (www.dme.gov.bd).

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www.memis.gov.bd Madrasah Teacher MPO Sheet: Madrasah Teacher MPO Sheet

The monthly salary-allowance of MPO registered madrasas (Dakhil, Alim, Fazil, Kamil and Ibtedayi) is sent to the bank distributing the grant from the Madrasa Education Department.

The Madrasa Department usually deals with the payment of MPO enrollment of new teachers / staff, higher grades of index holders, senior scale and other salaries and allowances every one month.

The Madrasah Education Management Information System (MEMIS) under the department assists in the preparation of this MPO sheet.

The MEMIS Cell of the Madrasa Department prepares the monthly MPO sheets. Where there is information about the total amount of salary received by teachers and staff, deduction of retirement and welfare allowances and other allowances.

In addition, from the MPO sheet, it is known about the total salary and allowance of each organization. Originally, the MPO sheet prepared by MEMIS mentions the sectoral accounts of remittances sent to the bank in the name of teachers, employees and institutions.

This MPO sheet is required to withdraw the monthly salary and allowances of the teachers and employees of the private MPO registered madrasas from the distribution bank.

This report will provide detailed instructions on how to collect MPO sheets from the Madrasa Education Department website.

Madrasa MPO sheets can be easily collected by following the instructions below.

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How to collect MPO sheets of MPO registered madrasa teachers-staff-

Before the MPO sheet collection process, whether the current month’s MPO and salary-allowance have been transferred – its information must be known first.

MPO updates and transfer of pay checks can be found, from the notice board on the Madrasa Education Department website.

So first get the information of salary check exemption from the notice board of Madrasa Department. You can find information on the recent month’s pay check transfer from the link to the attached notice board below.

Link: www.dme.gov.bd/site/view/notices

Once the information of the current month’s salary check discount has been published, take steps to collect the MPO sheet.

First, open a browser on your mobile and / or computer and browse the homepage of the Madrasa Education Department website.

Homepage address: www.dme.gov.bd.

I hope you are on the homepage of the department. Now like the picture below Regarding MPO Find the write option.

Here is the link to the collection of MPO sheets published this month.

In the section like the picture above, starting from Ebtedayi, links to the collection of MPO sheets of all the madrasas under MPO can be found.

MPO registered Dakhil, Alim, Fazil and Kamil Madrasa teachers are issued MPO sheets every month. The MPO sheets of the teachers of Ebtedayi Madrasa are updated every three months.

Now click on the link of the MPO sheet you need. The department’s Google Drive folder will open on the new page.

In the Google Drive of the Madrasa Department, the folder of the MPO sheet with the name of the bank can be found. Click on the bank folder from which your organization withdraws salaries and allowances.

Here you can find files with the names of some educational regions. Find your organization’s MPO sheet in the region file where your organization is located.

The MPO sheet is published in PDF file. So to view this file, you will need apps / software that can read PDF files on your mobile / computer.

However, such apps are connected to your Google Chrome / Firefox browser. So browse with these good quality browsers.

MPO sheets can be collected with the help of individuals or organizations who are proficient on the Internet.

MEMIS Madrasah MPO Sheet: Let us know if you have difficulty in collecting Madrasah MPO Sheet.

And share the information on social media to let other teachers know.

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