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RU Question Solution 2021 A, B, C Unit Admission to Rajshahi University 2020-21

2021 Rajshahi University Admission Test Questions have been published on our website. In this article we are going to share all the unit admission MCQ and written question papers for the academic year 2021-20.

Last year’s questions need to be practiced to properly prepare for the admission test. Practicing last year’s question will strengthen your preparation.

There is no substitute for last year’s question to get an idea of ​​the question structure. So we should give extra importance to this issue.

We collected last year’s questionnaire to help you. One hundred percent correct question papers have been collected from various books. The question papers of each unit will be given separately here.

RU A Unit Question Solution 2021

RU C Unit Admission Test MCQ Question 2021

Rajshahi University first gave C unit examination in 2021. There are many faculties for C unit and these faculties have been combined and tested together. The C unit has mainly science faculty. There are 28 topics in total. There are 932 seats in contrast to these subjects. In contrast to these seats, a large number of students from all over Bangladesh applied and participated in the examination held on 4 October.

The test was conducted in three groups. All the students who have passed HSC in the science department of Rajshahi University have got the opportunity to apply. If you apply in this section, you will have the opportunity to read about the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fisheries and other faculties.

Morning shift question 9: 30-10: 30

Test time 12: 00-1: 00

As the Rajshahi University exams were held, the university authorities have ensured accommodation for many students. Even then many student siblings have cooperated a lot to help the examinees pass the exam properly. So on behalf of our website, all the questions of your unit are being solved.

Because by solving the question a student can overcome his own inner confusion. So those who have worked so hard and prepared for different units of Rajshahi University, may their work be successful and good luck to them. Stay tuned to our website to get the results of all the units of Rajshahi University later.

RU C Unit Question Solution 2021

RU A Unit Admission Test MCQ Question 2021

For those who will participate in the examination of this unit of Rajshahi University, the examination questions of this unit will be given on our website. This facility has been created for those who want to find the correct answer to the question directly from the test center and how many marks they can get in the test.

For the candidates who want to find the solution of the question and whether they have come up with the correct answer to the prescribed question, the solution of the question of this unit of Rajshahi University has been prepared on our website by skilled teachers.

So here you will find the correct answer to all the questions of this unit. Those looking for a solution to this unit’s question can find it at the bottom of this post on our website. So check out this answer from the bottom of our website to make sure you get the number you want.

Examination of this unit of Rajshahi University has been difficult in some cases. This has been done due to the integration of different faculties into one unit. You all know that the examination of this unit of Rajshahi University will be held on 5th October. Every year the candidates of Rajshahi University are examined separately according to their even and odd roll numbers.

However, due to the Corona situation, tests are being held in 2021 in three groups per unit. In other words, the candidates have completed this test in the morning, afternoon and afternoon. So after the test is held we are trying to solve all group questions regularly on our website. You can come to our website and see the solution to this question and be sure to count the numbers.

The question paper of this unit is relatively simple. There is no substitute for proper preparation. Because the most difficult part of the admission test is time management. You must reply within a specified time.

You have to answer 60 questions in 50 minutes. This question is divided into three sections. The first category is compulsory for everyone.

Different categories of a unit question:

This questionnaire is divided into three parts.

1. Bengali part

2. English part

3. The common part

Bangla unit analysis of a unit question:

In Bangla section you have to answer 15 questions from Bangla 1st and 2nd letter. In order to perform better in this part, you must have the Bangla literature section perfectly.

Analyze the English part of a unit question:

In the English part you have to answer from English grammar. There are also 15 questions. The grammar section is emphasized for the A unit admission test.

Analyze the common sense part of a unit question:

General knowledge is compulsory for admission test of this unit. 30 questions will be set from this section. There is no alternative to doing better without this part. The question paper is set from both Bangladesh and international issues.

RU B Unit Admission Test MCQ Question 2021

Are you going to take part in the admission test in B unit of Rajshahi University? This is very important for you to analyze the MCQ questions of last year’s B unit admission test.

The B unit admission test has both MCQ and SAQ. This unit is for trade and non-commerce subjects. Admission test is approved by the Faculty of Business Studies and the Institute of Business Studies.

The previous year, the admission test for this unit was held on 22nd October and 23rd October.

Do you want to take the B unit exam of Rajshahi University? If you have passed the B Unit exam, we have the solution to the exam questions on our website. If you want to get the solution of each group question in B unit, go to the bottom of this post on our website. From there you can see the solution of B unit questions of Rajshahi University in a completely accurate way.

Moreover, if many students do not remember the answer to a question, they come up with an approximate answer. In this case, find out the answer to the correct question. If he seems to have come up with the right answer, his joy is endless. So if that is the case then you should see the solution of all the questions in your B unit and make sure you get how many marks.

An excellent B unit for all students who graduated from Commerce last year. In this unit you will get subjects and exams for business education faculty. Unit B has 480 seats. In contrast to this seat, a large number of students from Bangladesh completed the online application process on the official website of Rajshahi University.

Later when their exam was held on the 6th, we solved all the questions of that exam. This will allow students to get every math solution and ensure that they have answered each question correctly. Moreover, there are exams in B unit for those who want to get married.

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