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JSC Maths Suggestion 2022, Model Question Paper



“Read and learn the secret method of getting A + in mathematics”

Are you struggling with your math subject? You need a special advice. You need a secret method. All right? With your concerns and struggles in mind, we’ve come up with an exclusive JSC math suggestion for you, including the privacy of getting 90+ marks.

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“Secret Steps”

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Why you need JSC math advice

We know that students in Bangladesh are generally weak in English and Maths. As a result, we see every large number of students fail in English or Maths. Moreover, those who pass may not get good marks in Maths or English. Typically, we see that they get B grade or A- or maximum star A which hinders their overall result. Eventually, they failed to get an overall A + in JSC.

So, when you want to test your failure in maths or secure A +, you need a great advice that will be 100% general. You know that we always prepare our advice by the most popular and experienced teachers in the best schools in the country, our advice is special. Because all of this is easy for you to get a suggestion. And it’s from us with this one Secret.

JSC Maths Suggestions All Boards

If we look at the JSC results of recent years, it can be seen that the students of all the boards did not do well in mathematics. This is hampering the overall results of the board. Considering that we have instructed our teachers to prepare a suggestion which may be applicable to all boards. They did the same.

Therefore, our advice applies to all boards. This means that students of Dhaka Board, Comilla Board, Chittagong Board, Sylhet Board, Rajshahi Board, Jessore Board and Dinajpur can follow our advice. It will be 100% common to all students on all boards and they will definitely do outstanding because there is one Secret Amazing results with our advice.

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Distribution of JSC Mathematics Mark

I always say that it is very important to know the number distribution in any subject. And if that’s the case with math, then it’s definitely a problem. Ask yourself, if you do not know the number distribution of a subject, how is it possible to answer all the questions of that subject properly? It is quite impossible. Thus, it will affect your overall performance. For this reason, if you do not know the distribution of JSC Maths Mark, find out now. You can download it from here.

Full value: 100

60 marks for creative questions (10 marks for each creative question).

30 marks for multiple choice questions (1 number for each multiple choice question).

Creative questions: The question paper will have 11 creative questions.

There will be 3 questions from Arithmetic, 3 questions from Algebra, 3 questions from Geometry and 2 questions from Statistics.

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Arithmetic: Pattern-1, profit-1 and measure-1, there will be 3 questions in total.

Algebra: Algebraic formulas and applications – 1, algebraic fractions – 1 and simple equations – 1, a total of 3 questions.

Geometry: Theorem-1, Editor-1 and Conclusion-1, there will be a total of 3 questions.

Statistics: Information and data – There will be 2 questions.

You have to answer 6 out of 11 creative questions. 10 X 6 = 60

A total of 6 questions can be answered, 2 from Arithmetic, 2 from Algebra, 2 from Geometry and 1 from Statistics.

Multiple choice questions:

There will be 30 multiple choice questions.


There will be 10 questions in arithmetic, 10 questions in algebra, 06 questions in geometry and 02 questions in statistics.

All the 30 multiple choice questions have to be answered. 1 X 30 = 30

References: www.nctb.gov.bd

JSC Mathematics Model Question 2022

“This is the first secret to getting A + in math”

Mathematics is a subject that is always based on practice. If you can practice well, you will do well. And for this exercise before the final exam, you need to have the latest model questions. I mean you have to practice JSC Maths Model Question 2022.

I am announcing to you a confidentiality that the board questions are prepared by the best teachers of all the reputed schools of the board. So, we created some model questions by those teachers. Also, we have collected some more JSC Maths Model Questions 2022 from the test questions of those schools. Now think, what will be the result?

The results are simple. It is 100% sure that you will get the most common questions from these model questions. Then why are you late? Get 1st Privacy, I mean sit down to practice our model questions right now and sharpen your final preparation. You will definitely get an amazing result in math.

