Answer for Dhaka University C Unit Question 2021-22

Solution to Dhaka University C Unit Question 2021-22 . DU GA unit questions are now available online. Question of C unit of Dhaka University was held on 13th September 2022. Now we will discuss DU GA Unit Exam Questions and Solutions 2021-22.

Dhaka University C Unit Admission Test 2021-22 will be held on Friday 13th September from 10 am to 11 am. The examinations of this unit were held in a total of 56 centers in the capital and Dhaka University. The Du c unit (ga unit) has 1250 seats and 29,058 students are fighting for it. Thus, 23 students are vying for a seat under ga unit or c unit.

At this moment the admission test of C unit is over. So the students are waiting for the solution of the question.

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Solution to the question of C unit of Dhaka University

DU C unit questions are now available on our site. You can download PDF DU GA Unit Question Paper from our site. Unit C of Dhaka University is the most competitive unit. It is not easy for business studies students to get seats under this unit.

Dhaka University (DU) is one of the largest government universities in Bangladesh.

Dhaka University (DU) is one of the largest public universities in Bangladesh. Admission tests of the Du Ga unit are related to business studies. After completing the admission test, the students are waiting for the 2021-22 questions of DU Ga Unit to be solved. So today we will try to solve all the questions of C unit admission test.

DU C Unit Exam Summary
Name of the University: Dhaka University

Unit Name: C / Ga Unit

Test type: MCQ test

Exam Date: 13 September 2022

Exam day: Friday

Exam time: 10.00 am

Enter the test hall: 9:30 AM.


Dhaka University Admission Question 2021-22 will be available here for GA Unit. Dhaka University C Unit Admission Test 2022 has been taken on and off campus. First year undergraduate program DU C Unit Question Solution 2021-22. Applicants must get English for 12 marks and a total of 48 marks. Otherwise the count of applicants will fail. Dhaka University Admission Test Unit GA or Unit C 2022 was held on 13th September (Friday) 2022.

Writing ability test
Duration: 40 minutes
Total marks: 45

  1. Translate the following sentences into English
  2. Translate the following sentences into Bengali
  3. Explain the following ideas in English
  4. Make a subtlety of the following passage

Complete solution of Dhaka University Admission Test 2019

সমাধান Solution of “C Unit” Admission Question 2022 (All Parts).

Solution of Bangla question of DU C unit

1 / Which of the following is not in Bengali? – Toothpaste
2. After the French Revolution, the republic was created. – Louvre
3 / Which of the following phrase is supportive? – Pictures, graphs, pictures, designs
4 / The preposition of any compound is formed by preposition or prefix and the answer is formed by noun – prepositional compound
What is the meaning of 5-soup pumpkin pumpkin? – Keeping the minds of all parties.
What is the meaning of the word “Habin”? – Rudhi
৭ -Nurldin called one day in Rangpur – in 1169 ‘
6- / This time the struggle is for freedom. ‘ – What is the meaning of the word freedom in this sentence? – The sixth ‘magic word’
9 / From the language that came in Bengali – What is the name of the mother of the French? – Niksha
10 / Prasanna character is in which composition? – Cats.
11 / Which one has been accomplished by being perfect in destruction? – Thursday.

Solution to English question of DU C unit

13. Sleep in childhood ——— good-natured. – Avoid
14. I’m waiting …… you? – See
15. Tall gentleman ———– Bank manager by the door: – Standing
16. The building is made of bricks. Of
17. Bullet train travels at ——— 200 miles per hour
18. The expression “distinctive qualities” means the qualities of a person that set him apart from others.
19. Which winr is synonymous with “lunndible? – Unimaginable
20. Choose the closest opposite meaning Is he really human? – Divine
21. Find the misspellings – understand
22. The meaning of the word ‘paradigm’ – example
23. Salman is one of the richest people in the city. What does the sentence mean – very few people in the city area are as rich as Salman
24. Choose the right sentence – set him apart from others.

Solve DU C Unit Accounting Questions

25. The following equation is not correct – A + O / E = I
26. What is the nature of the opposite property? Credit
27. How many types of calculations can an account reveal? – Debit, Credit, Zero Zero
28. Which of the following is the national cost of profit – the insurance cost of the machine
29. What is the cost of salable product if initial stock, closing stock and left of sold product are Rs. 20,000, Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 60,000 respectively? – Rs. 100,000
30. Which of the following accounts will be closed at the end of the year? – Lifting
31. Quotes are prepared – on a specific date
32. Which of the following is not a part of financial statements? – Value Added Statement
33. The profit sharing ratio of two partners is 2: 1. What is the new profit sharing ratio if they accept a third party as a new business partner in a 1/5 profit sharing agreement? – 8: 4: 3
34. Which method of depreciation will show the least depreciation in the first year? – Simplified method
35. A check of Rs. 3520 given to the creditor has written Rs. 3250 in the cash book. How to show this mistake in the bank balance sheet – 260 rupees will be deducted from the cash book
36. Which stocking method is more effective during inflation? – LIFO.

DU C unit solves business policy questions


37. What is the main disadvantage of monopoly business? Infinite liability
38. Minimum number of members required for formation of cooperative society – 10 persons
39. What is the basis of control? – Planning
40. Gilbrath’s name is especially memorable with any work – time and speed monitoring
41. Who is the inventor of work-based organization? – F. W. Taylor
42. What is the modern organization structure? – Matrix
43. At least one of the functions of resource extraction and processing business? – Production
44. What is the basis of partnership business? – Agreement
45. What kind of company exists? -Permanent
46. ​​The numerical disclosure of the plan is called – budget
47. According to the demand theory of masala, what kind of demand for friendship in the workplace? – Social
48 .—- is the example of the chief executive and ___ is the example of the representative? – the shareholder manager.

DU C Unit Marketing Question Solution

49. Who delivers the goods to the final consumer? – Intermediary
50. Which of the following is considered as an element of marketing promotion? – Public relations
51. Which of the following is not a recognized basis for consumer market segmentation? – Competitive position
52. What are the main components of marketing mix? – Four
53. At what level of product life cycle does the company try to change the features of the product? – Perfection level
54. Impersonal presentation of products, services and ideas by a particular entrepreneur in exchange for money is called advertisement.
55. Which of the following is part of a company’s outdoor greening activities? – Prevention of pollution
56. Which of the following is a viable product? – Television
57. Which of the following is an external consideration factor influencing pricing decisions? প্রকNature and demand of the market
58. Strong brand choice and customer loyalty apply to which of the following products? – Featured Products
59. Which of the following is an example of a supermarket in Bangladesh? – Agora
60. Which of the following is the last step in the development process of preparing a new product? – Marketing tactics ready.

DU C Unit Finance and Banking Question Solution

61. Which of the following is a component of working capital? – Stock products
62. What kind of relationship exists between market fixed interest rate and bond price? – Negative
63. Who is the father of modern fire insurance? Nicholas Bourbon
64. Which is not the job of the central bank? 6- Control and supervision of listed companies
65. Which of the following financial assets is listed from low risk to high risk order – bonds, preferred shares, common shares
66. What kind of check transfer does not require approval? – Carrier check
67. Which of the following is not an internal capital of a business? – Tax payable
68. Which of the following sources will have the lowest cost of financing? – Bonds.
69. Which of the following is not applicable in case of life insurance? – Compensation agreement.

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