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HSC Exam 2021 Update News Today

HSC Routine 2020 has been published August 28, 2019. Routines of all Board of Education are available on our website https://suggestionquestion.com/. If you are looking for routine then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to talk about HSC routine.

The latest HSC exam routine news update today

HSC Auto Pass is the subject of gossip on social media for Monday and Tuesday. Authorities are considering auto passing the HSC exam. Let’s take a look at the official news about the HSC exam update for today for October 5th, 2020.

According to the official notice, we have learned that the final decision of HSC examination is going to be taken on 5th October and 6th October.

Auto pass news update of HSC exam

Everyone is looking for auto pass updates for HSC exams. There is a rumor that this year HSC result should be given in SSC exam number.

And people are marking it as an auto pass. But the government has not decided on this. We will notify you via our website when a decision is made.

HSC Exam News Update Prothom Alo

Here is the latest HSC exam news update from Prothom Alo.

Announce the date of HSC examination

At today’s meeting of senior officials of the Ministry of Education and the Board of Education, Bangladesh decided that this is not the right time to take the HSC exam. Because coronavirus epidemic is still in Bangladesh.

All educational institutions are in lockdown mode. Therefore it should not be a wise decision to conduct an examination in the present circumstances. Want to know more about HSC exam news updates? You are then requested to read this entire article.

HSC Routine 2020

And finally the date of HSC exam has been published. According to the news, the test routine will be released next week.

The date of HSC examination will be announced next week

August 2 Bangladesh HSC Examination Authority announces an examination routine for taking HSC examination. HSC Routine 2020 says “Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination will start on April 1, 2020 at 10.00 am.” Routine is approved by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh.

The routine is as follows:

01/04/2020WednesdayBangla 1st letter
02/04/2020ThursdayBengali 2nd letter
04/04/2020SaturdayEnglish 1st letter

Today’s update of HSC exam is September 24, 2020

There was no discussion about the HSC exam – the Board of Secondary and Higher Education said

Source: News24

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HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download

The March HSC exam has been postponed due to cyclone Fani. According to the new decision, the exam will be held on May 14.

Dhaka Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Chairman Ziaul Haque said this in the first light on Thursday. He said the test will be held in the morning of May and in the afternoon that afternoon.


Information about routines

Before talking about HSC routine, let’s know some information about HSC exam. Higher Secondary Certificate, also known as HSC or Intermediate or +2 examination, is a public examination taken by the students of Intermediate College (Junior College) in Bangladesh. HSC is equivalent to GCE A level in England and the third and fourth year of high school in the United States. After two years of higher secondary education, one has to sit for another public examination called Higher Secondary Certificate Examination conducted by the Board of Education to qualify for further education. Source: Wikipedia

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download

HSC Change / New Routine Routine 2020

HSC Routine Changed HSC Routine Changed! Here is the new revised routine 2020.

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download

Download HSC Routine 2020 images and PDF

For your convenience, we have uploaded test routines in test format. These images can be used on any mobile device.

And we will teach you the rules of downloading routines very easily. With just one click you can download the routine in the form of pictures or photos.

Since routine will not come in a picture, we divide it into two parts. You must download two images. Then the whole routine will be downloaded.

1st picture download

2nd picture download


HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download

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HSC Exam Routine 2020 All Boards

You know there are nine general education boards in Bangladesh. All HSC examinations are starting simultaneously in all education boards. For this a uniform routine test will be conducted.

Would you like to download the HSC Routine 2020 PDF of all education boards? Then you can easily download your routine by clicking on the link below.

Some basic information:

Test start: April 1, 2019

Test starts: 10 am

Test ends: 1 p.m.

First test: Bangla 1st paper

Final Test: Statistics

English 1st Paper Exam: April 6, 2019

English 2nd Paper Exam: April April, 201

Exam ends: May 11, 2019

From this link, you will get the HSC exam routine of all education boards.

HSC Routine 2020 Bangladesh

Bangladesh has announced the date of HSC examination 2020. This link gives you instructions on how to get HSC Exam 2020 Date Bangladesh.

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination, Entrance Examination and SSC Vocational Examination were held on 2nd February, 2011 and will continue till 2nd February, 2011 in the whole of Bangladesh. And HSC exams start from April 2019 and end in May 2019.

Download the HSC exam routine from my website. In the Madrasa Board it is called Dakhil examination. The submission test will start at the same time.

Download HSC Exam Routine 2020

The HSC routine has been published by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. We have collected it from their official website. This HSC routine is also published in daily newspapers. All national dailies, including the Daily Star. A copy of this routine has already been sent to each school. You can photocopy it from your school. But it is a tedious task. You can easily download the routine from our website. Download your HSC routine here.

