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eleventh Week Class 8 English Assignment 2022 Answer (eighth, sixth, second Week)



Different assignment subjects for class 8 students are making them more knowledgeable. Undoubtedly, the recruitment of various subjects by the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is a great initiative. This brings a lot of benefits to the students to continue their studies in this lockdown situation. In this article, we are going to describe Class 8 English Assignment 2022 Answer.

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Why is a Class 8 English assignment important?

Class 8 English Assignment Very helpful for all types of students as it brings them the opportunity to practice English on their own. Students are getting different topics every week and solving them in time. On the one hand, it makes them more interested in the subject because they can think for themselves and write accordingly. On the other hand, it helps students to continue their studies and avoid the monotony of being at home.

Class 8 Assignment 1st to 11th week

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11th Week Class 8 English Assignment Questions Answered



Lesson 3: Hygiene
Priya lives in the village. Nowadays, he is trapped in four walls because his school has been closed since March 17, 2022. When he learns that a deadly virus called Corona has spread all over the world, the Bangladesh government urges the people to panic. Stay at home to stop the widespread spread. To maintain personal health and hygiene, people need to eat nutritious food and exercise regularly, wash their hands frequently and maintain social distance to stay safe. However, it makes him sad to see so many people not following safety rules.

Now, think of the Corona epidemic situation that exists worldwide. List 10 preventive measures and make a poster to stop the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19.

Instructions: Students are asked to follow the general rules of making a poster.

8th Week Class 8 English Assignment 2021

From the 1st week of the assignment subject, the students are solving various subjects in English. Most of the time, they solve everything on their own. They can get help from the internet if they need any help regarding recruitment. It is also raising awareness about their use of digital technology. Considering all this, class 8 English assignment is very important for all types of students.

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Assignment: Lesson-4: Think of a delicious dish as one of your favorite foods Talk to a family member who knows how to cook and make a note of it Then prepare the dish. Now describe how you prepared the dish.

Instructions: Students are asked to observe all the steps carefully and describe accordingly.

Tasks, assignments and evaluation criteria based on revised syllabus due to COVID-19,2021

6th Week Class 8 English Assignment 2021


Assignment-2 Lesson 3: Our daily diet is your daily diet
1. Make a list of the foods you take each day for breakfast, brunch (lunch and dinner), lunch, afternoon tea (a small meal that you can eat in the afternoon) and dinner and what kind of food Identify them, such as proteins, carbohydrates, etc.

2. Determine if your daily diet is balanced. If yes. Show cause.

3. If not, explain why not.

Assignment-3 Lesson-4: Think of a delicious dish as one of your favorite foods Talk to a family member who knows how to cook and make a note of it Then prepare the dish. Now describe how you prepared the dish.

2nd Assignment Class-8 English


Suppose you have a foreign friend who is very interested in learning about the ethnic people of your country. Now, prepare a fact file on them. You can say in 200 words about their clothing, food, culture, sports and entertainment. Use descriptions, pictures, illustrations, tables or information as needed.


Unit-1: Lesson-2 Nakshi kantha

HW: Section-D

Unit 2: Lesson 4 A delicious meal
Assigned task / assignment

Assignment: Think of delicious and nutritious food like khichuri or pudding or firni. Ask your mom some questions about her recipe. Try to prepare it with the help of other family members. Now, follow your given custard recipe and describe how to cook it
The textbook also lists two reasons why it is a good or healthy food.

Evaluation Criteria: The teacher will respond to evaluate tasks on concepts, vocabulary, grammar, content, spelling, punctuation and communication.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment: Learn why you like Nakshi Kantha

Class 8 English Assignment Syllabus

The syllabus of class 8 English assignment has different subjects. If you visit the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, you can see what topics are available for your English assignment. You can find out about your assignment syllabus on our website here. To get your assignment syllabus, you need to click on the link here.

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Class 8 Assignment English The answer

You can download your Class 8 English Assignment in two different ways. First, you can go to the official website www.dshe.gov.bd.com to download your assignment. Alternatively, you can download it by following our link provided here. If you follow our link, you will get official and accurate information without any doubt. So we suggest you to easily download your assignment from our site.

2nd Assignment Class-8 English

Unit-5: Lesson-4 – A Man Who Loves Trees And Lesson-7 Truthful Pigeon-3

Unit-7: Lesson-4 Bangladesh River Gypsy (2)

Assigned task / assignment

  • Kartik Poramanik is the inspiration for us. Do you agree Why not?
  • Why do you think the title is appropriate for the “truthful dove” story?
  • Imagine having a boat-school in your area to teach river gypsy children. Write a paragraph
    About how you can help Gypsy children learn.Evaluation criteria
    In this writing, the teacher will test the language of the students which they will use to connect their imagination with the content, ability to answer the point, spelling, grammar, punctuation.



3rd Assignment Class-8 English

English Grammar and Composition, Class-8

Unit-7: Changing sentences (descriptive)

Exercise on page no. 143
Changing strong sentences in interrogation

Suppose you went to a place last year. Describe the place by answering the following questions:
1) Where did you go?
2) Why did you go there?
3) How did you get there?
4) Who was with you?
5) Did you like the place? Why not?

Evaluation Criteria: The teacher will examine the grammar practice and write comments and evaluate the paragraph from different angles such as grammar, concept, organization of ideas,
Communication, punctuation and spelling.

Grammar and Composition Answer Class 8


We hope you have already downloaded your Class 8 English Assignment 2022 using the link we provided. No matter where you download your assignment topic, it is important to resolve it carefully. We provide instructions on our website on how to easily resolve your assignment issues.

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