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BCS English Literature



English literature is a very important part of the BCS exam. Today, we will discuss the questions and answers of previous BCS English Literature [10th to 42nd].

Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is run by PSC, which is one of the most attractive jobs in Bangladesh among the younger generation. Because BCS offers a lot of opportunities for job seekers.

Employees in the private sector can lose their jobs at any time.

You can test or read previous questions in English literature. If you want to read, go to the end of the post and press Finish. Then you will see the answers to the questions.

Previous BCS English Literature Questions

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# 1 Choose a word / sentence that can be substituted: a song that embodies religious and sacred sentiments:

# 3. Henry Fielding’s “Tom Jones” was first published –

# 4. Who is the author of ‘A Farewell to Arms’?

# 5. Literary work ‘Kubla Khan’ is —

# 6. Who wrote beauty is true, beauty is true?

# 7. Who is the author of ‘Animal Farm’?

# 8. TS Elliott was born-

# 9. Which of the following is the last period in the history of literature?

# 10. Any literary associate of the flowing pair-

# 11. “A Passage to India” writes-

# 12. Who is the author of ‘India wins independence’?

# 13. What was the real name of the great American short writer “O Henry”?

# 14. Compile the first English dictionary?

# 15. Shakespeare is best known for his –

# 16. The writer who writes about his own life.

# 17. Browning was the author of the following poems:

# 18. Who wrote Dr. Zivago?

# 19. In which century was the Victorian period?

# 20. What is the full name of the great American short story writer O’Henry?

# 21. The poet is the winner-

# 22. Who wrote the following lines: “Suddenly I saw / a crowd, the Golden Daffodils”?

# 23. David Copperfield ‘is a ___ novel.

# 24. Which of the following schools of literature is associated with a medical theory?

# 25. “Six hundred riders died.”

# 26. ‘Writing Elegy in the Churchyard of the Country’ writes-

# 27. Who among the followers was both a poet and a painter?

# 28. John Smith is good ___ math. (Fill in the blanks)

# 29. Which of the following writers is not a Nobel laureate?

# 30. Shakespeare’s measure of success is a measure —

# 31. “September on Jessore Road” writes-

# 32. Who wrote the two famous novels ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘The Tale of Two Cities’?

# 33. Who wrote the plays ‘The Tempest’ and ‘The Mid Summer Nights Dream’?

# 34. The Romantic era in English literature began with the publication of ___.

# 35. For God’s sake, hold your tongue and let me love “occurs in a novel-

# 36. The play ‘Arms and the Man’ –

# 37. Which of the following books was written by Thomas Hardy?

# 38. “Love is your name, woman” is a famous dialogue of ___.

# 39. The poem ‘The Solitary Ripper’ is written by-

# 40. The Merchant of Venice is a Shakespearean play.

# 41. A play by Othello Shakespeare —

# 42. The play ‘Candida’ –

# 43. Which of the following writers belongs to the Romantic era in English literature?

# 44. Wrote the poem “Isle of Ennisfree” —

# 45. Alexander Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock’ is a-

# 46. Which of the following is not an American poet?

# 47. Which of the following writers belongs to the Elizabeth era?

# 48. Taken from the poem ‘Child is the father of man’ –

# 49. William Shakespeare was born.

# 50. A condolence on the death of Tennyson’s ‘In Memory’.

# 51. A famous dialogue of “should be, should not be, this is the question” —

# 52. “Man is a political animal” – who said that?

# 53. Make me immortal with a kiss, ‘Sweet Helen.’ The sentence is taken from the play-

# 54. Who is known in English literature as the “Poet of Nature”?

# 55. ‘What’s in a name? Who says that what we call roses will be fragrant in any other name?

# 56. ‘Human love is a different thing from human life,’ the whole existence of this woman. ‘- It is taken from the poem-

# 57. “A Passage to India” writes-

# 58. Who translated ‘Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat’ into English?

# 59. Translated by Rabindranath Tagore’s “Gitanjali”

# 60. Ulysses is a novel written by

# 61. Wrote the short story ‘The Diamond Necklace’ –

# 62. Who said, “All the perfumes in Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.”

# 63. Who is the central character in Emily Bront’s ‘Udaring Heights’?

# 64. Which of the following writers was not a novelist?

# 65. ‘Where is the song of spring? Yes, where are they? Don’t think about them, you have songs too. ‘ Who wrote it?

# 66. ‘The old order changes, gives new place.’ – This line is taken from Tennyson’s poem-

# 67. Who wrote the poem ‘The Good-Die’?

# 68. Who is the greatest modern English playwright?

# 69. Who is the modern philosopher awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature?

# 70 Who is the author of “A Farewell to Arms”?

# 71 Who is the most famous satirist in English literature?

# 72. “Caesar and Cleopatra” is –

# 73. Who is the poet of “Victorian era”?

# 74. Who is the author of “For Hum the Bell Tools”?

# 75. “Delay in justice is the rejection of justice,” he said.

# 76. ‘To be, not to be — that’s the question’ is a famous soliloquy.

# 77. ‘A Christamas Carol’ is a _____ by Charles Dickens.

# 78. Who is the author of ‘Man and Superman’?

# 79. The most famous satire in English literature is-

# 80 The ‘Jacobian Period’ of English literature refers to-

# 81. Where are the following lines? “Alone, alone, all, alone, alone, wide, wide sea ….”

# 82. ‘Hold your tongue for God’s sake, and let me love you.’ Wrote this line –

# 83. Who is not a Victorian poet?

# 84. The play ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ is written by-

# 85. Which of the following Indian English writers is a famous novelist?

# 86. Which period is called the “Golden Age of English Literature”?

# 87. “Gernson” is a poem –

# 88. Fill in the blanks. ‘_____’ is Shakespeare’s last play.

# 89. Who wrote “Pomegranate Return in a Country Chartered”?

# 90 Who wrote the play ‘Valpon’?

# 91 In which verse did Shakespeare compose most of his plays?

# 92. Which of the following is not a poetic tradition?

# 93. What is a funny poem of five lines called?

# 94. Who wrote “Biography Literarya”?

# 95. Robert Browning was a ____ poet.

# 96. Othello gave Desdemona _____ as a symbol of love.

# 97. An allegation in the death of PB Shelley’s ‘Adonis’

# 98. In English literature, ‘restoration period’ means –

# 99. A novel by The Sun Also Rises –

# 100. The repetition of the initial consonant is called-

BCS English Literature

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