Download 43 BCS Exam Date 2022 and Seat Plan BPSC.GOV.BD

Download 43rd BCS Exam Date 2022 and Seat Plan BPSC.GOV.BD. On 29th October 2022 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, 43 BCS exams will be held. The 43rd BCS Exam Date and Seat Plan can be found on the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) website as well as on our website The authority of Bangladesh Public Service Commission has announced that more than 2042 recruitment posts will be available for 43 BCS Circular 2022. Authorities have already sent a circular summary to the PM’s official for approval.

43 BCS Exam Seat Plan BPSC.GOV.BD

Download BPSC.GOV.BD Date and Seat Plan of 43rd BCS Exam. 13th October 2022 (Tuesday) 2022 43rd BCS Exam Circular has been announced. Date of 43rd BCS Exam, Seat Plan 2022 can be found here. BPSC 43rd BCS MCQ exam date will be announced soon. When the authorities announce the date of 43 BCS MCQ exam, we update here. After announcing the exam date, the authorities will release the 43 BCS seat plan. The number of vacancies in the 43rd BCS is given below by category: –

Download pdf solution of 43rd BCS question

BCS English Literature Q&A (10–41 BCS)

Number of vacancies by category:


Number of posts

General structure:
  • Executive Management 250
  • Police Assistant Super Frame 120
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cadre 20
  • Ansar Frame 19
  • Tax Frame 43


Professional / Technical Cadre


BCS General Education Cadre


General Education Cadre (Government Teachers Training College)


Vocational Framework


43rd BCS Exam Date Notice PDF

43rd BCS Exam Date 2021

The 43rd BCS Exam will be held on 29th October 2022 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM This time a total of 2 thousand and more than 180 vacancies will be filled by the 43rd BCS cadre. The 41st BCS examination will be held simultaneously in Dhaka, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong and Rangpur. You can see the mark distribution and syllabus of BCS MCQ exam. Keep an eye on our website. You will find 43rd BCS MCQ Result Form here.

The 43rd BCS Exam Seat Plan has been published on our website and BPSC website today. Download the 43 BCS Seat Plan from the link above.

43 BCS Exam Seat Plan

43 BCS Exam Seat Plan Full PDF Download

41 BCS Exam Seat Plan Full PDF Download

40 BCS Exam Seat Plan Full PDF Download

Download 39 BCS Exam Seat Plan

Download 38 BCS Exam Seat Plan

You can download 43 BCS exam admit card and seat plan from link below:

43 BCS Exam Admission

Admission: Admission to the 43rd BCS exam is not available now. However, applicants will be able to collect tickets soon. Admission to the 43rd BCS Exam is available on the BPSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission) website and also on our website.

43 BCS Admit Card Download

Distribution of 41 BCS Marks

The 43rd BCS exam will have a total of 200 marks. A total of 10 topics are covered there. The duration of the test will be 2 hours. The 43rd BCS exam will be seized in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) method. Subject name and number distribution is given below: –

BCS Preliminary MCQ (Special Examination) Number Distribution is as follows.

S. No. Names of ten subjects for BCS Prelim Exam
Distribute the mark for each sub.
1. Medical Science / Dental Science 100
2. Bengali language and literature 20
3. English language and literature 20
4. Speaking of Bangladesh 20
5. International Subject 20
8. Mental skills 10
8. Mathematical reasoning 10
Total marks = 200

(For 200 MCQ type questions, there is 1 number for each correct answer but 0.5 number is deducted for each wrong answer)


The name of the subject

Marx distribution
1. Bengali language and literature 35
2. English language and literature 35
3. International affairs 20
4. Speaking of Bangladesh 30
5. General Science 15
6. Conceptual skills 15
7. Mathematical reasoning 15
8. Computer and information technology 15
9. Ethics, values ​​and good governance 10
10. Environment and Disaster Management and Geography (Bangladesh and the World), 10

Result of 41st BCS written test

43rd BCS Syllabus Download

All in all you want to download BCS Syllabus 43rd PDF. The total number of BCS written exams will change from this year. So you can download new BCS Syllabus 43rd PDF from here. Go later to download 43 BCS Syllabus PDF file.

If you have any questions about BPSC 43rd BCS Exam Date and Seat Plan, please comment below or message us through our Facebook page. We will update as soon as possible.

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