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HSC Result 2021 Publish Date



HSC Result 2021 is now a questionable issue. Because the result is going to be published in January 2021 without HSC examination. So the HSC candidates of 2021 are thinking a lot about their results. However, HSC results will be prepared based on the results of their previous SSC & JSC examinations. However, the interest to know the correct result of HSC 2021 is increasing. That is why we need to discuss some information about HSC Result 2021 for HSC candidates & family. So that they can easily see the HSC result marksheet with marks in each subject and are aware of all the required matters.

Students who participated the HSC examination 2021 are waiting for the results to be released. They have different questions in their mind like when the results will publish? How to see the HSC result? How to get HSC Result Marksheet? Etc. etc. For them, I am writing this article about HSC Result 2021.

In this article, I’m going to discuss clearly HSC Result 2021 and important issues of this topic. Mainly the result system of the HSC 2021 exam. In addition HSC result 2021 checking methods, HSC Result Online, HSC Result 2021 By SMS, HSC College Wise Result By EIIN. Further, HSC Result Marksheet, HSC Subject Wise Marks for Arts, Commerce, and Science. Furthermore, after the HSC result what could you do. Example: Withdrawal Marksheet, Certificate, Testimonial. HSC Result Board Challenge. University Admission etc. So if you want to know every detail then read the full discussion carefully for all the necessary information. Otherwise, ignore reading the article and go directly to the HSC result search area to get your result.

HSC Result 2021 Publish Date

Now the trendy topic is when will publish the HSC exam results. So we tried to find the answer to that question, in keeping with the trend. Honestly, It is to say that there is no date fixed for result publish of HSC exam. But we can expect that the result will publish at the end of December. The probable date of the Higher Secondary School Certificate exam result publish is 30-01-2021.

In previous year the result was published on 17 July 2019. According to the HSC Routine 2021, In this year the HSC exam held between 1st April to 11th May. Basically result publishes within 90 days after exam finish.

When will publish HSC Result 2021?

HSC Result 2021 will publish in 30 January 2021.

In the result publish day all the results will handover to the Prime Minister. Then the result summary of secondary exam 2021 will publish to press. After that the Education Minister will publish or release the result to official website.

HSC Exam 2021 Info

In short, some data related to HSC exams and results.

  • HSC Exam Result Available.
  • HSC result will be baseb on SSC-JSC result combination.
  • Result Publish Date: 31 January 2021.
  • Total Candidate: 13,63,816.
  • 100% Pass Rate.
  • Total GPA-5: 29,262.
  • HSC Result Website: https://hscresult2021.com.

HSC Result 2021

Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) is very important for a student. This is a major stage for a student and their future life. But in this year HSC result 2021 will be published in different way. So that examines are very excited for HSC Result 2021. Dear HSC Examines of 2021, already we know that Education ministries decided to auto pass result in this year for Covid-19 epidemic. Education ministries making a very good decision. We are thankful for this. HSC result is very important because examines future depend on this result. Examines are very excited to get this HSC result. Now we should know how we get HSC result 2021.

How To Get Result Online Through Website?

Now a days online word is known to all. Many of the candidates are very experienced about online. But the exam result topic is new to them, so almost all students try to know about how to get result online.

  • First Click on Share Button
  • https://eboardresults.com/app/stud/ or http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd
  • Visit the Education Board Official Website
  • Once, you will hit the link, Education Board result check system with a new window will appear to you.
  • So, select you Examination, Year, Board, Result Type (Individual Result for students), enter your Roll, Registration, solve Security Key and click on “Get Result”.
  • Once, you will submit the above details, your HSC Exam Result will appear to you.
  • Now you can take the result printout for the future reference.

Search Online HSC Result 2021

BoardChoose One Barisal Chittagong Comilla Dhaka Dinajpur Jessore Madrasah Rajshahi Sylhet Mymensingh Technical
YearChoose One 2021 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Roll Number* 

এইচএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০২১ দেখতে সমস্য হলে-

HSC Result 2019 Publish Date, Know how to get HSC Exam Result for all Boards. Madrasah Alim Result, Technical Result, eboardresults, education board result

How To Get Result By Sending SMS?

The Education Board Bangladesh also has the ability to show result for students who do not have internet access. The way is mobile SMS. Mobile SMS method is the fastest way to check/see the result. Result can be found by sending SMS from any mobile operator. SMS charges will be cut. See below how to do the SMS to see HSC Result 2021:

SMS Format Of Getting HSC Result 2021?

