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SSC Fourth Week Recruitment 2021 Answers (All Subjects)

For SSC Fourth Week Recruitment 2021 Answer, 2 topics selected from each group. Business Entrepreneurs and Finance and Banking have been selected for Science Group students, Physics, Biology / Advanced Mathematics, Business Studies Group. For Humanities Group SSC candidates, History, Citizenship / Economics is prescribed.

Students in the Science, Business Studies and Humanities groups must submit the answers to the fourth week of the SSC 2021 Assignment to their respective schools within the stipulated time frame. Students will create assignments for two group-based topics for the fourth week. They will not assign options for students or 4th subject. For example, if someone has higher mathematics as a mathematics subject, he or she will only prepare assignment answers in physics and biology. Again, if one is interested in the biology option, one has to create assignment solutions in physics and higher mathematics.

Similarly, if one has economics as a subject, he will do assignments in history and civics. Again, if the Civics option is checked, it will generate answers about history and economics.

Download SSC 2021 4th Week Assignment.

SSC Fourth Week Recruitment 2021 Answer

Physics, Biology and Advanced Mathematics subjects have been recruited for the fourth week for the candidates of SSC 2021 Science Group. From here students will create answers to two subjects besides the subject matter.
Business Entrepreneurship and Finance and Banking subjects are scheduled for Commerce students in the fourth week. For the fourth week, students in the Business Studies group will need to create assignment solutions for these two topics.

History of Bangladesh and World Civilization, Economy and Citizenship and Citizenship are scheduled for the fourth week for humanities students. Students in the humanities group will create assignment solutions in two subjects other than the subjects.

Assignment solutions for all subjects of SSC 2021 fourth week science, humanities and business studies are given below. You build your solutions from the solutions you create.

Humanitarian group assignment answers (all topics)

History, Economics and Civics subjects are scheduled for the 4th week assignment for students of SSC Humanities Group. Students will prepare assignment solutions for a total of two subjects from here. There is no need to do any assignment on the fourth subject or elective subject. Assignment solutions for all topics are given below. All other week assignment answers for the humanities group can be found here.

Business Studies Group Assignment Answers (all topics)

The SSC fourth week assignment is scheduled for 2021 for students in the Business Entrepreneurship and Finance and Banking Business Studies group. Students need to create solutions to these two assignments and submit them to their respective schools. The SSC Business Studies Group Fourth Week Assignment Answer PDF file is given below for all subjects. Business education group solutions can be found here.

Science Group Assignment Answers (all topics)

SSC Assignment 2021 Fourth Week Science Group Published. Physics, Biology and Advanced Advanced Mathematics are scheduled for the fourth week of the science group. Students need to prepare assignment solutions for two subjects. Physics, Biology / Advanced Mathematics solutions have to be prepared and submitted to the school. The student does not have to create an assignment for his / her subject or fourth subject.

SSC 2021 Fourth Week Science Group Assignment Answers and Solutions are given below in PDF format. Solutions to all the issues of the science group can be found here.

SSC Assignment Cover Page

SSC candidates need to link the cover page with all the weekly recruitments for 2021. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE has released an assignment cover for all. This is a common cover page. All students must use it. Students must add that cover page with all assignment answers. So the cover page has to be attached with SSC 4th Week Assignment 2021 Answer. Cover pages need to be added separately for each topic. The cover page will have three sections. Students will only complete the first episode.

Fill in all the information on the cover page by hand. All information must be written in English capital letters. No assignment will be accepted without cover page. Candidates have to write all the required information on the cover page. No unnecessary information can be written in it. The assignment cover page of SSC candidates can be found here or can be downloaded from the website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, dshe.gov.bd.


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