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College Dhaka University B Unit Question Solution 2021 – DU KHA Unit MCQ Answer

Dhaka Dhaka University admission test is going on successfully. A large number of students apply online against different units of UB. On the other hand, he is eagerly waiting for the date of admission test and seat plan to be revealed. But it is a matter of sorrow that there is some delay in giving admission test of Dhaka University due to coronavirus. However, the students are happy to be able to participate in the test in the end. Recently the examination of the unit at UB has been completed. Upon successful completion the examinees request us to solve the exam questions.

Dhaka University B Unit Question Solution 2021

As a result we publish a unit question solution 2021 on our website. Similarly today we have appeared before you with DU KHA Unit MCQ Answer. October 02 2021 Dhaka University B Unit Admission Test is held. Students participate in B unit admission test in compliance with hygiene rules. Students from different districts across the country participate in the DU KHA unit admission test. Earlier, du authorities published the seat plans and dates on their official website du.ac.bd. However, if you have taken part in the admission test as opposed to the University B unit, see how many correct answers you have given by solving the questions of the U B unit. Because for your convenience we have shared complete questions and answers.

UB (University) University Admission Test 2020-2021

Level University is at the top in the battle of admission test. UB is on the first list of students’ choice. As a result, millions of students take the Dhaka University Admission Test every year. However, most of the students failed to get the opportunity as there were less seats than required. Admission test question papers are usually more difficult than normal tests. As a result, most students do not do well.

On the other hand, the pass rate has been reduced to 25 percent. This means that 25 out of every 100 people will be selected. Dhaka Dhaka University Admission Test Question Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Question). There will be a total of 100 number MCQ questions. Where questions will be asked from Bengali (15), English (15), Mathematics (15), General Knowledge (15) subjects. All students must pass each subject. Otherwise students will not be able to participate in the written test. Finally, if you like this paragraph, you can share it with your friends.

Question paper of UB unit



DU B Unit Question Solution 2021

1. If the word ‘failed’ is broken -? Answer: B + means

2. A cat in gloves catches no mice’-synonymous Bengali proverb -? Answer: Ghee does not grow on Saeja’s fingers

3. From now on, no one will be disturbed in peace. ” Who expressed this optimism in the play Sirajuddaula?

Answer: Mir Jafar

4. In the poem “February 1989” it has been said to be a friend of blood.

Answer: Krishnacura flower

5. In which language is the word ‘magic’ -? Answer: Persian

. The tree is not just a sign of growth, it is –

Answer: An indication of peace

. In the story of the “call”, the bitter smell of autumn mentioned in the context of the old woman’s grave conveys the phrase ” Answer: amnesia

. “The military is pushing those they like towards a lorry standing behind it.” The implication of the statement is:

Answer: Uncertainty

9. Lalsalu is not relevant to the character of Majid in the novel –

Answer: Endless loneliness

10. Sirajuddaula’s play has been called ‘Standing Like Pillars’ –

Answer: Nawab’s soldiers

11. In Lalsalu’s novel, a self-interested quote about property is –

Answer: Thang Betire, Thanga

12. The one-word form of ‘taken by the eye’ –

Answer: Chakshumman

13. The relationship is different –

Answer: Joke: Prank

14. ‘People go blind for selfish reasons. Quotes from that essay –

Answer: In the days of Bayanna

15. Phrases arranged in lexical order –

Answer: Moon, stars, sun

UB General Knowledge Part B Unit

1. Which court is called the Court of Record? Answer: To the Supreme Court

2. Which country is not a party to the newly announced ‘Aukus’ agreement? Answer: Japan [AUKUS is a trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, announced on 15 September 2021 for the Indo-Pacific region]

3. What if the local currency is devalued? A: Exports increase

4. Which is the best film to win an Oscar in 2020? Answer: Parasite [প্যারাসাইট কোরিয়ান চলচ্চিত্র]

5. Earth is the closest planet to the sun. Answer: 3rd

. The small ethnic group that lives in Rangpur? Answer: Rajbangshi

. The following newspaper was published in 1971 from Bangladesh Muktanchal? Answer: Joy Bangla

