SSC Result 2021 (All Board): Rules for survey SSC results online

SSC Result 2021 (All Education Board): Learn the rules for viewing the results of SSC-Dakhil equivalent examination of 2021 online.

All Education Board SSC Result 2021: Rules for viewing SSC results online (all boards)

All the education boards of the country have held SSC-Dakhil and equivalent examinations for 2021. SSC equivalent examination started on 14th November and ended on 23rd November 2021 AD. On.

As this year’s SSC exam will be held in only three elective subjects, the results will be released in a very short time.

In addition, due to the delay in the examination program in Corona situation, the results are to be released within a month after the end of the examination to reduce the session congestion.

The results of 2021 SSC and equivalent examinations are likely to be released by the last week of December. That is what the education board and the ministry are saying.

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When is the result of SSC exam of 2021?

SSC-submission and equivalent examination results may be released any day in the last week of December. The Minister in charge of the Ministry of Education has already indicated that the results will be released soon. Dipu Moni.

According to the announcement of the Minister of Education, the Board of Education is working to prepare the results of SSC, Dakhil and equivalent examinations by 23rd December.

However, the date of publication of the results has not been fixed yet. However, it is hoped that the date of publication of SSC results will be announced in a very short time.

After the publication of SSC equivalent results in 2021, students will be able to easily view the results online and at home via mobile SMS.

Detailed rules for viewing results online and via mobile SMS can be found from the following paragraph.

Notice: Read the report below to see the SSC result along with the grade obtained by the examinee and the number of each subject / paper.

Rules for viewing SSC-submission and equivalent results online of all boards

The results of SSC of 9 general education boards of the country, Dakhil of Madrasa board and Vocational (SSC-Dakhil) examination of technical board will be available online.

From the website called Education Board Bangladesh, only the result can be seen online with the roll and registration number of the examinee.

Not only that, all the results of SSC, HSC equivalent examinations of all the education boards of the country from 1998 to 2021 are stored here. From here, the results of secondary and higher secondary examinations of any board and year can be known.

To know the result of 2021 SSC-submission and equivalent, type the following address in the browser and browse it.

We hope that the Board will browse by typing the address of the result search page, like the picture below is located on the website called Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards Bangladesh.

On this result search page, select and write some information of the examinee, finally by clicking on the submit button, you will get the result in a few seconds.

To see the SSC result in the following paragraph, know the details of which information the candidate has to select and write.

Test: Select the test name of the examinee here. For example- SSC / dakhil, if SSC is vocational then select SSC (Vocational).

Year: Select test year here. E.g., 2021.

Board: Select the candidate’s own board. E.g. Dhaka.

Roll: Enter the candidate’s own roll number in English number here.

Reggie: No: Write the candidate’s own registration number in English number.

6 + 9: The two numbers that will be here, their sum must be written in the English number in the right cell.

Submit: Finally, after waiting for a few moments by clicking the Submit button, the result will be seen on the new page along with the student’s grade point.

All Education Board SSC Result 2021: If you have difficulty in seeing the result of SSC-submission and equivalent examination, let us know.

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