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A dangerous atmospheric devation Article 2022 for SSC and HSC tests



Global Warming Article 2022 for SSC and HSC exams. Dear students, today I am going to share a descriptive essay and Global warming paragraph Paragraphs 8, 9, 10, of Global Warming are a very general paragraph for students of SSC, HSC level. Here we are giving you, what is global warming? What is the cause of global warming? How to prevent global warming? What is the current rate of global warming? What are the gases that cause global warming?

Global warming paragraph

Global warming Earth’s average global temperature rise. Global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and the emission of carbon dioxide by vehicles. If not completely shut down, this can be prevented by taking drastic measures such as using clean energy sources and building fuel-efficient vehicles. If not completely shut down, this can be prevented by taking drastic measures such as using clean energy sources and building fuel-efficient vehicles. Global warming gases are known as ‘greenhouse gases’ and include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. Read the full article for the Global Warming article.

Global warming paragraph for SSC Level Exam 2022

Global warming paragraph: Scientists have been warning about global warming for decades. But it is too late to stop. And we do not know what danger awaits us. But one thing is very clear: if we do not reduce global warming, the world will once again become a boiling pan with no sign of life. So, we must know what global warming is and how we can reduce it.

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Global warming means an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its associated effects. We have a misconception about global warming. We think that we, the people, are only responsible for that Global warming. However, there are some natural reasons behind it. For example, a single volcanic eruption releases large amounts of carbon dioxide and ash into the atmosphere. But we are largely responsible for global warming.

We are cutting down trees at random. Rainforest is being recklessly destroyed. Again, we are burning fossil fuels. Thus, we are producing more carbon dioxide. We are using refrigerator, detergent powder and washing liquid. These all produce CFC gas.

However, due to global warming, the ice is melting. As a result, the sea level is rising. Within decades, much of the world will be under water. The weather has already changed. Nature has become mad. Cyclones like Ila and Sidr come to us often. The northern part of the country is getting drier. The southern region is sinking in salinity. So, it is time for us to work wisely to reduce global warming. We will focus on greening the environment which will reduce global warming.

Global warming paragraph for HSC level exam 2022

Write one Article on global warming. Your paragraph should include answers to the following questions.

  1. What is global warming?
  2. What is the cause of global warming?
  3. How is global warming affecting the whole world?
  4. How is it affecting Bangladesh?
  5. What should we do to stop global warming?

Global warming paragraph: There have been many alarming reports that global temperatures have risen day by day in recent years. Increased levels of carbon dioxide cause this increase in global warming. Most climate experts believe that the greenhouse effect is an important factor in global warming. The earth is slowly warming up with the warmth of the air. This warming is caused by deforestation, traffic jams, jams, rapid industrial growth, and the use of chlorofluorocarbons in packaging and commercial products.

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However, the main culprits of global warming are carbon dioxide gas, which is produced by fossil fuels and forest burning, and pollutants like methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Climate experts predict that temperatures could rise by 4 degrees Celsius by the middle of this century. Carbon dioxide is slowly rising in our space. It is a threat to our environment. If deforestation does not stop, the lower southern part of Bangladesh could be submerged. Necessary measures have to be taken for tree planting. We should save the wild animals of the world to save ourselves. To save mankind, global warming must be stopped at any cost.

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