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MOCA Question Solution 2021 – Ministry of Culture’s earlier year’s inquiry

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Answer to MOCA Question 2021

Ministry of Culture Affairs Question Resolution 2021 is going on successfully. All of you have already taken part in the examination for your most desired job in the Ministry of Culture. Hopefully, the MOCA exam questions were as you expected. However, many of you are probably looking for a solution to the MOCA exam questions. But the truth is you can find many solutions to your MOCA exam questions. You all know that not all of them are reliable. Considering the reality, we have come up with the solution to the most reliable and accurate MOCA exam questions in this article. So let’s start matching your answer with this.

The answer

Ministry of Culture Examination Information

The MOCA job test was held today. The Ministry of Culture is the largest and most popular government institution in Bangladesh. In this case, they need more manpower to serve. A few days ago, the Ministry of Culture published a large number of vacancy notices in their official website moca.gov.bd and in daily newspapers. This was great news for all Bangladeshi job seekers. Then plan the candidate for online application. After successfully completing the MOCA Teletalk online application, all the candidates are eagerly waiting for the admission and examination dates from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Finally the MOCA authorities announced the date and time of the test. In addition they arrange an MCQ / written test.

Distribution of MOCA Exam Marks

The solution

Learn about job exams in detail before participating in job exams. I think it’s helpful for you. This will help you understand how to prepare Total Marks: 100, Total Time: 1 hour, Subject Marks Bangla 25, English 25, Mathematics 25, General Knowledge 25.

Question paper of the Ministry of Culture

The question paper is one of the most important parts of each exam. This is an exciting moment when you get the question paper for the exam. Then we carefully check the question paper if the questions are easy then we feel happy or bad. Even then we try to answer all the questions. However, the examination of the Ministry of Culture was held today. After successfully completing the MOCA exam we collect the question papers. Then we share it on our website. If you are looking for the Ministry of Culture questionnaire then you are in the right place. Here we upload MOCA Question Paper 2021 as a JPEG image file. Click on the image and save it to your device.

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MOCA Question Pattern and BPS Question Solution 2021

However the question pattern of MOCA exam questions is MCQ type. Questions on various subjects like Bengali, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge have to be answered. MOCA exam questions are not that difficult. If you can keep your head cool and practice a little regularly, you will be able to easily find the solution to the MOCA exam questions on your own. However, if you can’t, we’re here to help you with the solution.


MOCA Question Solution 2021 All posts

MOCA Question Solution 202 is available here. If you have already taken part in MOCA Job Exam and are looking for MOCA Job Exam Question Solution 2021, then you have come to the right place. We will provide solutions to MOCA questions so that you can confirm the answers and prepare for the next exam If you are worried about your performance in the MOCA exam and are confused about the correct answer, don’t worry. We are here to provide solution to your questions. Our expert team has cracked the questions and made it easy for you to check the answers online

MOCA Viva Tips

You must use the technique when creating your CV / biodata or resume. You need to focus on the bio data about the position you have applied for. If necessary, a forwarding letter should be given along with the CV. Keep the necessary documents (educational qualifications, marksheets, certificates of various short courses, certificates of experience, pictures) etc. with you. These may be needed on the Viba board at any time and you must keep a pen. To keep these you can keep a good quality bag, briefcase with you which will keep your grooming thing very formal. Avoid fatigue. Don’t arrive ahead of schedule, be present in advance and invigorate yourself by appearing half an hour earlier.

Try to give short answers with a smile, avoid irrelevant issues, try not to sit with a sad face. Try to answer all the questions with a smile. You can’t laugh unnecessarily, if you don’t know the answer to a question you have to politely say sorry sir or you don’t know sir. Present yourself politely, it is better not to sit in a chair leaning. Also, don’t try to be smart too many times. It will be a dramatic gesture that will ruin your beautiful, fluent harp. Qualifications may be shown when answering. There is no way to resort to lies. False information can bring danger to you in the future.

Short question for MOCA Viva

But talk about yourself for 5 minutes (in Bengali / English). Does your name have any meaning? Tell me if you have. Criticize yourself. What is the name of your district? Do you have any publications? Why not participate in a publication? What computer skills do you have? What can you do and why? You may have to work where you need to, do you agree? How do you work with Excel worksheets? So create a worksheet in Excel and find its average, minimum, maximum, value? What to do to add new rows / columns? Can you type in Bengali and English? What is the typing speed of Bengali and English? Do you use facebook Why. What do we know about this organization? Why should you hire us for this post?

The final verdict

Finally we hope that the MOCA Exam Question Solution 2021 that we provided was very helpful for you. The best part of our solution is that you can rely on all the answers with confidence. So don’t be distracted by the answers of others, but relax in our solution. We hope you all did well in the MOCA exam. If you have any questions? Please comment below this post or send a message to our official Facebook page or group. We will respond as soon as possible. Finally thanks for connecting with us and visiting our website.

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