43rd BCS Syllabus for Preliminary and Written Examination

This blog discusses BCS syllabus for preliminary and written exams. Hopefully, this will help you.

We know that BCS exam is an attractive job in Bangladesh because of security, ability and money. So many students want to join Bangladesh Civil Service.

That is why there is so much competition in this test. This appointment is in three steps.

  • Preliminary examination
  • Written test
  • You are long-lived

So, first, you need to prepare yourself for the preliminary exam. Before starting the preparation for the preliminary, one has to know the syllabus of the preliminary.

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2 hours including total number of preliminary exam 200 and all questions MCQ type. You must choose the correct answer and fill the circle with black ball points.

The preliminary question has 10 sections. These are given below with a table.

SL no Subject Numbers
01 Bengali 35
02 English 35
03 General Knowledge (Bangladesh) 30
04 General Knowledge (International) 20
05 Geography, Environment and Disaster Management 10
06 General Science 15
07 Computers and ICT 15
08 Mathematical reasoning 15
09 Mental skills 15
10 Ethics, values ​​and good governance 10
Total 200

BCS Mark Distribution

BCS Syllabus for Preliminary Examination

We will now discuss the BCS syllabus in detail in each of the above 10 sections.

  1. For Bengal

2. For English

3. For general knowledge of Bangladesh

4. For international general knowledge

5. For general science

6. For geography, environment and digester management

7. For computers and information technology

8. For math

9. For mental capacity

10. For ethics, values ​​and good governance

Hopefully, this Preliminary BCS Syllabus will help you in many ways. If you want to read or download in PDF format, click on the link below

BCS Syllabus for Preliminary Examination (PDF))

BCS syllabus of written examination

After passing the preliminary exam, you have to prepare for the written exam, which is more difficult than the preliminary exam.

Therefore, the syllabus of the written test is also very necessary for preparation. The PDF format of the written test is given below.

BCS Written Exam Syllabus (PDF)

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