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Aftereffects of GST Admission 2021 | (A, B, C units) GST affirmation results have been distributed

GST Admission Results 2021 Published by gstadmission.ac.bd Admission system for 20-21 sessions featuring around 20 universities. This website is designed to help you with the Integrated Admission System 2020-21. 20 General Science and Technology University Admission Test Results 2021, Preliminary Application Results and List of Eligible Candidates for Science, Commerce will be published. After completing the HSC certificate, students must be admitted to the university for higher education. Most of the universities will approve the admission application through Teletalk mobile SMS. Students will be able to download the admission form from the university’s web site. The authorities have decided to allow a limited number of candidates to appear for the admission test. For this, a total of 135,000 candidates in 3 units will be eligible for the admission test. Proceed below to hear more discussions.

Separate GST Combined Admission Test Procedure Candidates selected for preliminary application will be able to make final application and they will be able to take part in the admission test. The list of GST Admission Results / Final Results of GST Admission can be published by the authorities in November 2021 at gstadmission.ac.bd and can be found on our website here. Corona virus includes the current epidemic situation for the Vice Chancellor of Jagannath University and the announcement of the agreement held at the meeting of three more technical sub-committees. We will provide you the results of GST Admission 2021 for the initial process, final application procedure, to-do after being selected in the preliminary election and much more.

Results of GST Admission 2021 – A, B, C Units

Preliminary notification for the first year admission test of the country’s undergraduate general and science and technology universities will be published in a few days. And the website has been launched after the publication of the notification of the preliminary application for the first year admission test of the graduates of the 2020-21 session. For the first time this year a batch system admission test is going to be held for the epidemic situation. They will prepare a separate list of eligible candidates for Unit A Science, Unit B Humanities and Unit C Business Studies. A list of 150,000 applicants from each unit will be created from the initial application for the final application. The Integrated Public University Admission Committee will publish three separate merit lists for admission. Proceed to see the results and read other information.

Unit / group name

  • A unit (science)
  • B Unit (Humanities)
  • C unit (trade / business)

GST Admission Results 2021 (Eligible list)

GST admission results 2021 will be published in two steps. The final results will be published in the first step. GST Admission Results 2020-21 will be published separately for Science, Humanities and Business Studies Group. The PDF list of GST eligible candidates will be published on the website gstadmission.ac.bd. Applicants will also be notified via SMS. Eligible candidates shortlisted will have the opportunity to make a final application. One lakh and fifty thousand candidates from each unit will be given the opportunity to apply for the final application. Only the final application form will get the opportunity to take the application test.

Candidates for A, B, C units of GST Admission (Eligible List PDF) will be able to know the results online. Ac BD Merit List PDF Download Process GST Official Website has been created, set below to know all the information and results related to admission.

  • First visit: gstadmission.ac.bd/
  • Enter your application ID number
  • Or enter your SSC and HSC exam details
  • Click to get results and get selection results quickly.

GST Admission Results 2020-21

Universities soon integrated admissions, the GST Admissions Committee said, with a notice. The deadline for initial application to participate in the Cluster System Admission Test is November. The final application will start after the admission results are published. Only final applicants can download the admission form and participate in the application test. At the time of final application, the candidate will select the center for his / her admission test. The admission test center and the seating arrangements of the candidates will be finalized. Applicants will be able to participate in the admission test by downloading the admission forms. At the time of final application, the candidate will select the center for his / her admission test. The admission test center and the seating arrangement of the candidates will be published on the basis of other criteria in the order of preference of the candidates.

Results of GST Preliminary Application 2021

Its first utility course in the first phase of GST admission test in 2021. Now, the second phase will start after the publication of GST Admission Results 2021 on the basis of preference. From here one can easily check the results of the initial application of their A unit. The unit at the combined university is a science unit. All science students can only apply here. There are a total of three units in this admission. Preliminary / selection results of GST admission may be scheduled for announcement by the authority on August 25, 2021 (12:00 noon). Admitted candidates find it useful to close the following activities. Each unit will select eligible students who will take part in the upcoming MCQ Admission Test.

