Degree Admission 2021 Apply online

The National University has published an admission notice for admission in the first year of graduation and students have to apply online as per this admission notification. Each year after the HSC examination of the students an admission notice is published for admission in the first year of graduation from the National University and according to this admission notice the students apply online within the stipulated time and confirm the application by depositing the application fee.

So those of you who are going to be admitted in the first year of graduation should apply online as per the notification given on our website and in this case go to your nearest online service store and complete all the work related to the application. However, there are many students who do not know how to apply online and do not know what kind of paper is required to apply online. In that case, read the notice on our website carefully and provide all the information you need to apply to the online service store.

2021-22 degree admission in Bangladesh Circular

An Admission Notice has been published for admission in Degree Admission 2021-22 under National University. According to this admission notification, students have to apply within the time mentioned in the notification and application will not be accepted thereafter.

So go to your nearest online service store and go there and complete the application. Those who want to be admitted in the first year of graduation have to have GPA 2.00 separately in SSC and HSC for admission. However, students applying with a relatively high GPA will be more likely to be admitted to the college of their choice.

When applying online, you will need to provide scanned copies of several important documents, including SSC and HSC roll numbers, registration numbers and recent photographs. If you provide all this information, you can apply from the online service or at home and once the application is completed, the student ID and PIN number will be provided separately for the students.

You have to deposit Rs. 25 / – as application fee in the prescribed user ID. Once the application fee has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation SMS that this application has been completed. Moreover, if there is any mistake regarding the application, you can change it within the stipulated time.

However, to change any information in your application, you must login to your personal application account with your user ID and PIN number. Then you get an option called Change and go to that change option and change the information you want to change.

National University Degree Admission 2021

Those of you who want to apply for admission in the first year of National University degree must first read this notice published on our website. You must then apply as soon as possible, and you must carefully fill in all the information required to apply. If any type of information is incorrect in the application form, the application form will be rejected and if any boy or girl gives preference to college, the application form will be rejected.

So no matter where you apply, you have to apply within the stipulated time and be careful to provide the correct information for each. If there is any problem related to the application, you must let us know in the comment box of our website. Moreover, you can send an SMS like nu to see the results on the scheduled day atdg Roll No. 16222A. I am looking forward to your first year of graduation at your desired college.

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