Download every one of the books of 2022. (PDF)

Download all the books of 2022. New books will be in everyone’s hands in the new year. It is difficult to get books in the hands of everyone at the beginning of the new year. It takes a while to get someone. So you can take a look at the books in PDF version. Download the PDF version of the 2022 book for all classes.

How to read PDF books on mobile?

Many times PDF is not open due to lack of PDF reader app on mobile. Those who are having trouble reading PDF on their mobile can download the PDF reader from the link below.

Download PDF Reader

Download HSC Test Paper

First class book of 2022 academic year PDF

Second class book of 2022 academic year PDF

Elementary level third grade textbooks

Download other books according to your needsFrom here

Elementary fourth grade textbooks

Elementary fifth grade textbooks

Sixth grade textbook for secondary level

Books that must be read for university admission. (With PDF)

Seventh grade textbook for secondary level

Eighth grade textbook for secondary level

Secondary level ninth and tenth grade textbooks

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