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FTP Server BD 2022 | Download BDIX FTP Server List

An FTP is a software application that allows you to transfer files from one computer to another. This is called a file transfer protocol server. FTP is a medium for transferring files to any Internet-connected computer in the world. You must have heard of FTP Server bd 2022.

All FTP server BD

You are looking for a list of all FTP Server BD? FTP is a file transfer protocol. In short, there are a number of specific policies for web-based files. If a server grants access to files according to this policy, it is often referred to as an FTP server.

Currently, FTP servers point to a combination of different files that you can download very quickly from your Internet connection provider. Your ISP FTP server may be hosting a lot of media that you can easily download and enjoy.

Sports Channel Live Server

BDIX FTP Server (enabled)

  1. Movie Fair Live
  2. Cinema Hut
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. VootBd
  5. OnBDIX
  6. Natural BD
  7. Boss BD
  8. Loss of socks
  9. Introversion
  10. Fun time BD
  11. Fast online FTP
  12. E-box file server
  13. IT BASE BD
  14. Movie Server – English
  15. Cartoon Server
  16. Movie Server – Bangla
  17. Dhakai Cinema
  18. Services IT
  19. Panda Club Comics
  20. Jhal Muri
  21. Asian FTP
  22. Net: Home BD
  23. Dhaka-FTP
  24. .Net movie server
  25. VdoMela FTP
  26. Average FTP
  27. GenVideo
  28. Dnet drive FTP
  29. Insert FTP
  30. Bango BD FTP
  31. SAM FTP
  32. Mango gamer
  33. CrazyCTG
  34. MyBdiplex
  35. Net Matrix BD
  36. Quick online
  37. City clouds
  38. Kiss in anime
  39. Movie Box BD
  40. BD LAN
  41. DFN DB
  42. Spark Net BD

List of torrent FTP servers

  1. Crazy
  2. TorrentBD
  3. PSArips

BDIX FTP TV Server Link 2021

  1. SAM Online Live
  2. GTV Live
  3. Good TV
  4. BDIX Media TV
  5. T Sports BD
  6. Amar BD
  7. Watch live cricket

List of YouTube Live TV servers

  1. NTV Bangladesh
  2. Somoy TV
  3. RTV
  4. GTV Live
  5. Jamuna TV
  6. Independent television
  7. DBC News
  8. 24 News – Malayalam
  9. Asianet News
  10. Today
  11. Al Jazeera English
  12. Nice news
  13. Channel television
  14. CNN News18
  15. Euronews English
  16. ABP middle
  17. India Today

List of BDIX FTP servers

BDIX is the first IXP in Bangladesh. IXP stands for Internet Exchange Point. Its members were established to provide physical interconnection in the exchange and transportation of local Internet traffic.

You can get a complete list of all BDIX FTP servers by following this link here. Here you will find a list of BDIX servers for all ISPs in Bangladesh. If you click on the link to the site you are going to go to that site. You can easily find your ISP by typing the server name with Ctrl + F.

The final word

We have tried to include the best FTP server BD in this article. We hope you find our listing helpful. You can now easily download media from this server. Check us out again for more helpful information!

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