NTRCA Gono Biggopti 2021 Result

NTRCA gono biggopti 2021 has been published March 30, 2021. The NTRCA has not yet announced a date. It is the guesswork of various news outlets. NTRCA has arranged the test in three (3) steps. There is primary, written and viva voice. Eventually the mass revealed bigotry. After the release of Gono Biggopti, all candidates can apply for the job. Finally NTRCA publishes the list of selected teachers to join according to the selection. Let’s take a look at the NTRCA’s bigotry.

NTRCA Gono Biggopti 2021

Private Teacher Registration Authority Chairman Md. Ashraf Uddin has not issued any notification regarding NTRCA Mass Biggopti 2021. So the next mass biggopti has been published. March 30, 2021.

Mr. Md. Ashraf Uddin, Chairman NTRCA

54,304 vacancies

The Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has started issuing public notices for recruitment of 54,304 vacant posts in private educational institutions. We hope to reach a decision next week after discussing the court’s direction. NTRCA has information on more than 54,304 official vacancies.

NTRCA Gono Biggopti 2021 Publish Date

NTRCA gono biggopti 2021 has been published March 30, 2021. This date is not final and is notified for publication. According to various online news media it is only a guess.

According to Dainik Shiksha live, 3rd NTRCA gono biggopti has been published March 30, 2021. You can follow the video below to know the date of Gano Biggopti.

NTRCA Biggopti Date

Efforts are being made to ensure that no one gets in trouble after receiving the appointment recommendation. To ensure this, a public notice will be issued in consultation with the ministry on the directions of the court. We will try to publish more news about the next gogo biggopti.

NTRCA Merit List 2021

Authorities have released the combined NTRCA merit list. Candidates who have passed 1st to 15th in NTRCA merit list have been included. Follow Combined NTRCA Merit List Find your location before applying online.

Start applying online

After the release of NTRCA gono biggopti, the online application process will begin April 04, 2021 to April 30, 2021. All NTRCA pass candidates can apply online as per NTRCA notification. Just our process for applying online. The application fee is around 100 rupees.

NTRCA Gono Biggopti Notice

NTRCA will publish Gano Biggopti 2021 on their authority’s website ntrca.gov.bd. Follow the NTRCA notice board to get the latest updates on any information gono biggopti. We will update gono biggopti on our website. You can follow our update to get the latest NTRCA news.

How to apply Gano Biggopti 2021

To apply NTRCA gono biggopti, some steps need to be followed. I am explaining the Gono Biggopti application process. Let’s see how to apply Gono Biggopti online?

  1. Go http://ngi.teletalk.com.bd/
  2. Click “Recruitment Cycle 3 (2021-03-30)“Button.
  3. Follow the next steps to apply online.
  4. Payment after application is completed.
  5. Choose your favorite school.


NTRCA is the private teacher registration authority for selecting the best candidates or teachers. The organization selects teachers for Junior School, High School, Madrasa, Vocational School, Private College, Alim Amdrasha, Business Management.


In conclusion, if you want to ask any questions about this NTRCA gono biggopti 2021? Please comment below. We will answer with solution. Thank you for visiting ntrca’s gono biggopti.

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