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Compulsion passage with word implications

Drug addiction It has become a burning question in our daily lives. It has captured our young generation. This is a big problem in modern society. It is a social evil and evil. Drug addiction causes frustration in life. Some young people use drugs to forget their life’s failures. Sometimes, bad company and a love of bad things lead a person to drug addiction.

Moreover, some very rich people take drugs as a means of recklessness and enjoyment in life. Some young people take drugs as a fashion. Drug use is a luxury for them.

A drug addict is like an animal. He fails to control himself. He lost his physical and mental balance. He loses all good aspects of his character and moral restraint. Drug addiction It has a huge negative impact on our health and mind. It can seriously affect one’s health. It causes premature death and premature death. Drug addiction is now spreading like a contagious disease all over the world. It has become a curse for human civilization. We need to be aware of its negative effects. The concerned people including the guardians should also come forward to stop this. It needs to stop. Otherwise, our whole society will soon collapse.

Addiction paragraph for HSC and SSC exams 2022

Even if you take extra medicine for physical ailments, drowsiness is called drug addiction. Drug addiction is the curse of modern civilization. This is now a global problem. The frustration of harmful consumption is the cause of this addiction. When young people have no hope left, they become addicted to drugs. Medications are very expensive, and young boys cannot afford them. In order to manage money, one has to commit social crimes like snatching, looting, plundering, killing etc. Drug addiction has a terrible effect on the human body.

People feel drowsy and lose their appetite. The toxic effects of drugs are very dangerous to damage the brain and all the internal functions of the body. When they can’t get into serious situations, addicts feel intense pain in the body. Treatment of drug addicts is expensive and difficult. The drug problem in Bangladesh has become so acute that thousands of families in cities, towns and even rural areas are being directly or indirectly affected.

Recently, international drug traffickers often use Bangladesh as a transit point for drugs from one country to another. The cure for drug addiction is not very simple. All concerned need to raise awareness at the individual and family level against its dangerous effects Drug addiction Among the youth. If every person is sincere to get rid of this curse of drug addiction from the society, people can get rid of it.

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