JSC Maths Arithmetic Suggestions

JSC Maths Suggestion 2022

“The ultimate secret to getting A + in math”

I know you are impatient to know Maha Secret To get A + in Mathematics. Am I right? Calm down. The Secret Is ours It’s hot And small JSC math suggestions 2022? We can call it that Magic Because it is a special and final advice that has prepared The best Teachers with in-depth research. As a result, you will not be able to get 100% Common All Questions in JSC Final Exam.

JSC Math Algebra SuggestionsJSC Math Algebra Suggestions

So, don’t delay, get our special advice now to reduce your burden, follow it and prepare quickly and achieve your most desired A + with 90+ marks.

A-Division: Arithmetic

1. At the rate of 7500 rupees, the profit for 4 years is actually 640 rupees.
A) Determine the profit
B) Determine the rate of profit
C) How much money will actually double the profit in 5 years

2. A real 5 year profit will actually be 3/5 of the original profit of 6000 rupees.
A) Write the formula of simple profit and compound profit
B) Determine the actual and profit rate
C) Differentiate between simple rate of profit and compounded profit for 3 years at the same rate of profit Rs.

3. A pond filled with water is 32 meters long and 20 meters wide and 3 meters deep. The pond is being drained by a machine that can irrigate 0.1 cubic meter of water per second.

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A. How many cubic meters is the volume of the pond?
B. What is the volume of water in the pond and how many kilograms will it weigh?
C. How long will it take to dehydrate the pond?

B-Division: Algebra

4. The sum of a positive integer x and its positive inverse number is 3
A. Find the value of (x -) 2.
B. Find the value of (x3 +).
C. Prove that x5 + = 123

5. Observe the given algebraic sums:, and
A. Analyze the product of the denominator of the 3rd sign. 2
B. Determine the lasagu of the 2nd ones.
C. Subtract the third sign from the sum of the 1st and 2nd signs.

. P and Q are the sets of all the factors of 21 and 35 and the overall set is U = P∩Q
A. Find the P and Q sets.
B. Determine (P∩Q).
C. If A (P∩Q) and B = j xjN: x is a multiple of 7 and x <30,, then find the connection and intersection set of A and B.

C-Division: Geometry

6. A square drawn on one side of a triangle is equal to the sum of the two squares drawn on the other two sides.
A. Write with a picture what is the middle of a triangle.
B. Prove that C = one right angle.
C. If the two mediums of DABC are AD and BE, prove that 4 (AD2 + BE2) = 5AB2

. The length of the four sides of a quadrilateral is a = 4 cm, b = 3 cm, c = 3.5 cm. d = 4.2 cm And an angle x = 60
A. Express the stimulus information through pictures.
B. Draw the quadrilateral. [অংকনের চিহ্ন ও বিবরণ আবশ্যক]
C. If one side of the rhombus is a = 4 cm, and one angle is x = 60, then draw the rhombus. [অংকনের চিহ্ন ও বিবরণ আবশ্যক]

9. ABCD is a rhombus whose AB arm = 3 cm, whose AC and BD angles intersect at O ​​point.
A. Draw the figure in the light of the stimulus.
B. Prove that A + B + C + D = four right angles.
C. Prove that AOB = BOC = AOD = one right angle

Suggestions collected from allresultbd

JSC Mathematics Geometry SuggestionsJSC Mathematics Geometry Suggestions

JSC Maths Question 2022

We have collected all the previous year’s questions for you so that you can get 100% General JSC Maths Questions 2022. You can prepare by practicing all the board questions. For practice, you can download them from here. All you have to do is click on the download option.

Mathematics Preparation for JSC Exam 2022

We know your final test is knocking on the door. And so, we quickly released our special advice so that you can take the JSC exam math preparation 2022 smoothly. But for this you need to download our suggestion. Download it and sharpen your preparation.

Last word

Now Secret At your fingertips to get A + in JSC Mathematics. It’s up to you whether you take it or not Magic A + or not. But remember, your competitors will not sit idle. She will Grab It can happen as soon as possible and many steps ahead of you. So, you shouldn’t be late either. Rather choose the advice, sit down for the final preparation and get an amazing result than your competitor.

Good luck to you.

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