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Rundown of Government Holidays for 2022 (Bangladesh Calendar)

List of Government Holidays for 2022 (Notification of Calendar and Yearbook of the Government of Bangladesh). See list of general leave, executive order and optional leave.

List of Government Holidays for 2022 PDF (Notification of Calendar and Yearbook of Government of Bangladesh)

The Ministry of Public Administration has published the holiday notification of government, semi-government, statutory and autonomous organizations of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for 2022.

A PDF copy of the list of public holidays was published on 31 October, on the official website of the Ministry of Public Administration.

With the approval of His Excellency the President, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry Md. Mashiur Rahman Talukder issued a notification of public holiday.

Prior to October 26, 2021 AD. The list of holidays of government institutions was approved in the cabinet meeting on. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presided over the meeting.

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List of Public Holidays 2022: Details of General, Executive Order and Optional Holidays

According to the holiday notification of 2022, government departments will have 14 days general leave and 7 days leave in the executive order. Of these, 3 days fall into a total of 7 days of weekly holiday (Fri-Sat).

The optional leave will be 5 days in Muslim period, 7 days in Hindu period (with 2 days weekly leave), 7 days in Christian period (4 days with weekly leave) and 5 days in Buddhist period (with 1 day weekly leave).

The circular states that an employee may be allowed to take optional leave of not more than 3 days per year according to his own religion. In this case, prior approval of the appropriate authority has to be taken.

The list of holidays published by the Ministry of Public Administration, a copy of which is attached in the following paragraph for the esteemed readers of Teacher News BD.

If you want to collect the original copy, you can collect the public holiday notification from the following address.

List of Public Holidays for 2022 (Notification)

2022 public holiday list (calendar)

If you have difficulty in viewing and reading the list of government holidays for 2022, collect the holiday notification (calendar) published on the website of the ministry from here.

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