SSC Submission Result 2021 (All Boards of Education) with Marksheet (Number)

Visit website to see the results of 2021 Board of Education SSC entrance equivalent examination marksheet (number).

View the results of the 2021 SSC entrance equivalent examination with marksheet (number)

Results of SSC-Dakhil equivalent examination marksheet (number) of all education boards of Bangladesh can be viewed online at website.

Although there are many ways to view SSC-Dakhil equivalent examination results online, the results of each subject can be seen on the website of

Not only that, the results of the entire educational institution, including the results of the relevant centers, districts and boards can be seen and analyzed.

This report will illustrate how to easily get a SSC-submission equivalent personal result of an examinee.

By following the guidelines of this report, an examinee can easily view his / her personal result (including the number of each subject).

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To know the result of SSC-Dakhil and equivalent examination of any General Board of Education or Madrasa and Technical Board of the country, browse the website address below.

The above address is from WEB BASED RESULT PUBLICATION SYSTEM FOR EDUCATION BOARDS. Here the results of all the public examinations of all the boards are stored.

Hopefully by browsing the address above, you will see the result search form like the page below.

Take a closer look at the result search page of like the picture above. There is a textbox to select the exam name, year, board, result type and write the roll and registration number of the examinee.

If you search on this result search page with the personal test information of a student, you will find the result with number (including marksheet). E.g.-

Test: First select SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent in the test name selection section.

Years: Select 2021 as test year.

Board: Select the name of the board under which the candidate has participated in the relevant examination.

Type of result: To get your own result with the student’s marksheet, it is very important to select this part. Select Individual Type here.

If it is not selected, the textbox giving the roll and registration number of the examinee will not come up.

Roll: Write the roll number of the examinee in English number. In this case, see the entry form to write the correct roll number.

Registration (optional): Although the option of registration number of the examinee is optional, this option is very important to see the result with the number.

If you do not enter the registration number here, you will not see the result with the marksheet. So carefully write the registration number of the examinee in English number.

Security Key (Number 4): This option is known as captcha. Four English numbers can be given here.

Write these captcha numbers correctly in the textbox on the right. If you make a mistake here, an error will occur. So be careful about writing captcha characters.

Get results: Finally by clicking on this button, after some time you will see SSC / Dakhil equivalent result along with the examinee’s number.

We hope that you have seen the result of SSC-Dakhil equivalent examination (including marksheet) by following all the above instructions.

Notice thatDue to the server being busy on the day of publication of results, it may be difficult to see the results. So try again and again without losing patience.

Let us know if it is difficult to see the result of 2021 marksheet (number) SSC submission. Share the information on social media.

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