HSC [SPACE] First three letters of your Board name [SPACE] Roll no [SPACE] 2021 and send to 16222

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For example:

HSC RAJ 348692 2021

You will get HSC Result 2021 in return SMS. Remember, SMS will be sent after the result is published. If not, you can not get the result.

First Three Letter For All Education Board

Barisal = BAR, Chittagong = CHI, Comilla = COM, Dhaka = DHA, Dinajpur = DIN, Jossore = JOS, Madrasha = MAD, Rajshahi = RAJ, Sylhet = SYL, Technical = TEC

Check HSC Result By EIIN or College Authority

It is old way but continuous process to check HSC result through College Authority. In this way you can see your HSC result from your college. At the same time you can see your college website link. In digital era college authority give you a chance so that you get your result at home from your college website. This method works like you download whole college HSC result chart PDF. So by using this EIIN method you can know your all friends HSC result grade point easily. However, let’s describe how to get HSC result 2021 using EIIN number.

EIIN means Educational Institution Identification Number. If you know any college’s EIIN number, you can get those college’s HSC result sheet. So this is very interesting to compare between your college and others.

In order to get College Wise HSC result, at first visit https://eboardresults.com/v2/home.

Then select Examination, Year, Board, Result Type (Institution Result).

After that you have to type your EIIN. If you do not know your EIIN number, then click on Tree button. Then you can get your board’s all institution list with EIIN.

HSC Exam Result With Mark Sheet

Every candidate wants to get a result with detail marks. Moreover, many students will decide to challenge against the board after seeing the marks. So there is a need to talk about the method of viewing result with mark sheets.

Results are usually available online with detailed mark sheet. But some board do not provide results with a detailed mark. However, you can get full marks a few days later. One important thing is to use Roll and Registration Number from http://eboardresults.com/ to get full subject wise marks or grade.

HSC Result 2021 Marksheet

HSC result and mark sheet (subject wise) are very important for an examiner. Because it’s make his/her future life and future plan. In future he/she will be doctor, engineer university student etc. So HSC result and mark sheet are very important. To get original mark sheet is too late. So you can get your subject wise mark sheet from website. Now we know how you download your mark sheet from website.

Already we know how we get result from website in the same way you download your mark sheet. Then you printout it if you need.

Board Wise HSC Exam Result 2021

Every year each board arranges examination in different question. But n this year (2021) Education ministers decided auto pass result for all over board which we already know. So in this year examination will not held but result will publish board wise. And already we know every examiner result depend on their past JSC and SSC examination. At present there are 11 examinations Board in Bangladesh for SSC and HSC Examination. Now we know how we check result in different board.

There are Ten different boards in our country. So the candidates find their board results individually. So we will keep an option to get every board HSC exam result information with one place. Dhaka education board is the head of all education board. There are also other boards- Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Jessore, Madrasha, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Technical education board. So you can get all of these boards result here.

Dhaka Board HSC Result 2021

At first we will know about Dhaka board. Dhaka Education Board Publish result under all over institution of Dhaka. Examiner and their family are very excited in the result publishing day. And they are enjoyed and rollicking after get their result in their institutions.

How to get Dhaka Board HSC Exam Result?

  • Visit to http://result.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/app/.
  • Click on HSC result.
  • Select your examination as HSC/Alim Year as 2021, Board as Dhaka
  • Select result search a single HSC exam result by roll and registration.
  • See an item named security key where having some alphabet in an image.
  • Complete all option click on get Result button

Chittagong Board HSC Result 2021

It is one of the most important and largest education boards. Forever Chittagong education board has a good reputation. Every year this board keeps up their reputation.

How to get Chittagong Board HSC Exam Result?

  • Visit to https://web.bise-ctg.gov.bd/bisectg.
  • Click on the result (Institute) or HSC result 2021 in Sokol E-seba section.
  • You can search your CTG HSC result by roll number.
  • If you want you print your result

Rajshahi Board HSC Result 2021

Rajshahi is named of education city. Even every year Rajshahi education board is topper in any board exam. Every year record number examiner participate in different board exam. Rajshahi board has their own official website.

How to get Rajshahi Board HSC Exam Result?

Comilla Board HSC Result 2021

Of all education Board of Bangladesh, Comilla Board is one of them. Examiner can get their result from Comilla board.

How to get Comilla Board HSC Exam Result?

Dinajpur Board HSC Result 2021

The activities Dinajpur Board is started from 2006. But this board is very active and fast.Dinajpur has its own official website where we can get all information about board exam.

How to get Dinajpur Board HSC Exam Result?

Barisal Board HSC Result 2021

Barishal Board has their own official website link.

How to get Barishal Board HSC Exam Result?

