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Islamic University Admission Circular 2020-21

Islamic University Admission Circular 2019-20 (EB Admission Circular) has been published. The circular is published on the University website http://iu.ac.bd/Admission. Today we will discuss in detail about Islamic University Admission Circular 2019-20.

Islamic University Admission Circular 2020-21

EB Admission Notification has been published. In the light of the circular, introduction of all units, eligibility of application, rules of application were discussed.

Important information and dates
Name of the organization: Islamic University

Application start: November 26, 2021

Application end: 12th December 2021

Application Fee:

  • Application fee for one unit – 750 rupees
  • B unit application fee – Rs
  • C unit application fee – 400 rupees

Unit introduction

If the admission test is held in 34 sections of 8 (eight) students for admission in the first year undergraduate (honors / engineering form) class in 2020-21 academic year through 4 units.

Unit A – Departments of the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies

Unit B- Departments in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Faculty of Law and Shariah

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

C unit- Departments of Business Administration

D Unit- Faculties of the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the Faculty of Biology

246 (original seats 1305 + quota 162) students will be admitted without quota.

Islamic University Admission Notification

Below is the Islamic University 2021 Admission Notification, the admission process will start on 26th November 2021 and will end on 12th December 2021.



Application fee

A unit


B unit


C unit

400 rupees
  • 25.00 (twenty five) rupees should be added for incidental service charge

Eligibility of application

Only those students who have passed the Higher Secondary / Equivalent Examination in the year 2019 or 2020 and the Secondary / Equivalent Examination in the year 2018 or thereafter can apply to take part in the Extreme Examination in the above units.

Minimum eligibility to apply in different units (4th subject)

UnitGroup (HSC)HSC pointsSSC pointsTotal points
B, CScience3.253.257.00
D Science3.503.506.50

*** However, for the children of the officers and employees of the university, this requirement will be slightly relaxed for certain seats.

Test method and number distribution

Admission test number 60 will be held. Among them MCQ number 60 and written question and answer number 20.
There will be. 25% marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in MCQ exam.

Unit Based Most Demanded Subject



A1. Al-Quran and Islamic Studies II. Dawah and Islamic Studies and 3, Al-Hadith and Islamic Studies.
B1. Economics 2, Arabic language and literature 3, Bengali, 4. History and culture of Islam 5, English 6. Lake administration 6. Political Science 8, Folklore Studies 9, Development Studies 10, Social Welfare 11. Law 12. Oli-Fiqh. So many legal studies and 13, law land management
C1. Accounting and information system 2. Management 3, Finance and Banking 4, Marketing 5. Human Resource Management and 6. Tourism and Hospitality Management
D1, Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2. Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 3, Computer Science Engineering 4. Information and Communication Engineering 5. Biotechnology and genetic engineering 7. Applied | Nutrition and food technology 6, mathematics 8, statistics 9. Biomedical Engineering 10, Environmental Science and Geography and 11. Pharmacy

Other important information

  • Students seeking admission in special quota will have to pay additional Rs
  • At the time of examination, 2 copies of Admission Test Admission Card, HSC / Equivalent Examination Registration Card and 2 photocopies of each of the Admission Card should be brought along.

What to bring in the admission test room:

(A) 2 (two) copies of the downloaded entry form. Both copies will be attested by the inspector in charge of the examination room.

(B) 2 (two) photocopies in A4 size oste paper on the registration card and admission card of Higher Secondary Equivalent Examination).

(C) The above admission test will save one set of units of registration cover along with the admission card for the high standard equivalent examination.

Determining the number of admission test

Total number of admission test: 40 + 60 + 20 = 120 (one hundred and twenty). Jatin is divided into parts

(A) GPA score 40; GPA of Secondary / Equivalent and Higher Secondary / Equivalent examinations (GPA 5.00 according to Secondary / Equivalent Examination and maximum GPA of 5.00 for Higher Secondary Equivalent Examination 4 times out of 10).

(B) MCQ No. 60; The Bhati examination usually consists of MCQ questions of 60 marks according to the higher secondary syllabus, the answers of which have to be filled in the correct answer in OMR sleet. 25% marks will be deducted for wrong answer in MCQ exam.

(C) Written Test No. 20: The answer to the objective question number 20 has to be given in written form.

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