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Prices of essential commodities like oil, flour, sugar and pulses also rose by Rs 5-10 per kg last week.

November 12, 2021, 11:30 pm

Last modified: November 12, 2021, 11:38 pm

The rally in commodity prices, which was mainly driven by rising fuel prices, continued with the sharp rise in prices of various essentials last week, further reducing the purchasing power of people with limited incomes.

The wholesale price of pulses in Khatunganj has increased by Tk 110-200 per ounce (36.32 kg) in the last week, which has increased by Tk 5 per kg in the retail market.

Traders in Khatunganj said that although demand for pulses remained stable, prices were rising due to manipulation by importers.

Besides, prices of other consumer goods like oil, flour, sugar and pulses have gone up by Rs 5-10 per kg in the last week, adding to the misery of people with limited income.

Photo: Saladin Ahmed


Photo: Saladin Ahmed

In Khatunganj, Canadian and Australian lentils were sold at Rs 3,100 per ounce on Thursday, up from Rs 2,985 a week ago. Besides, the price of white pea has increased by Tk 150 and the price of imported gram has increased by Tk 200 to Tk 1,530 and Tk 2,400 respectively.

Wholesale pulses traders said that the demand for pulses in the market is normal and there is sufficient supply of the product. Even then, some importers have manipulated prices in the international market on the pretext of price rise.

Wholesaler Azizul Haque said that although the booking price of lentil pulses increased in the international market last week, the prices of other pulses remained stable. Besides, the lentils being sold in the market were bought at least one to two months ago. Lentils brought with more bookings will reach the market after a month and a half.

Photo: Saladin Ahmed

“> Photo: Saladin Ahmed

Photo: Saladin Ahmed

However, pulse importer Ashutosh Mahajan claimed that the booking price of all pulses in the international market has gone up. In addition, the value of the dollar and ship fares have increased.

SM Mohiuddin, general secretary of the Chittagong Pulses Traders Association, said the market is hostage to some importers because they raise or lower prices whenever they like. Administration control is needed to control the market.

The prices of daily necessities are not going down

Five-liter containers of edible oil of different brands were sold at Tk 80 in the capital’s Maghbazar, up from Tk 610 last week. Besides, the price of 2 kg packet flour has gone up by Rs 5 to Rs 75, packaged sugar by Rs 5 to Rs 75 and small grain lentil pulses by Rs 10 to Rs 120 per kg.

The Bangladesh Sugar Refiners Association had fixed the maximum retail price of sugar at Rs 75 per kg last September, but it is being sold at Rs 85 to Rs 110 per kg.

In addition to the daily necessities, the prices of chicken and chicken eggs, the most popular sources of protein, have also gone up. A week ago, the price of broiler chicken was 160 rupees per kg but now it is 165 to 180 rupees. In September, broiler chickens were sold at 120-130 rupees. The price of the farm’s chicken eggs has gone up by Tk 5 from Tk 115 to Tk 120.

Jahangir Kabir, a private employee, said, “Wages are not rising the way prices are rising. I am struggling to pay for my children’s education and family needs. The government must take immediate steps to control the market.”

Photo: Saladin Ahmed

“> Photo: Saladin Ahmed

Photo: Saladin Ahmed

Md. Khorsed Alam, a buyer at Karwan Bazar in the capital, told TBS, “I am buying carrots at 100 rupees per kg. Pumpkins which were 40 rupees nine days ago are now 60 rupees. Unpacked edible oil is being sold at 152 rupees which was 80 rupees two months ago.” .

He added, “I need Rs 25,000 to run a family of 10 members but now my expenses are Rs 35,000. My salary has not increased, so I have no choice but to borrow money to run my family.”

In Dhaka’s Jackfruit Garden, Karwan Bazar, Nayatola Boubazar, beans are being sold at Tk 80, green chillies at Tk 100, long eggplants at Tk 60, round eggplants at Tk 60, tomatoes at Tk 140, cauliflowers at Tk 40-50 and potatoes at Tk 25. Friday kg.

Golam Rahman, president of the Consumers Association of Bangladesh, said there may be no relief until winter vegetables are fully available in the market. The government needs to improve the supply chain in the market to keep the prices of essential commodities stable. If prices rise in the international market, measures can be taken at the government level through tax adjustment or import. Although we have appealed to the government in this regard, the government is not taking effective steps.

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