Downloading hsc routine is very easy. You can get the routine in PDF from this link. HSC rutin 2020, hsc rutine 2020, hsc rutin download, hsc rutine download korbo kivabe ??

Download HSC Routine 2020 PDF All Boards

HSC Routine 2020 Dhaka Dhaka Board

Dhaka Dhaka Board of Education has announced the date of Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination on 28th August 2019. As per routine, the test will start from April 2, 2020. Every year more than 1 million students take the HSC exams under the SCA Board. Usually they got good marks in exams.
About 2% of students received A + from this board last year. There are many reasons behind their success in exams. The Board of Education has created examination routines considering what will be good for the students and what will not. But not all other education boards do that.

HSC Routine 2020 Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi Board of Education is the second largest education board in Bangladesh. The success rate of this board in HSC results is mind boggling. No other board of education has made such brilliant results. But the board is the only board of education that has achieved HSC results with a pass rate of 5%.
Do you know how to download this board of education routine? If you don’t know, you should follow the step-by-step process discussed below to download your routine.

  1. First visit the official website of Rajshahi Board of Education.
  2. Then you need to select the routine menu.
  3. Then create HSC Corner.
  4. Then select the HSC routine.
  5. And finally click the download button to download the test routine in PDF format.

HSC Routine 2020 Jessore Board

Jessore Board is going to give HSC exam along with all other boards. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jessore, Bangladesh is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for conducting two public examinations and recognizing newly established private educational institutions.

We have been able to publish HSC routine for Jessore Board of Education. You can download the test schedule from our website.

DIBS exam routine 2020

Bangladesh Education Board has published the routine of DIBS examination. Here is your DIBS exam routine. Click on the link above to download the DIBS routine. Remember, HSC exam routine and DIBS exam routine are the same. So, please download DIBS Exam Routine 2020 from the top of the post.

The Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) program provides students with a strong knowledge of business administration programs such as BBA (Hons) Marketing, BBA (Hons) Entrepreneur Development, or Business Administration and other related courses before moving on to BBA. (Hons) in human resources.

Alim examination routine 2020

Alim Exam Routine 2019 has been published by Madrasa Board. This is your Alim Exam Routine 2020. Click on the link above to download Alim Routine 2019. Remember, HSC exam routine and Alim exam routine are not the same. So, please download Alim Exam Routine 2020 from the link below.

Routine date and time of HSC Alim examination

Subject and test date are given below:

  1. All groups of Quran Majid
  2. Arabic 1st letter
  3. Arabic 2nd letter
  4. English and English 1st letter
  5. English 2nd letter
  6. Al-Fiqa 1st letter
  7. Al-Fiqa 2nd letter
  8. Bangla and Bangla 1st letter
  9. Bengali 2nd letter
  10. Hadith and Ushol Hadith
  11. Information and communication technology
  12. Physics 1st paper
  13. Physics 2nd Paper
  14. Chemistry 1st paper

HSC Form Fill Time Extension Notification 2020:


It is being announced that the last date for filling up the HSC form has been rescheduled. A student can apply through Sonali Sheba only from 06/02/2019 to 14/02/2019 with 100 rupees. The notification was signed by Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar, Controller of HSC Examinations, Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education, Dhaka. This notification is applicable to all colleges under Dhaka Board of Education.

HSC Suggestion 2020


HSC Suggestion 2019 has been published. You are in the right place. We publish HSC suggestions every year. In this post, we can talk about HSC Suggestion 2020. We know that HSC Suggestion 2020 is very important for you. Your HSC exam routine has been published. Your test is knocking on the door. So, the right time to read according to any high quality advice. From here, you can collect your HSC English 1st Letter Suggestion 2020 and HSC English 2nd Letter Suggestion 2020. We can assure you that our advice is exclusive. Our expert English teacher made it for my website visitors.

The coaching center is closed during the HSC exam 2020


In February 2011, the High Court Division (HCD) issued a judgment on the validity of a policy enacted in 2012 by the Ministry of Education (MoE) to limit the involvement of teachers in the coaching business. Since the author could not grasp the full text of the judgment, this essay will not rely primarily on the judgment; Rather it will focus on the reckless attitude of this write-up policy and the way the MOE and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) have tried to implement it. Indeed, it argues that this policy indicates a lack of a considered approach to education and a lack of respect and empathy for teachers in this country.

Tips to do well in HSC exam 2020


You may notice that some students do very well in HSC exams and others fail. It’s not just their qualifications, a good guide or advice has helped them. They only followed a standard HSC advice.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for good health and mind.
  2. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Exercise can make a person healthy, rich and wise.
  3. Drink plenty of water every day.
  4. Remember, your teachers and parents want you to do well in exams
  5. Focus on what you know rather than what you do not know. Be optimistic, don’t be discouraged.

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