HSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board with Marksheet

HSC Results 2022 Dhaka Board Information 2022 Welcome to see the Dhaka Board Higher Secondary HSC Results published in February 2022. This result is considered an important stage in student life. College level students participate in this test. About 1.42 million students have registered for the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) this year. It is here that a student decides the subject of his future studies. After completing 12 years of study a student realizes his potential in which sector he should go.

If you search for HSC results then you have come to the perfect place. Here you can easily find your HSC results and find many more alternative addresses to view your HSC results. Due to problems, this year’s HSC examination has started from normal time. The test started on August 10th and ended very quickly on August 29th. The results are due to be released on February 3, 2022.

HSC Result 2021 Dhaka Board Results and Markshit Publication Today, January 30, 2022, the results menu is given towards the end of this post.

Date / time of publication of HSC results 2022 Dhaka Board

It has been said before and everyone knows that the HSC exams have started this year due to the crisis. In this note, the government tried its best to publish this year HSC result As soon as possible for the betterment of the students. The results will be released on September 14, according to government and media sources. The news has also been verified on the official website of the National Board of Education. The results will be published online, via SMS and individually in each college.

Our Education Minister Dr. Dipo Moni will hand over the HSC results of 2022 to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina at 10 am. The Bangladesh Board of Education and the Ministry of Education will release the results at 12 noon. The results can be found on this website www.Testresultbd.com and the official website of the Board of Education results http://educationboardresults.gov.bd/.

HSC Results 2022 Dhaka Board

Now we have about 10 education boards which are functioning under the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. Dhaka Board was established in 1972. It has always been noticed that Dhaka Board always performs fairly well compared to other boards. Experts believe that Dhaka Board has the best teaching method. The teachers here are highly innovative compared to other boards. Students are always supported by their teachers and institutions. Besides, many meritorious students come to Dhaka to study in good colleges for their own good. But there is no denying that other boards are doing very well.

HSC Exam 2022 Dhaka Board Terms

  • Every examinee must arrive 15 minutes before the time of examination.
  • Each candidate must carry their Admission Card, Registration Card, Pencil Box, Calculator etc. along with necessary materials. They will be able to use clean or transparent bags to carry them, but will not be able to keep any obscure bags when tested.
  • No candidate will be allowed to bring any papers, hardboard or any other thing during the examination.
  • It is strictly forbidden for any candidate to bring a mobile phone during the examination.
  • Each candidate has to make the seat according to the seat plan arranged by the authorities. No examinee can change their examination seat without the permission of the teacher.
  • They cannot fold the answer sheets or par without the margins.
  • Candidates must fill in any other material as per their roll number / registration number / examination code or location.

If any of these defaults, an applicant may be suspended / expelled or the result may be without passing a score.

View your HSC results

There are several ways to check or find out your HSC results. You can view your results from authorized apps or via SMS or online and by searching on your school campus.

Search results via APP

This is a good option to find out your HSC results through an online app. The Board of Education has launched this app. The most important thing is that this app is very easy to use. This app can be found on Google Play Store. A nice feature is that it has no add-ins. All you need to do after opening the app is to meet the requirements and see your results.

Searching for results via SMS

HSC results of 2022 Dhaka Board can also be checked via SMS. All you need is to follow the procedure. For this you have to go to your message option and type HSC The name of the board is the first 3 letters Roll number Write the passing year and send it to 16222. Note that the cost for each message will be 2.55 rupees Search results online

This is the most popular way to find your HSC results in 2022. We have a misconception that it is easier to find results in an SMS system than to search online. The idea is completely wrong. Online search is faster and easier than SMS. Our website www.Testresultbd.com is a leading site for finding your HSC results in the online sector. You will not only get your PEC, JSC, SSC exam results here. Our Board of Education in collaboration with the government publishes the results of HSC and other examinations on two official websites.

http://educationboardresults.gov.bd/ and


Two official websites for publishing HSC results in 2022.

To check HSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board from http://educationboardresults.gov.bd/ you need to follow these procedure

  • First go to educationboardresults.gov.bd
  • Then select the HSC / ALIM option
  • Then click passing year and select 2022
  • Select your board of education
  • Enter your roll number
  • Enter your registration number
  • Then you need to fill in the captcha code (eg 2 + 5 = 7)
  • Then click Submit and get your results

Make sure all the information you provide is correct otherwise you will not be able to see your results.

To view results from eboardresults.com, you need to follow these

  • Select results from the top of the page
  • Select HSC / ALIM / equivalent in the test box
  • Select 2020 in the year box
  • Select your board from the board box
  • Then select individual from the results type box to see your individual results.

Our website www.Testresultbd.com is always updated with information from the Board of Education. To find HSC Results 2022 Dhaka Board in the first place, you can visit the official website of the Board of Education with our address. You can collect not only HSC but also SSC, JSC and PEC exam results with marksheet. This website is very useful for students. Also, you will have the address of the official website to find your results.

All information on our website www.Testresultbd.com is true and accurate because all information is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Education. We always focus on truthful news and publishing your board exam results. It is our hope that you will share this richly important website with your friends and well-wishers for their own betterment. We’re pretty sure you’re in the right place if you’re looking for your test results. This article is written for the sole purpose and support of students.

Here are some questions that a student may ask regarding HSC exam

Q: What is HSC exam?

Answer: The full meaning of HSC is Higher Secondary Certificate. This is a public exam taken by a student who is studying at the intermediate level.

Q: When will the HSC 2022 exam start?

Answer: HSC examination usually starts in the first week of April in our country. But HSC exams could not start on time due to Kovid-19 epidemic.

Q: When will the Dhaka Board 2022 HSC results be published?

Ans: Generally HSC test results are published within 60-90 days after completion of test.

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