Jessore Board HSC Result 2021

Jessore is a famous city from our liberation war. It is a first antagonist free city in our country. Jessore board is one of the important education boards.

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How to get Sylhet  Board HSC Exam Result?

  • Visit http://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd.
  • Find HSC 2021
  • Visit the link
  • You can get result search option. That why you need your exam roll, registration, passing year.

Sylhet Board HSC Result 2021

The another education board is Sylhet board. This board has their own website. So, you can see your HSC result 2021 easily from Sylhet board.

How to get Sylhet  Board HSC Exam Result?

  • Visit to http://sylhetboard.gov.bd.
  • Click on Exam Result from side menu.
  • A new page will open with education board result
  • You apply your individual information about HSC exam( roll, registration)
  • You will get your result.

Mymensingh Board HSC Result 2021

It is a latest board of education in Bangladesh. Mymensingh Board publish their result on their process.

How to get Mymensingh Board HSC Exam Result?

  • Visit http://mymensingheducationboard.gov.bd
  • They show all their services at side bar menu.
  • There click on HSC result 2021.
  • A new page will open and type your exam related information.
  • You will get your exam result easily.

Madrasah Board Alim Result 2021

Another equivalent exam of HSC is Alim. It refers the Madrasah board. HSC means higher secondary exam. Large number of students reads in Madrasa and every year they participate any board exam. And it grow up day by day.. Alim result 2021 is available on Madrasa board.

How to get Alim Exam Result?

Technical Board Vocational Result 2021

The vocational is also the equivalent exam of higher secondary certificate. It is a technical education board. Now-a-days it is a popular way to study. Because, many irregular and commercial students can study there very easily.

How to get Technical Exam Result 2021?

  • Visit http://www.bteb.gov.bd
  • Click on HSC Porajoy result at the top menu.
  • Search your result by using your vocational exam information.

What to do after HSC Result?

HSC exam is very important for a student. It plays a great role for student’s future. After HSC result students get chance in Medical University, Engineering University and many Public University for their higher education. And base HSC result examiner can apply other country’s famous university. He/she decides what will him or her and absolutely it depends on HSC exam. So HSC examiner prepare for future according their plan. Get detail information about University Admission in our website after result.

HSC Scholarship Application

After publishing the result of the HSC exam, many govt. and non govt. organization provides scholarship to meritorious students. Such as DBBL Scholarship for 4 years, Prime Bank and some other organization. We will discuss about Scholarship in detail later. After HSC Passed students can apply govt. and non govt. sector for job and lead well better life.

HSC Exam

There are several stages in student life. HSC is one of them. A child starts his education life from primary school, goes from high school to college, then university. Of these, HSC is the one that is given for assessment after studying in college for two years.

HSC & Alim Exam Result 2021 / 2021

Education board authority publishes HSC exam result. So you can get your result after publishing it on official website. But here I can help you knowing how can you get your HSC Exam Result. Basically, there are two most popular method to get result. The most popular method and way to get HSC Result is official website. And another popular method is get result through sending SMS. I will discuss two methods for your convenience. As you can get results very easily. In order to get HSC Result 2021, follow my instructions below. HSC Alim Result & Technical Board Result.

HSC Result Analysis

Analysis of HSC Result 2021 is a matter of interest to everyone. But after the handover to the Prime Minister, the outcome analysis of this year will be free. We will update the information here after the result analysis publish. So keep patient.

In conclusion I hope that you got your desired information related to HSC Result 2021. If you have any questions then please let us know. Above all, I wish your good result of HSC Exam.

What Says Education Minister About HSC Result 2021

Education Minister says, “In this year HSC examination are exploded and declare that every examine are pass. For this we make a technical committee. They overcall different side and they give us a dictates for giving HSC result grade. This way HSC result published in this year.

How Will Make HSC Results?

In this year 2021, SSC and JSC results play great role making HSC result. HSC result 2021 depends on 75% of SSC and 25% of JSC results. So that SSC result of examines play great role and also JSC. So we can say HSC result will be average 75% of SSC result & 25% of JSC result.

Improvement HSC Exam Result

Education Minister also says about HSC improvement exam result 2021. She told, Who improvement examine are prepare for HSC examination, they will also passes and they get their expected marks.
She also said about HSC 2021 examines under Bangladesh Open University who have no JSC result, their HSC result will be published on only SSC result.


Above all discussion about HSC result 2021, we think you understand about HSC Examination in details. How will publish result, how can you get result easily, and how you prepare after your HSC result with your future. Again we will discuss about your future plan which help you making a good decision and choice as soon as possible. Best wishes for HSC result 2021 candidates.

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