. Who played an important role in the establishment of Dhaka University? Answer: Nawab Nawab Ali Chowdhury

9. Which part of the constitution of Bangladesh describes the fundamental rights? Answer: In the 3rd part

10. Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council? Answer: Germany

11. How many series has Bangladesh won in the International T20 competition till September 2021? Answer: 6

12. Who was the High Commissioner of Bangladesh Embassy in London during the Liberation War of Bangladesh? Answer: Justice Abu Saeed Chowdhury

13. The author of The Wealth of Nations? Answer: Adam Smith

14. Which of the six points demanded by Bangabandhu has a separate monetary system? Answer: 3

15. Which of the following is the ancient city of Bengal? Answer: Harikela

16. The ‘Colosseum’ is an architectural monument of Roman civilization? Answer: Theater

16. C is a relational operator used to compare two numbers in programming language -? Answer: C =

16. In the preservation of the mother tongue of a small ethnic group, he received the International Mother Language Medal of 2021 -?

Answer: Mathura Development Tripura

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19. The process of transmitting data without storing data on the storage device is called ___ transmission -? Answer: Asynchronous

20. The sector with the second highest allocation in the 2021-2022 development budget -? Answer: Transport and communication

21. Which programming language is not commonly used for the application of artificial intelligence? Answer: FoxPro

22. Works as a spokesman for the ruling party in Parliament? Answer: Prime Minister

23. From which country do expatriates send the most remittances to Bangladesh? Answer: Saudi Arabia

24. What are ‘Eidgaon’, ‘Madhyanagar’ and ‘Dasar’? Answer: Newly established upazila

25. What is the theme of “UNESCO-Bangladesh ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’ International Award”? A: Creative economy

26. Which country was the inventor of ‘Abdala’, a 3-dose vaccine of Kavid-19? Answer: Cuba

26. What is ‘Ilamati’? Answer: A kind of mango

26. Where is Nahar-i-Zubaida located? Answer: Mecca

29. In which city will the 22nd Commonwealth Games be held? A: Birmingham [ইংল্যান্ড]

30. Which country did Joe Biden first visit as President of the United States? Answer: United Kingdom

Unit B is the English part

1. The expression ‘to start’ means – Answer: to start

2. Ask an appropriate question from this – statement: “Classes will start at 8.30 am”

What time does the class start?

3. Choose the correct spelling from below? Answer: Antigen

The. The peace movement opposes _____ of dangerous technology and weapons of mass destruction

Answer: proliferation

5. The artist forced me to go to my house- Answer: on

6. Change to the reported form: “I will have a cup of tea”, my friend said, “because I am not hungry.

A: My friend said he would have a cup of tea because he was not hungry.

7. His friend accused him of scattering beans. The meaning of the brave face sentence –

Answer: revealing secrets

‘. ‘It has made it possible for people all over the world to reach and touch someone’

Answer: WWW

9. Poetry in every language celebrates beauty and truth.

Answer: So does art.

10. Should not be related to ‘a mechanical company’ –

Answer: University

11. That bully is not related to the concept: ‘A positive attitude.

Answer: sour grapes

12. Bangladeshi expatriates in Britain in the early twentieth century are mainly a _____ event.

Answer: specific region based

13. Elizabeth unwittingly sailed the seas. The passive form of the sentence is –

Answer: Elizabeth inadvertently sailed the sea.

14. __________ is not a synonym for the word ‘snarl’.

Answer: Detach

15. There are several possible reasons why Asians do not exist Preferred In medical research in the West. The word blue face is used as a / a –

Answer: verb

Last word

Finally, we come to the last stage of the article. For those who have not yet collected the B unit question solution, hurry up and download the solution from our website. Our experienced team has tried to answer all MCQ questions within a short time of completing the test. If you have any confusion about the answer to the question of You University B unit, please let us know. Hopefully it is our responsibility to clear up your confusion. Stay with us to get the answer to the next unit. Thanks for spending so much time.

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