GST eligible list PDF download

Everyone knows that the GST application started from 01 April to 25 June. It is an important notification for the candidates of GST Admission 2021 that the results of GST Admission Test selection will be released soon. This year GST admission will be monitored among twenty universities in our country. Students who have applied for admission must report this to them. Since they are candidates, they should know that the admission test will be held next September. Every candidate has to be ready for the upcoming admission test now in September 2021. In the imagination for a student of a good university, admission test is the main way to join a good university. So, you should be more focused on your skills. We will publish it when we publish the eligible results of GST. You need to get the results from the official website of GST Board or follow us for the results.

Below the list of qualifications you can verify.

Unit qualificationsChapter
(A) SSC / HSC / equivalentHuman
(B) SSC / HSC / EquivalentTrade
(C) SSC / HSC / EquivalentNoakhali
Total 7.00 and minimum 3.50
Total 7.50 and minimum 3.50

Full details on how to get admission results

You can know the result of GST admission by watching the video skin. Watch this video easily for those students who are having difficulty getting results. Compared to other years, the admission test of 20 universities will start this year and the results will be released soon. National University Bangladesh is more popular. Every year thousands of students take the admission test and some of them are accepted. The results of GST admission will be published on our website in this system.

Admission system of integrated universities

A total of 20 universities will participate in the integrated admission test in the 2020-21 academic year. For these, there are 9 general universities and 11 universities of science and technology. Only three admission tests will be taken for Science group, one admission test for Humanities group and one admission test for Business Studies group.

Bangladesh Public University Admission Notification 2021 Total Popular 20 Universities List of GST Universities under GST Circular:

Islamic University

Jagannath University

Comilla University

Barisal University

Work Nazrul University

Begum Rokeya University

Sheikh Hasina University

Khulna University

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Haji Danesh University of Science and Technology

Maulana Bahani University of Science and Technology

Rabindra University

Bangabdu Digital University

Jessore University of Science and Technology

Pabna University of Science and Technology

Fazilatunnesa Mujib University of Science and Technology

Bangabandhu University of Science and Technology

Rangamati University of Science and Technology

Noakhali University of Science and Technology

Patuakhali University of Science and Technology

If you want to download ABC Unit Admission Results 2021 PDF then stay tuned here. In this article, a newly updated PDF file of GST admission results is provided.

GST Admission.ac.bd 2021

The latest update of GST results will be in the last week of November. And the GST admission test will start in September, the GST official website gstadmission.ac.bd has announced. Gucci will release the results after the 2021 ongoing lockdown ends, according to various sources. Of course you have to see the results of GST admission through their officers and the result will be available online as soon as it is published. Other year admission results were released much earlier but this year was not possible due to the corona virus, they said admission tests would be held soon. GST admission test is very important. Students need to prepare. If you pass the results of the GST preliminary application, you can participate in the bunch admission test. We have presented complete information of GST Admission Test here on our website so that you can easily understand.

Admission requirements

Applicants are expected to have a background in biological, physical or computational science, although some knowledge in multiple fields is desirable. Admission requirements are:

  1. General biology or equivalent one year; Coursework in genetics, cell biology and computer science is convenient
  2. Two years chemistry
  3. One year of calculus
  4. One year of physics
  5. At least eight semester hours in cognitive science related to the program
  6. Satisfactory scores in the undergraduate record examinations for the oral, quantitative and analytical sections
  7. The lowest grade point average of 4.0 is 3.0. (The minimum grade point average for international applicants participating in international organizations is 3.0 / 4.0 for undergraduate degree and 3.3 / 4.0 for undergraduate work.)
  8. Applicants may be required to provide proof of English proficiency through a TOEFL or IELTS test score. The following are exempt: Applicants who are citizens of a country where English is an official language; Applicants who have a bachelor’s, master’s or professional degree in an institution where English is the primary language of instruction.


GTS Admission Result means that the student who survives the result of the application will be able to participate in the Gucho Admission Test. Under the new rules, admission tests will start in 20 universities this year. Initially the GST test was supposed to start from April 01 but it was postponed due to corona virus. University admissions under the GST system are not yet over by 2021 as the lockdown continues. According to the GST official website, the final results may be published within 10 days of the end of the lockdown. GST admission will see all the information has been kept on our site.

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