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Class 6 nineteenth Week Assignment Answer (Science and Religion)

Class 6 19th Week Assignment 2021 has been published. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education today released the question paper for the 19th week of Class 6 Assignment. Assignment Preparation Guide and Instruction Questionnaire published with PDF. It can be downloaded from the DSHE website. 19th week answers, science and religion are scheduled for class 6. In addition to creating science assignment solutions, Muslim students will submit answers to Islam and moral education, Hindu students will submit answers to Hinduism and moral education, Christian students will submit answers to Christianity and moral education, and Buddhist students will submit answers to Buddhism and moral education.

Class 6 19th Week Assignment 2021

After the closure of educational institutions in Bangladesh for a long time, finally all the educational institutions including schools and colleges have been re-opened. However, classes are still limited. Although direct education activities have been started, assignment activities are still going on. Basically the syllabus of the students is being completed through this.

Assignments for the 18th week have already been published for students in Class Six. This is the responsibility of the 19th week. This week’s assignment will begin on October 6, 2021. The assignment will then be published for the 20th week. All subject curricula for Class VI students will be completed through a total of 21 weeks of assignments. Direct education activities will also continue.

Class 6 Assignment 19th Week Answer

On 5 October 2021, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education released the DSHE Class Ass Assignment 19th Week 2021. As with other class assignments, science and religion are two subjects assigned to class six. The student has to prepare the assigned assignment for these two subjects and submit it to his school. Recruitment for the 19th week will start from 6th October and will last up to 1 week. However, the duration of recruitment will be determined by the school or educational institution concerned. Students will collect assignments from their respective schools and submit answers to assignments to the school.

In addition to students, parents can collect and submit recruitment answers. Health guidelines must be followed in all cases.

The student has to attach the cover page with the answer of each assignment. Student name, school name, class, roll number, branch etc. information should be written on the cover page.

How to Prepare 19th Week Assignment 2021 Answers?

Class 6 The 19th week science and religion and the 19th week moral education assignment solutions students have to do on their own. Assignment solutions must be handwritten. Students should read the prescribed chapter well before writing the answer. The instructions in the questionnaire should be followed in resolving the assignment.

Students will be able to create assignment solutions with the help of a parent or teacher if needed. Information can be collected or helped through the Internet. However, the student needs to study and create his own assignment solution. If they duplicate someone’s assignment exactly, the subject teacher can cancel it.

Science assignment

Science subjects have been assigned for Assignment 2021 of Class 6th 19th week. Class 6 Science Assignment The answer must be written in the 19th week and submitted to the school. Science teachers will evaluate it. – The chapter is scheduled for the 19th week of class six science recruitment. Read this chapter carefully and write the answer to the prescribed question.

Science assignment answers

We are preparing answers to general science assignments. Please wait. You can write answers in your 19th week science assignment with ideas from the answers we created.

Recruitment of Islam:

Class 6 Assignment 19th Week Islam

Hinduism Assignment

Class 6 Hinduism 19th Week Assignment 2021

Christianity Assignment

Class 6 Christianity 19th Week Assignment

Buddhism Assignment

Class 6 Buddhism 19th Week Assignment

Disclaimer: Dear Class Six students, you need to create your own answers to your 19th week assignments. The answer we have prepared is just a sample answer. You will prepare your solution with ideas from the answers we have created. Please do not copy exactly. The scheduled chapter will read well before creating the assignment solution. If necessary, parents and teachers can take help. The responsibility for your wrong answer is entirely yours. If you copy someone’s assignment solution, your teacher may cancel it or give a lower score.

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