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CGA Auditor Exam Question Solution 2022



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CGA Auditor Exam Question Solution 2022 has been published. The Office of the Comptroller General of Accounts (CGA) Auditor Exam Question Solution 2022 has been published by our educational team. CGA Exam Question Solution 2022 is news of hope for job seekers in Bangladesh. All information from the Office of the Comptroller General of Accounts MCQ Exam Question Solution 2022 is available below. The Office of the Controller of Accounts (CGA) is a government agency in Bangladesh.

CGA Auditor Exam Question Solution 2022:

Organization Name: Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CGA)

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Position Name and Vacancy:

1. Auditor – 538

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2. Junior Auditor – 457

3. Office Assistant-255

4. Stenographer cum Computer Operator-08

5. Cashier – 01

6. Supervisor – 01

7. Steno Typist cum Computer Operator – 40

8. Computer Typist – 544

9. Telephone Operator – 01

10. Driver – 01

11. Photocopy Operator – 16

12. Daftari – 06

13. Selection – 20

14. Security Guard – 13

Total vacancies: 1901

Auditor Exam Date: 07 January 2022

Exam time: 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM

Test type: MCQ

Auditor Total MCQ Candidates: 312440

See / Download Controller General of Accounts (CGA) Auditor Exam Solution 2021 from below:

Mathematical part solution:

1. Which of the following is not a prime number? Answer: 253 [কারণ ২৩ X ১১ = ২৫৩]

2. 1 batsman scored 98 runs from 21 boundaries and over boundaries. What is the number of its boundaries? Answer: 15

3. Which is the smallest? Answer: 2/13

4. What is the square of 71 + 71? Answer: 4

5. If the price of oil goes up by 25%, what percentage reduction in oil consumption will not increase the cost of oil? Answer: 20%

. Adding three times to any number is 90? Answer: 18

. Of any number 4 /3 Part 70 is equal to? Answer: 140

. 01 7 2 /5 =? Answer: .004

9. If the values ​​of x and y are averages 9 and z = 12, what is the average of the values ​​x, y and z? Answer: 10

10. How many meters is one nautical mile? Answer: 1853.18 meters

11. 1 kilogram is equal to how many pounds? Answer: 2.21

12. If ‍a + b = 7, ab = 10 then a² + b² + 3ab = how much? Answer: 59

13. If the lengths of adjacent sides of a right-angled triangle are 6 cm and 6 cm, respectively, what is the area of ​​its square cm? Answer: 24

14. 3 times the length of a rectangular field. If the length is 48 meters, what is the range of the field? Answer: 128

15. The average of 6 numbers is 7.5. Excluding one number, the average decreases to 6.2. What is the omitted number? Answer: 15

16. There are 640 students in a class of which 40% are students. What is the number of students in that class? Answer: 364

16. How many square cm in one square inch? Answer: 6.45

16. 90 75% of which number? Answer: 120

19. Which of the following is equal to 0.45? Answer: 45%

20 What percentage of 5 will be 6? Answer: 140

Solution of Bengali part:

21. Which is the correct sentence? Answer: Study is the austerity of students

22. What is the synonym of the word ‘tears’? Answer: Netrabari

23. Which is the opposite of the word ‘climb’? Answer: Descent

24. Which is the novel based on the liberation war? Answer: Kabil’s sister [আল মাহমুদ রচিত কাবিলের বোন মুক্তিযুদ্ধ ভিত্তিক উপন্যাস]

25. Which of the following is a similar word? Answer: Pot

26. What is the meaning of the word ‘known’ in the sentence “this is the person we know”? Answer: Adjectives

26. What kind of sentence is “even though he is old, his intellect has not increased”? Answer: Compound In sentences

26. Which of the following is the perfect treaty? Answer: Kulta [নিপাতনে সিদ্ধ স্বরসন্ধিঃ- কুল + অটা = কুলটা]

29. Which is the sixth tatpurusa samasa? Answer: Prince [রাজার পুত্র= রাজপুত্র]

30 Which of the following is an integral part? Answer: Proximity [দোনলা, একচোখা, ঊনপাঁজুরে হচ্ছে প্রত্যয়ান্ত বহুব্রীহি]

31. “You have to go to Dhaka” – what kind of words? Answer: Proverbs

32. What is the meaning of the proverb ‘fifty-nine winds’? Answer: Madness

33. Express yourself in one word – “just keep busy with yourself” Answer: Selfish

34. Who is the author of this Vaishnavism? Answer: Gyanadas

35 Which is the literature of Murcia? Answer: Janganama

36. Who wrote ‘Ramayana’? Answer: Balmiki

36. ‘Tilottama’ is the main character of which novel? Answer: Durgeshanandini

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36. How many poets are there in Charyapada? Answer: 24

39. Who is the first citizen poet of Bengali literature? Answer: Bharat Chandra Roy

40 Who is the author of ‘Japan Traveler’? Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Solution to the general knowledge part

41. Hamiduzzaman Khan is the architect of which sculpture? Answer: Mix [মিশুক ও স্টেপস্ উভয়ই হামিদুজ্জামান খান এর স্থপতি, অপশনে প্রথমে মিশুক থাকায় উত্তর মিশুক]

42. What is the date of the countdown of Mujibvarsha? Ans: 10-01-2020 (10 January 2020).

43. What is ‘Noah 16’? Answer: None

44. How many countries in the world have missions in Bangladesh? Answer: 56

45. Which is the UN treaty on biosecurity? Answer: Cartagena

46. Example of refraction: Ans: Seeing the boat’s oar curved in the water

46. Not a source of renewable energy. Answer: Coal [গ্যাস ও কয়লা উভয়ই নবায়নযোগ্য জ্বালানির উৎস নয়, অপশনে কয়লা আগে থাকাই উত্তর কয়লা হবে]

46. Nitric acid is used: A: To make gold jewelry

49. Which ingredient is found in mustard oil? Answer: Erosic acid

50. Psychiatric:Answer: About fish farming

51. Carriers of ‘swine flu’ disease? Answer: Pig

52. Who is the first king of undivided Bengal? Answer: Shashanka

53. The reign of which Sultan of Bengal is called the Golden Age? Answer:

55. Which is the service model of cloud computer? Answer:

57. In Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, how many hotspots have the whole country been divided into? Answer:

57. Which is the elected member country from Asia region in the UN Security Council for 2021-22? Answer:

57. In which category is Bangladesh included in the global threat? Answer:

59 Purpose of e-Governance- Answer:

60 ‘Cosmic Year’ –Answer:

English part solution

61. What is the feminine form of ‘Captain’?

72. “Everyone spoke for him” – here ‘all’

63. A doctor who treats eye diseases-

74. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form: “Police reported ____ yesterday.”

65 Who is the author of “A Farewell to Arms”?

. A speech full of many words is-

. What does ‘soft soap’ mean?

. Which of the following words differs from others there?

69 Which of the following four is most different from the other three?

60 Oxygen to water such as salt

60 Oxygen to water such as salt

61. ‘Hold water’ means-

72. Trace the following odd pairs-

63. What is the synonym of ‘Jovial’?

74. What is the synonym of ‘liberation’?

65 “Why are you so angry —?” The word in the gap is-

. “Yes — Dangerous driver.” Gap sound

. The meaning of the word ‘Achilles Hill’

. “50 Taka Credit: – My Account.” The word in the gap is-

69 Is an ordinance

60 Syntax means-

The complete solution of the question is going on. The question will be answered here shortly.

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CGA Auditor Exam Question Solution 2022:

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