41st BCS Preliminary Exam Questions and Solutions – 2021

41st BCS Preliminary Exam Questions and Solutions.
Exam Date: 19/03/2021

Solution of 41st BCS Preliminary Question: Bangladesh part

1. Foreign policy in many articles of the constitution
= 25
2. In the far south of Bangladesh
= St. Martin
3. State bordering India with Bangladesh
= 5
4. The remains of which Bir Shrestha were brought to Bangladesh and buried near the tomb of Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman?
= Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman.
5. Who is not the greatest hero
= Munshi Abdur Rahim
. The first general election was held in Bangladesh
= 7 March 1983
. Where is the marginal heart
= Bandarban
. Bangabandhu attended the OIC Summit held in Lahore
= 22-24 February
9. Bangabandhu Julio Curie Award was given
– 23 May 1983
10. That claim was not in the historic six points
= Justice system
11. No period of Bengal in Matsana
= 7th-8th
12. The reign of a Sultan of Bengal is called the Golden Age
= Alauddin Hossain Shah
13. Who played a leading role in the establishment of Dhaka University
= Nawab Sir Salimullah
14. Prime Minister of Pakistan during the language movement
= Khwaja Nazimuddin
15. Where is Alutila Natural Cave
= Khagrachari
16. The last ruler of the Sen dynasty of Bengal
= Lakshan Sen.
16. Name of the oldest town in Bengal
= Pundra
16. The Kagmari Conference was held
= Santose
19. When was the Bangladesh Army formed at 7, Theater Road, Kolkata during the War of Liberation?
= April 11, 1971
20 The basic provisions of the Constitution of Bangladesh cannot be changed by any article
= ৭ (b)
21. Subject to the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Bangladesh
= Caretaker government
22. Contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, any schedule is misused to legitimize military rule.
= 4
23. The habitat of any tribe is ‘Birishi’; In Netrokona
= Garo
24. Bangladesh’s trade deficit is balanced
= IMF bail out package
25. Who is said to be the first king of undivided Bengal
= Shashanka
26. He declared the partition of Bengal void
= Emperor George V.
26. The city of Dhaka was founded
= During the Mughal period
26. Together with Steve Chen and Chadli, a Bangladeshi founded YouTube
= Jabed Karim
29. When did Pakistan declare Bangladesh as a sovereign state?
= February 22, 1984
30 Who is the first parliamentary leader of Bangladesh?
= Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Solution of 41st BCS Preliminary Question: International

1. TI is the organization of that country
= Germany
2. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
3. The World Justice Project (WJP), a US-based international organization, topped the report on Wednesday’s ‘Rule of Law Index-2020’.
= Denmark
4. Which company publishes the World Investment Report?
= UNCTAD, the trade and development agency of the United Nations
5. Rohingya sue for genocide
= Gambia
. Bengali has been given the status of state language
= Sierra Leone
. Named by the United Nations
= Roosevelt
. No Muslim country is a member of NATO
= Turkey
9. When was NATO established?
= 1949
10. Germany’s first female chancellor
= Angela Merkel
11. Nobel Peace Prize 2019 for that reason
= Ethiopia and Eritrea border agreement
12. Rohingya massacre verdict
= Four directions
13. Inca civilization
= South America
14. Russia has military bases
= Uzbekistan
15. Currency Fund
= 1945
16. Finland was a colony
= Russia
16. Asia – the way to separate Africa
– Bob L. Mandev
16. Capital from Kolkata to Delhi
= 1912
19. Corona declared pandemic
= World Health Organization
20 Delegate application to get the nomination of the Democratic Party
= 1991



41st BCS 41st BCS Preliminary Exam Questions BCS Preliminary Exam Preliminary Exam Questions and Solutions

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