2022 JDC Exam Syllabus (sixth eighth class number dissemination)

The Madrasa Board of Education has published the 2022 JDC Syllabus, 6th-8th class subject structure and question number distribution.

JDC Syllabus 2022: JDC Exam Syllabus, 6th-8th Class Subject Structure and Number Distribution 2022 (PDF)

Bangladesh Madrasa Board of Education has published information regarding the distribution of syllabus and question papers of 2022 JDC.

At the same time, the madrasa has published the section and number distribution of the questions based on the subject of the internal examination of 6th, 7th and 8th class.

January 9, 2022 on the website of the Madrasa Board. On the date, the Junior Submission Certificate (JDC) disclosed the information of the examination syllabus and question number distribution.

Board Publications Controller Prof. A PDF copy of the syllabus signed by Riyad Chowdhury has been uploaded on the board’s website.

The syllabus of the Madrasa Board provides clear information about the subject matter and number distribution based on the details of each class and subject.

In the meantime, syllabus of all classes of Ibtedayi Madrasa has been published. Read the report below to know more about this.

Madrasa Board of Education JDC Syllabus 2022

In the following paragraphs of this report, out of the total 19 pages of the syllabus, only the first two pages contain information regarding the distribution of marks for all the classes.

To find out more about the subject-based subject structure and question format, you need to collect a copy of the syllabus published on the board’s website.

The following paragraph provides a link to collect a copy of the syllabus from the board website.

Note:– Click here to collect full PDF copy of JDC Exam Syllabus published by Madrasa Board.

If you have difficulty collecting a copy of the syllabus from the link above, collect the syllabus in Google Drive from here.

Let us know if you have difficulty collecting JDC Syllabus 2022. Share the information on social media to let everyone know.

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