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Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Admission 2022 Notice Form Our website. The HSC Admission 2022 Apply System has been announced on the XI Class Admission Website

This academic year will start on January 5, 2022, online application for admission in class XI. The application process will continue until January 22, 2022. The results will then be released and admission will be completed in three steps. Class XI will start on March 2, 2022 at the end of the admission process.

Apply HSC Admission 2022 Method

According to the meeting sources, this time the results of class XI application will be published in three steps. The results of the first phase will be published on 19 February. The latest results will be released on February 24. As a result, all admissions will be completed by February 28.

The result SSC result And will be published on 5th January before the application for admission in the equivalent examination. According to the Ministry of Education, the date of publication of the results of the examination will be fixed after the return of the Prime Minister.

However, several officials of the Ministry of Education said that the education boards have completed all the preparations for the release of results on December 29 or 31.

Meanwhile, according to ministry sources, the Dhaka Board of Education will send the relevant file to the Ministry of Education next Sunday (December 26) for final approval of the admission policy for the XI. The policy has again made provision for admission of 2 percent students in the quota called Ministry of Education. It has been canceled due to the objection of the Education Minister.

How to apply for HSC Admission 2022

You can fill up your HSC admission form through internet. So you don’t have to go to your own college. Today we will discuss “How to apply for HSC Admission 2022”. Because most applicants do not know this process.

  • Interested candidates can log on to the website (
  • Click on the Admission tab
  • Press the Apply Now button
  • Now you get a digital form for a fill-up.
  • The applicant’s input must have his / her SSC roll number written correctly in grades / universities and passes.
  • After inputting your information you will get the original form for admission.
  • In this form, you will need to fill in all the required information.
  • After completing your admission form you will receive a copy of the application.
  • Save this copy for further use,

* Follow HSC Admission Notification to know more about online application.

This time students of any age can be admitted in class XI. For this, the condition of 22 years has been given to the students who have passed SSC from the open university. Students who have passed the General and Technical and Madrasa Education Board before 2019 can be admitted with the permission of the concerned board.

In addition, students who have passed by 2022 will also be able to be admitted in the XI. The online application fee for admission has been fixed at 150 rupees.

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